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WHITE SPIRIT – Right Or Wrong featuring the late Brian Howe, now out.

White Spirit was around briefly during the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal era. The band’s time included a lone album in 1980, some line-up changes, and further recordings, which never saw the light of day then. The significance of those unreleased recordings was that they featured singer Brian Howe, who’d replaced Bruce Ruff, And guitarist Mick Tucker (ex Axis, pre Tank) – who’d replaced Janick Gers (who went on to Gillan and Iron Maiden) . Following the death of Brian Howe in May of 2020, Tucker, and (keyboardist) Malcolm Pearson (who is the lone original member of White Spirit on this album) set about finding the tapes and then getting the album done and out. (*see bio below for more details). Anyway, the album features newly recorded parts, including the recently recruited rhythm section of Russell Gilbrook (Heep) and Neil Murray (Whitesnake, Sabbath).

As a fan of Howe’s work with Bad Company – sure I would’ve loved to hear all of his vocals here, but from old tapes they couldn’t all be saved, and you can’t go wrong with the singers used to finish this album – Jeff Scott Soto and Lee Small (Lionheart) each sing lead on 2 tracks, while Steve Overland (UK’ FM) sings on an excellent new version of “Holy Water”. Right Or Wrong is classic British hard-rock, with easy favorites being “Runaway”, “Got To Get Out” and “Lady Of The Night”, the first 2 featuring grand keyboard intros, and all just really good tracks sang by Howe. This album is full of energy, great guitar and keyboard leads, melodies, harmonies, and solos. If these songs were originally written and intended for 1981, you would never know by hearing it!

Safe to say if you like Brian Howe’s era in Bad Company – these songs will be very enjoyable, as if they would’ve fit anywhere on one of the 4 Bad Co albums he wrote and sang on! Jeff Scott Soto sings the title track, which leads off the album – a strong melodic rocker, as well as the Rainbow-ish rocker “Better Watch Out”, while Lee Small sings the excellent “The Dice Rolls On”. My fellow Uriah Heep fans will dig Russell Gilbrook’s performance here, especially on “Rock n Roll (Is Good For You)”. Am thankful to hear this album, a very good album, and it’s release is a fitting tribute to Brian Howe.

“Right Or Wrong” is the title track of the new album from White Spirit, out now and features the colossal vocals of Jeff Scott Soto.
White Spirit’s self-titled debut album was released in 1980 to great acclaim, and a constant schedule of touring saw the band build up a large and loyal following. Line up changes introduced us to a then unknown singer named Brian Howe and the band entered the studio in 1981 to work on their second album, with then Gillan keysman, Colin Towns at the production helm. The album was never completed. The band broke up and Brian Howe went on to mega platinum success replacing Paul Rodgers as the singer in Bad Company.
Those 2nd album session tapes were rediscovered in 2020 and after a delicate restoration process, the performances were transferred to digital. Some of the sound quality had deteriorated over the years, so the musical backing was completely replaced by White Spirit veterans Mick Tucker and Mal Pearson, along with Russ Gilbrook (Uriah Heep) and Neil Murray (Whitesnake). Brian Howe’s vocals on five of the tracks survived well, but the other takes had too much degradation, so guest singers stepped in as tribute to the late singer who tragically died in 2020. Jeff Scott Soto was a powerhouse in replacing the original Brian Howe vocals on “Right Or Wrong”, delivering a performance that is as good as anything in his illustrious career.
Pontus Norgren (Hammerfall) mixed the album in Sweden, and the result is an incredible body of work with power, finesse, great songs, and amazing vocals.
Ten tracks with a nod to the past, but fresh and vibrant arrangements fit for 21st Century ears.
Be prepared for an album that, had it come out when it was originally written, could have placed White Spirit amongst the giants of melodic rock.
The album Right Or Wrong featuring lead vocals from Brian Howe, Jeff Scott Soto, Steve Overland and Lee Small, was released on 29th July 2022 through Conquest Music on limited edition CD and via the digital platforms.–


RORY GALLAGHER – Deuce 50th Anniversary box set




Formats: 4CD / 2CD / 3LP / 1LP Colour (D2C) / Digital HD & SD
Release Date: September 30, 2022
Label: UMC

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Rory Gallagher’s  “Deuce” sophomore solo album from 1971, a deluxe CD boxset will be released by UMC on Friday September 30th.  The album is available to pre-order from

The extensive celebratory release digs deep into the Rory Gallagher Archives and will include a new mix of the original album, twenty-eight previously unreleased alternate takes, a six-song 1972 BBC Radio ‘In Concert’, and seven Radio Bremen radio session tracks. The package will contain a 64-page hardback book with a foreword by Johnny Marr of The Smiths, unseen images by the late Mick Rock, essays, and memorabilia from the album recording. The 2CD and 3LP will be cut down versions from the deluxe box and there will be a special D2C 1LP of the “BBC In Concert – Live at The Paris Theatre, 13 January 1972.”

