Uriah Heep – Classics Penned by Trevor Bolder

Trevor Bolder joined Uriah Heep in 1976 and, aside from 2 years out in the early ’80s, was with the band until his passing in 2013. He played on 11 studio albums, and numerous live albums, and a few other projects [re-records and unreleased albums]. RIP

Prior to Heep, Bolder had played on several David Bowie albums [the early ones – the ones that mattered!], as well as the lone Spiders From Mars [band] album in 1975 – which he wrote a number of songs on. He also played on Mick Ronson’s solo albums in the mid ’70s.  In 1981 he left Heep and joined Wishbone Ash for the Twin Barrels Burning album, where he wrote and sang lead on the stand-out track “Hold On”. This album was co-produced with Ashley Howe, who had also worked with Heep throughout the 70s as a tape-op and engineer, and as producer on the band’s early 80s albums [Abominog & Head First] . In 2000 he also performed on the Cybernauts live album – this was a side project with Woody Woodmansey and members of Def Leppard performing Bowie classics, in Japan. [Good luck finding a copy!]

There has been a Trevor Bolder solo project in the works for some time [he had talked about making a solo album for years prior to his passing]. check out > http://www.trevorboldersoloalbum.wordpress.com

I always liked Trevor’s writing and looked forward to his contributions on Heep’s albums. And as much as I’ve enjoyed the last 2 Heep album’s [and Mick & Phil’s writing!], I’ve kinda missed those unique pieces that Trevor wrote. On Heep’s latest album [Living The Dream], I thought it was very cool that Davey Rimmer – who’d eventually taken over Trevor’s position, would contribute a great song [Grazed By Heaven], which would be the lead off single to the album. Thanks Davey!  I’ve put together a list of classic Uriah Heep tunes that Trevor wrote. These are album tracks; although there are a number of outtakes/bonus tracks he was credited with, as well as outtakes [see box sets,  etc…] that were credited to multiple band members. [would be nice if any bandmembers pointed out a few of such tracks that Trevor contributed to largely].


It Ain’t Easy – from 1980’s Conquest. A forgotten Heep gem on an album that ended the band’s first decade, and with lots of turmoil and changes.  The album credits Trevor with vocals, but these were substituted in favor of John Sloman’s. A great heavy ballad; hopefully the version with Trevor’s vocals will surface one day!

Fear Of Falling – Trevor sings lead on this from 1995’s Sea Of Light, one of 4 tracks he wrote on this album.  One of my favorite rockers from the post-90s Heep. Such a different tune; a huge underrated Heep classic!

Lost – from 2011’s Into The Wild, the last album with Trevor.  a great lead vocal; heavy tune… One of my favorites on this album.


I Hear Voices – one of many tracks from 1998’s Sonic Origami [Trevor contributed 4 here]. Loved this album. Between Two Worlds is my favorite from the band’s post-1990 years, and I loved the the 1-2 punch that lead off the album.  

Fools – also from Conquest. great riff intro, heavy guitars and solo. Great writing and playing on this album.

Shelter From The Rain – Sonic Origami had a number of ballads, this one was my favorites. again, very different to anything Heep had done before, kinda bluesy. would’ve made a great single. IMO

Angels Walk With You – Wake The Sleeper was a very heavy comeback album in 2008. This is a classic from it. A soft intro, then the band kicks in, great lyrics.

Roller – from Innocent Victim, co-written with former Spiders From Mars bandmate Pete McDonald [they’d also have a co-write on 1978’s Fallen Angel]. Cool funky rock tune [big on the bass], and classic Heep from the Lawton era.

Blood On Stone –  the single and rocker from Different World. An album that Trevor produced, but  came at a tough time and hurried in 1991. A few fine songs on it, particularly this one.

Sweet Pretender – a classic Heep cut from Sonic Origami. a bit Deep Purple-ish [so some say], but cool hard rocker.



KJJ, 06/2019


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