“There was one day when I was playing along with the Deuce album which was a complete turning point for me as a guitar player.”

– Johnny Marr

Photo Credit: © Mick Rock

Released in November 1971, just six months after his eponymous solo debut, Rory Gallagher’s second album, Deuce, was the summation of all that he’d promised in the wake of Taste’s collapse. Rory wanted to capture the feeling of a live performance, so he would look to record immediately after live concerts while keeping production to a minimum.

He chose Tangerine Studios, a small reggae studio, in Dalston in East London, due it’s history with legendary producer Joe Meek. With Gerry McAvoy on bass guitar and Wilgar Campbell on drums, the album was engineered by Robin Sylvester and produced by Rory. Deucefeatures many Rory highlights, from the blistering Crest Of A Wave to the Celtic-infused I’m Not Awake Yet.

When asked “How does it feel to be the best guitarist in the world,” Jimi replied: “I don’t know, why don’t you go and ask Rory Gallagher.”

– Jimi Hendrix

“There are a million guys who sound like Stevie Ray Vaughan, but I never heard anybody who could really pull off sounding like Rory Gallagher.”

– Slash

” As soon as I heard Cradle Rock, I was hooked. I thought, ‘This is what I want to be when I grow up.”

– Joe Bonamassa

“I really liked Rory, he was fine guitarist and singer and lovely man”

– Jimmy Page

“He was just a magician, he’s one of the very few people of that time who could make his guitar do anything it seemed. It just seemed to be magic. I remember looking at that battered Stratocaster and thinking how does that come out of there?”

– Brian May

“The man who changed my musical life was Rory Gallagher, I picked up a guitar because of him.”

– Johnny Marr

“A beautiful man and an amazing guitar player. He was a very sensitive man and a great musician.”

– The Edge

“An amazing player, very spirited … he had a particular sound using that Stratocaster and he really got it because of the brute force in the way that he played, he just had such a passion about it.”

– Joe Satriani



CD 1

Used to Be – 50th Anniversary Edition
I’m Not Awake Yet – 50th Anniversary Edition
Don’t Know Where I’m Going – 50th Anniversary Edition
Maybe I Will – 50th Anniversary Edition
Whole Lot of People – 50th Anniversary Edition
In Your Town – 50th Anniversary Edition
Should’ve Learnt My Lesson – 50th Anniversary Edition
There’s a Light – 50th Anniversary Edition
Out of My Mind – 50th Anniversary Edition
Crest of a Wave – 50th Anniversary Edition

CD 2

Used to Be – Alternate Take 1
Used to Be – Alternate Take 2
I’m Not Awake Yet – Alternate Take 1
Don’t Know Where I’m Going – Alternate Take 1
Maybe I Will – Alternate Take 1
Maybe I Will
 – Alternate Take 2
Maybe I Will – Alternate Take 3
Maybe I Will – Alternate Take 4
Maybe I Will – Alternate Take 5
Whole Lot of People – Electric Alternate Take 1
Whole Lot of People – 6 String Acoustic Alternate Take 1
Whole Lot Of People
 – Deuce Album Session / Alternative Acoustic Take / 1971 *
Whole Lot of People
 – 12 String Acoustic Alternate Take 1
In Your Town
 – Alternate Take 1
In Your Town – Alternate Take 2
In Your Town – Alternate Take 3

CD 3

In Your Town – Alternate Take 4
Should’ve Learnt My Lesson – Deuce Album Session / Alternative Acoustic Take / 1971*
Should’ve Learnt My Lesson
 – Deuce Album Session Outtake / 1971*
Should’ve Learnt My Lesson – Alternate Take 2
Should’ve Learnt My Lesson – Alternate Take 3
There’s A Light – Alternate Take 1
There’s A Light – Alternate Take 2
There’s A Light – Alternate Take 3
Out of My Mind – Alternate Take 1
Out of My Mind – Alternate Take 2
Out of My Mind – Alternate Take 3
Crest of a Wave – Alternate Take 1
Crest of a Wave – Alternate Take 2
Don’t Know Where I’m Going – Home Demo
Maybe I Will – Home Demo
Should’ve Learnt My Lesson – Home Demo

CD 4

Should’ve Learnt My Lesson – Radio Bremen 21/12/1971
Crest of a Wave – Radio Bremen 21/12/1971
I Could’ve Had Religion – Radio Bremen 21/12/1971
For The Last Time – Radio Bremen 21/12/1971
Messin’ With The Kid – Radio Bremen 21/12/1971
Don’t Know Where I’m Going – Radio Bremen 21/12/1971
Pistol Slapper Blues – Radio Bremen 21/12/1971
Used To Be – BBC In Concert – Live at The Paris Theatre, 13 January 1972
Should’ve Learnt My Lesson – BBC In Concert – Live at The Paris Theatre, 13 January 1972
Out Of My Mind – BBC In Concert – Live at The Paris Theatre, 13 January 1972
I Could’ve Had Religion – BBC In Concert – Live at The Paris Theatre, 13 January 1972
Crest Of A Wave – BBC In Concert – Live at The Paris Theatre, 13 January 1972
Messin’ With The Kid – BBC In Concert – Live at The Paris Theatre, 13 January 1972

2 CD

CD 1

Used to Be – 50th Anniversary Edition
I’m Not Awake Yet – 50th Anniversary Edition
Don’t Know Where I’m Going – 50th Anniversary Edition
Maybe I Will – 50th Anniversary Edition
Whole Lot of People – 50th Anniversary Edition
In Your Town – 50th Anniversary Edition
Should’ve Learnt My Lesson – 50th Anniversary Edition
There’s a Light
 – 50th Anniversary Edition
Out of My Mind – 50th Anniversary Edition
Crest of a Wave – 50th Anniversary Edition

CD 2

Used to Be – Alternate Take 1
I’m Not Awake Yet – Alternate Take 1
Maybe I Will – Alternate Take 1
Whole Lot of People – 12 String Acoustic Alternate Take 1
In Your Town – Alternate Take 3
Should’ve Learnt My Lesson – Alternate Take 3
There’s A Light – Alternate Take 1
Out of My Mind – Alternate Take 3
Crest of a Wave – Alternate Take 2
Should’ve Learnt My Lesson – Radio Bremen 21/12/1971
Crest of a Wave – Radio Bremen 21/12/1971
I Could’ve Had Religion – Radio Bremen 21/12/1971
For The Last Time – Radio Bremen 21/12/1971
Messin’ With The Kid – Radio Bremen 21/12/1971
Don’t Know Where I’m Going – Radio Bremen 21/12/1971
Pistol Slapper Blues – Radio Bremen 21/12/1971

3 LP


Used to Be – 50th Anniversary Edition
I’m Not Awake Yet – 50th Anniversary Edition
Don’t Know Where I’m Going – 50th Anniversary Edition
Maybe I Will – 50th Anniversary Edition
Whole Lot of People – 50th Anniversary Edition


In Your Town – 50th Anniversary Edition
Should’ve Learnt My Lesson – 50th Anniversary Edition
There’s a Light – 50th Anniversary Edition
Out of My Mind – 50th Anniversary Edition
Crest of a Wave – 50th Anniversary Edition


Used to Be – Alternate Take 1
I’m Not Awake Yet
 – Alternate Take 1
Maybe I Will – Alternate Take 1
Whole Lot of People – 12 string acoustic Alternate Take 1


In Your Town – Alternate Take 3
Should’ve Learnt My Lesson – Alternate Take 3
There’s A Light – Alternate Take 1
Out of My Mind – Alternate Take 3


Crest of a Wave – Alternate Take 2
Crest of a Wave – Radio Bremen 21/12/1971
Don’t Know Where I’m Going – Radio Bremen 21/12/1971
I Could’ve Had Religion – Radio Bremen 21/12/1971


Should’ve Learnt My Lesson – Radio Bremen 21/12/1971
For The Last Time – Radio Bremen 21/12/1971
Messin’ With The Kid – Radio Bremen 21/12/1971
Pistol Slapper Blues
 – Radio Bremen 21/12/1971



Used To Be – BBC In Concert – Live at The Paris Theatre, 13 January 1972
Should’ve Learnt My Lesson – BBC In Concert – Live at The Paris Theatre, 13 January 1972
Out Of My Mind – BBC In Concert – Live at The Paris Theatre, 13 January 1972


I Could’ve Had Religion – BBC In Concert – Live at The Paris Theatre, 13 January 1972
Crest Of A Wave – BBC In Concert – Live at The Paris Theatre, 13 January 1972
Messin’ With The Kid – BBC In Concert – Live at The Paris Theatre, 13 January 1972

ARTHUR BROWN – Dance With Arthur Brown (revisited)

This is an album I picked up in the early-mid ’80s on one of my trips around Toronto with my Uncle Jim, who lived in Rexdale. He knew where all the shops were, and on a few occasions we’d go up and down Yonge Street, and then off to various other shops within walking distance. So, at that time you could still pick up albums you weren’t familiar with for a dollar or 2, a small gamble but I picked up a lot of gems this way. I had the first Crazy World Of Arthur Brown LP (via my uncle, from a few years earlier), so I was a wee bit familiar with Arthur Brown, but judging by the cover and titles Dance With Arthur Brown would be something very different.

This was Brown’s first post-Kingdom Come album, and although it could still be deemed experimental, Dance With seems a bit more radio accessible for the time, as if Arthur was attempting to get in to the mainstream. It featured 11 tracks, a pair of covers, and a few that would’ve made interesting singles. In fact there were 3 singles. Now signed to Gull Records (part of the Motown group) may be a sign of Arthur’s new direction, with elements of soul, r & b, gospel, all can be found on this album. Gull also released the first few Judas Priest albums during this era. Dance With was preceded by a single in late ’74 – “Gypsies” bw/ “Dance”. The A-side was a non-LP track, penned by Naaman (anyone?). A shame this one is not on youtube, though Arthur Brown’s re-recording of it is, as he re-did the song for his 2007 album The Voice Of Love (as The Amazing World Of Arthur Brown). The single was produced by Brown, himself, but the album would be produced by the legendary Rodger Bain who was better known for the heavier bands he produced like Black Sabbath and Budgie. Dance With featured a number of players, notably guitarist Andy Dalby (from Kingdom Come), and keyboardist Pete Solley (ex Paladin, Snafu), as well as a few backing singers – Fuzzy, Stevie, and Mutt! Stevie was Stevie Lange who later appeared with a number of acts in the 70s , notably The Sweet, Graham Bonnet and Elton John, while Mutt (Lange) went on to produce tons of bands over the next few decades, notably AC/DC, Def Leppard, and Foreigner. Anyway,…. Dance With Arthur Brown came out in May of ’75, it received mixed reviews (of the few I could find), Although there’s no face-paint, costumes, or cosmic cover art, the cover is a bit humorous with 2 torn photos of Brown dancing with a female partner in formal wear (from a different era), while the back cover includes all the songwriting and performance credits, and a regular photo of Brown and lyrics to just 3 songs.

Gull released 2 further singles, in a few countries – “We’ve Got To Get Out Of This Place” b/w the non-LP track “Here I Am” in July of ’75, and then “Out Of Time” b/w “The Lord Will Find A Way” (penned by bass player Lee Robinson). The 2nd single seemed to only be issued in New Zealand and Australia. I actually like both of these covers, as the production seems lively, but find it odd that the album’s 2 covers were the only singles, as there were a few others that would’ve made excellent choices, such as “Helen With The Sun” and the title track (as a A side!). And I hear saxophone on “Out Of Time”, but don’t see it in the credits…(!?) The rest of the album includes a few styles, such as “Crazy” with it’s cabaret approach, “Soul Garden” with it’s reggae beat, and closing “Is There Nothing Beyond God?”, which – with it’s 1 line repeated throughout is kind of a chant put to some decent guitar, bass and drums.

Both Dance With Arthur Brown and it’s follow up Chisholm In My Bosom (which I don’t have.. yet) seem scarce (and pricey) on CD. Both were released together in 1995 on See For Miles Records (UK), in ’95, and since then only in Japan. A proper release of both of these albums – complete with bonus tracks, would be nice after so many years, and while Arthur Brown is getting long overdue press and praise with the release of the Eternal Messenger (An Anthology) CD box last year And his brilliant new album Long Long Road.


GENTLE GIANT 10LP Box set of ‘Live in the US’ recordings coming.

British progressive band GENTLE GIANT released 11 studo albums and 1 double live albums from 1970-1980. The band split in 1980, but still have a large following. This upcoming box set looks like it will be most welcome by fans and collectors. For more info & details check out the press release below –

Gentle Giant “Front Row Center (US Dates 1976-1980)” 10LP Deluxe Box Set Released on Madfish Sept. 23, 2022

10LP box set + 60 page book from the influential cult progressive rock collective.

Gentle Giant “Front Row Center (US Dates 1976-1980)”10LP Deluxe Box Set will be released on Madfish Sept. 23, 2022! Celebrating four classic years (1976-1980) of touring throughout the USA, encompassing the full Gentle Giant live experience through never-before pressed vinyl, unseen memorabilia and photographs.

The box set features:
• HEMPSTEAD, New York – CALDERONE CONCERT HALL – JULY 13, 1976 (3LP) – Originally broadcast live on New York City’s WLIR radio as part of the station’s Bicentennial celebration.
• HEMPSTEAD, NEW YORK – CALDERONE CONCERT HALL – NOVEMBER 16, 1977 (3LP) An outstanding previously unreleased performance sourced from guitarist Gary Green’s personal collection.
• CHESTER, PENNSYLVANIA – WIDENER COLLEGE – NOVEMBER 18, 1977 (2LP) – Available for the first time on vinyl sourced from Gary Green’s collection.
• ATLANTA, GEORGIA – AGORA BALLROOM – MAY 29, 1980 (2LP) – A rare recording from the band’s final tour prior to their split in the summer of 1980.

In addition to the recordings the set will come with a 60-page book written by GG authority Alan Kinsman concentrating on their live experiences and memorabilia. The set will also include a numbered Limited-Edition certificate.

This is a chance to own a collection of uber-rarities here on vinyl for the first time ever. A must have for all Gentle Giant collectors.

Front Row Center” will be issued via Madfish on 10LP Box Set on 23rd September 2022 and pre-orders are available HERE (

A.1. Intro/Just The Same (The Bicentennial, NY, July 13, 1976)
A.2. Proclamation/Valedictory (The Bicentennial, NY, July 13,1976)
B.1. On Reflection (The Bicentennial, NY, July 13, 1976)
B.2. Interview (The Bicentennial, NY, July 13, 1976)

C.1. The Runaway/Experience (The Bicentennial, NY, July 13, 1976)
C.2. So Sincere (The Bicentennial, NY, July 13, 1976)
D.1. Excerpts From Octopus (The Bicentennial, NY, July 13, 1976)

E.1. Give It Back (The Bicentennial, NY, July 13, 1976)
E.2. Timing (The Bicentennial, NY, July 13, 1976)
F.1. Free Hand (The Bicentennial, NY, July 13, 1976)

A.1. Two Weeks In Spain (Calderone Concert Hall, NY, 16 Nov 1977)
A.2. Free Hand (Calderone Concert Hall, NY, 16 Nov 1977)
B.1. On Reflection (Calderone Concert Hall, NY, 16 Nov 1977)
B.2. I’m Turning Around (Calderone Concert Hall, NY, 16 Nov 1977)

C.1. Just The Same/Playing The Game (Calderone Concert Hall, NY, 16 Nov 1977)
C.2. Memories Of Old Days (Calderone Concert Hall, NY, 16 Nov 1977)
D.1. Betcha Thought We Couldn’t Do It (Calderone Concert Hall, NY, 16 Nov 1977)
D.2. Funny Ways (Calderone Concert Hall, NY, 16 Nov 1977)

E.1. The Face (Calderone Concert Hall, NY, 16 Nov 1977)
E.2. For Nobody (Calderone Concert Hall, NY, 16 Nov 1977)
F.1. Excerpts From Octopus (Calderone Concert Hall, NY, 16 Nov 1977)

A.1. Two Weeks In Spain (Widener College, PA, 18 Nov 1977)
A.2. Free Hand (Widener College, PA, 18 Nov 1977)
A.3. On Reflection (Widener College, PA, 18 Nov 1977)
B.1. I’m Turning Around (Widener College, PA, 18 Nov 1977)
B.2. Just The Same/Playing The Game (Widener College, PA, 18 Nov 1977)
B.3. Memories Of Old Days (Widener College, PA, 18 Nov 1977)

C.1. Betcha Thought We Couldn’t Do It (Widener College, PA, 18 Nov 1977)
C.2. The Face (Widener College, PA, 18 Nov 1977)
D.1. For Nobody (Widener College, PA, 18 Nov 1977)
D.2. Excerpts From Octopus – part 1 (Widener College, PA, 18 Nov 1977)
D.3. Excerpts From Octopus – part 2 (Widener College, PA, 18 Nov 1977)

A.1. Convenience (Clean And Easy) (The Agora, GA, 29 May,1980)
A.2. All Through The Night (The Agora, GA, 29 May, 1980)
A.3. Free Hand (The Agora, GA, 29 May, 1980)
A.4. Knots (The Agora, GA, 29 May, 1980)
A.5. Playing The Game (The Agora, GA, 29 May, 1980)
B.1. Memories Of Old Days (The Agora, GA, 29 May, 1980)
B.2. Giant For A Day (The Agora, GA, 29 May, 1980)
B.3. Inside Out (The Agora, GA, 29 May, 1980)

C.1. It’s Not Imagination (The Agora, GA, 29 May, 1980)
C.2. Underground (The Agora, GA, 29 May, 1980)
D.1. For Nobody (The Agora, GA, 29 May, 1980)
D.2. The Advent Of Panurge (The Agora, GA, 29 May, 1980)
D.3. Number One (The Agora, GA, 29 May, 1980)

For more information:


TYRANTS OF CHAOS – To release 3rd album Relentless Thirst For Power

More metal from Canada! Lethbridge, Alberta’s TYRANTS OF CHAOS will release their 3rd album next month titled Relentless Thirst For Power. I’m not big on every genre of metal (not in to the likes of Metallica, Anthrax, etc… the big 4.) But I do like checking out new Canadian rock! And there is plenty of killer riffs, solos, and tunes here to take interest in. This is a pure heavy album and fun listen, with some interesting lyrics. Lots of power, energy, and passion here. Fave cuts being “Indoctri-Nation”, “No Lives Matter”, and the blazing “Skull Crusher”. The band recently released their brand new video for “T.O.C.” – check it out! *For more info check out the press release / bio below.

Tyrants of Chaos is a no-holds-barred traditional heavy metal band in the vein of the big four with a modern twist. They are imminently releasing a new album Relentless Thirst For Power, which will be their third.

The new album Relentless Thirst For Power covers a lot of topics lyrically, listeners will also be able to dive into the classic Teutonic power metal track “Indoctri-Nation” that focuses on mental health issues; the “No Live Matter” ballad that forces one to confront their mortality; and the classic “Lucky Dog” that is reminiscent of the ’80s sounds of the Big 4.

Formed in 2013 for the love and passion of music by guitarist Curtiss Vaselenak and to fill a gap in the local scene, the band originally started as a fun hard rock and metal cover band. After some shuffling, he is now joined by guitarist Arik Wagner, bassist Sean Simpson, drummer Ryan Dyck, and vocalist Phil Sirias who complete the current lineup. With many years of experience between them, they bring professionalism and solid musicianship to both the stage and the studio.

Tyrants of Chaos already have two albums under their belts, The Calm Before The Storm (2016) and Into Oblivion (2019), and this new offering consists of ten fist-pumping, head-banging tracks that were written specifically for this album. It is just scratching the surface of what the band has in store, they don’t intend to slow down anytime soon.

Heavy and loud, Tyrants Of Chaos delivers a solid pummeling of pure heavy metal. No gimmicks, no gags, just passion, and honesty. They are recommended listening for fans of Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, and Megadeth.


FLASH – In The USA: Live 1972-73

Flash were an early ’70s progressive rock band which featured original YES guitarist Peter Banks. In a few short years the band released 3 albums, all worth checking out. This live set is for collectors, as it gathers the band’s live recordings over their short lifespan touring the USA. Likely bootlegged over the years, these recordings have been cleaned up as best as possible and are an enjoyable look at the band. Flash had lots of potential, but for whatever reasons didn’t last too long. These shows make a great companion to the band’s studio albums (which featured some cool cover-art!). *Check out the press release below for more details & track listing.

Prog Legends FLASH Featuring Peter Banks “In The USA Live 1972-73” 3-CD Set Available Sept, 9, 2022

Available on Sept. 9th, restored live recordings from 1970ʼs classic prog rock group FLASH featuring ex-YES guitarist Peter Banks. Twenty-two tracks from seven shows across 3 discs; a majority of them previously unavailable. Best known thanks to their YES connections, the band nevertheless held their own across three Billboard charting albums, and the top 30 single hit “Small Beginnings.” Includes 32-page booklet with exclusive band interviews, unpublished photos and tour itinerary. A true time capsule back to the golden age of US rock concerts.

• Carefully restored and previously unreleased recordings
• For fans of progressive rock, guitar heroes & YES
• Previously unpublished photos & essay including detailed US tour history with exclusive band interviews and memorabilia

Capturing the collective during seven of their American shows of 1972-1973, one of those preserved for posterity in its entirety, the digipack will allow the listener to savor most of the three LPs in rather different performances than those laid down in the studio and the uninitiated will have the opportunity to see how brilliant these musicians were. Colin and Ray worked for a while under the old name relatively recently, but it’s the old recordings their followers are after, so there’s something to look forward to.” – Dmitry Epstein

Says Ray Bennett: “What ‘Think Like A Key Music’ set out to do here, on this multi-disc set, is to gather together whatever was left out there of live FLASH stuff regardless of quality and present it in the best possible way. Whatever improvements could be made to the audio were done. Quite a bit of it is rough sounding, but I found that even with the poor sound issues there was something coming across from the live experience. Some surprisingly good moments. A fair bit of this material was fan-recorded, probably on cassettes, some possibly from rough mixing board recordings; some is much better studio type quality, and some has been online for years on obscure websites, but in the worst possible form – awful sound, complete with extraneous noise and talking in the recordings. So all that has been cleaned up and the sound mastered as well as possible. Overall, I think this is a worthy project for the historical record at the very least. Other than the ‘In Public’ CD which is already available, this new set is it as far as we know. Pretty much all that there is of live FLASH performance.”




Kooymans & Carillo – Mirage (a review)

Mirage is the 2nd album released by the partnership of George Kooymans (Golden Earring) and American singer/guitarist/songwriter Frank Carillo. This album was recorded over a number of years, prior to Kooymans ALS diagnosis that has left him unable to play and forcing his band Golden Earring to retire. However, this collection of songs will come as a nice surprise to Kooyman’s fans who assumed they’d not hear anything new from the legendary Dutch guitarist (as well as singer/songwriter). Mirage is also a follow up the duo’s 2010 album On Location. I haven’t got or heard the entire On Location disc (and judging by the availability and prices online – won’t be getting it anytime soon). Frank Carillo has been active releasing music since the late ’60s, his earliest bands being Hot Soup, as well as Doc Holliday along with Bob Mayo. Carillo would also play on the first few Peter Frampton solo albums, (Mayo would play with Frampton for decades).

Anyway, back to Mirage…. Golden Earring fans may know of Frank Carillo from his involvement on the band’s 2003 album Millbrook, USA. and 2012’s Tits N Ass , where he played slide guitar and had a few co-writing credits. Mirage features 11 tracks, 9 of which were co-written by Kooymans & Carillo, and recorded at a few studios in the USA and the Netherlands.

For the most part Mirage is a collection of largely acoustic based, roots rock, a bit of blues, and a bit of a country feel on many tracks as well. The lead off (and) title track is easily likeable, a smooth acoustic based country flavored tune highlighted by slide guitar and lead vocals from George, as well as vocals from Casey Kooymans, along backing vocals from Frank, who also adds piano, and there’s a bit of banjo provided by Paul Orofino. There’s a few good upbeat cuts like “If I Go There”, “Den Of Thieves” and “Crystal Cracking”, which is probably the most ‘classic rock’ track here, with it’s slide guitar and hammond organ, and Frank’s vocals.

The best picks for me tho’ are a few of the ballads, particularly “I Wish You Were Still Here”, which is just a very memorable song – if there was a hit single from this album, this would be it. As well the short “Christmas In Gaza” stands out as well. Mirage also features the light country rock tune “Ticket To Heaven” written by Eddie Seville, this one includes violin. The ‘bonus’ track here is “Seasons”, which is just George and John Sonneveld (who programs the drums and bass, adds flute and hammond organ) . It is a song George wrote decades ago and gave to Dutch band Earth & Fire, who had their first hit with it in 1969.

Lots of excellent lead vocals and shared vocals here that go so well together, great productions, and a few guests – such as Rinus Gerritsen on couple of tracks. Would be curious to know if Kooymans and Carillo might have anything left in the can. For Golden Earring fans that won’t be expecting anything further from the band Mirage is definitely something you’ll want to pick up.

Top 10 Covers : You Keep Me Hanging On

You Keep Me Hanging On was a classic song written by the Motown production/writing team of (Brian) Holland, (Lamont) Dozier, and (Eddie) Holland. The trio had written and produced numerous hits for Motown’s biggest acts such as The Four Tops, Mary Wells, Marvin Gaye, The Isley Brothers, Martha & The Vandellas, and most notably The Supemes – who first recorded “You Keep Me Hanging On” in the summer of 1966, with the single released in October of that year.

It would be included on their album The Supremes Sing Holland-Dozier-Holland, released in January of ’67. The song was one of two #1 hits from that album. The other #1 single was “Love Is Here and Now You’re Gone” which wouldn’t have the lasting impact as “You Keep Me Hanging On” did. The single, besides being a #1 hit for The Supremes, and soon became a heavily covered song, with acts of different genres of pop music re-doing it in hopes of having a hit themselves.

And there are numerous versions of this song, so I’ve narrowed it down to 10 of the best known versions, as well a few of my favorites and more interesting ones – in chronological order. I have also only included properly released recordings (as I will try to do in this series), as opposed to any ole’ live version found on youtube. Feel free to drop me a line in the comments if you think I’ve overlooked any other covers of this tune that are well worth checking out.

Vanilla Fudge (1967)

New York’s Vanilla Fudge debuted with this single. The band featured Mark Stein (lead vox, keyboards), Carmine Appice (drums), Vince Martell (guitar), and Tim Bogert (Bass, RIP). The band’s album version (from their 1967 debut) was nearly 7 and a half minutes, with a heavily edited single version in June of ’67 that was a Top 10 hit in Canada, the US, and Australia, and a hit in the UK. It set the tone for what Fudge was about – which was to take pop hits and slow them down, and make them heavy, full of guitar, Hammond organ, and big vocal harmonies. This would be the band’s biggest hit, and the song they are best known for, and probably the best known version of this song after The Supremes. Fudge’s version of this song would inspire a number of other acts of the day to record or perform this song (live). The band had a major influence on some of the great British heavy bands like Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, and mainly Uriah Heep. Pre-Heep band The Gods performed this song, and a live version of it can be found on The Gods : Live ’67 CD. Carmine Appice would also be part of Rod Stewart’s band when Rod record his version for his 1977 album Foot Loose And Fancy Free.

Index (1967)

This garage-rock band from Michigan released 2 albums in 1967 and 1968 with their trippy psych version of the song on their debut album. Originally consisting of John B. Ford, Gary Francis and Jim Valice. The band has no keyboard player, so the intro [the band’s version perhaps influenced by Vanilla Fudge] is played on guitar, minimal production, sounding very cool, very different. Their debut also included a cover of The Byrds’ “Eight Miles High”. The band split after their 2nd album with Valice and Ford continuing as Just Us, and releasing one album in 1969, which included a number of covers, notably a couple of Neil Young tunes.

The Tea Company (1968)

A pretty wild psychedelic version from this New York band that only released one album – Come And Have Some Tea With The Tea Company. ‘Tea’ being another word for marijuana. Clocking in at nearly 9 minutes, this one includes lots of different instrumentation, heavy psych solos….. Members later released an album in ’77 as the Spare Change Band.

The Guess Who

Recorded sometime in 1967-68 when The Guess Who was transitioning from a covers band to an all originals band they appeared regularly on the CBC show Let’s Go! Their version follows the Vanilla Fudge take with the organ, and slower pace, etc…very psychedelic. Released in 2005 on the CD compilation Let’s Go!

Tomorrow’s Children (1970)

These guys were a band from Jamaica, and there was not much released outside of that country. Described as pop, R n B, funk, reggae… This is a great version! The backing vocals give it a ‘gospel’ feel, and the lead vocals are excellent, the organ is there, and the guitar has a bit of funk feel. This was originally issued as a single in 1970, with a cover of The Ides Of March hit “Vehicle” on the B-side, as well it was included on the band’s 2nd of 3 album’s titled The Going’s Great With… Some of the band went on to form Third World. Would be nice if a repackaging label (Cherry Red??) would pick up and reissue the band’s recordings in 1 collection.

The Box Tops (1968)

Memphis band The Box Tops recorded “You Keep Me Hanging On” for their 1968 album Cry Like A Baby. Influenced by the Vanilla Fudge version they closely followed the organ intro idea and tempo . A good version, but not as heavy or all-round solid as the Fudge version, but excellent lead vocals from Alex Chilton. The Box Tops were best known for their 1967 hit “The Letter”. Chilton went on to success with 70s act Big Star (where he co-wrote the song that was later used as the theme song to That 70s Show), as well as a number of solo albums, with his last studio album being strangely titled Loose Shoes And Tight Pussy.

Wilson Pickett (1969)

Legendary American RnB singer Wilson Pickett had 40 hit singles on the RnB charts over 10 years (63-73), largely covers, though he was best known for “In The Midnight Hour” – which he co-wrote and “Mustang Sally”. He had a top 20 hit with “You Keep Me Hanging On” in 1969, The song appeared on his 1970 album Right On, which featured players from the Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section, as well as horns, organ, female backing vox, and Pickett’s own distinctive soulful voice.

Kim Wilde (1986)

A totally different take on the song. Wilde was an ’80s pop star, and she had a huge hit with this synth-pop / dance version of the song in 1986, from her 5th album Another Step. Features original Gillan (band) guitarist Steve Byrd. Wilde’s version likely inspired a later electronic/dance version of the song by Romanian born artist/model Anca in 2006.

Verity (1989)

Recorded for Verity’s 1989 album Rock Solid (lead by former Argent frontman John Verity). Verity has an awesome voice and this take is a bit more upbeat and brighter. A great version for the period, too bad it wasn’t a single. The album would include such guests as Rod Argent, Terry Uttley & Alan Silson (both of Smokie), Bob Henrit….

Mystic Prophecy (2018)

And finally, a metal version! This one comes from this German power-metal band, featured on their 2018 album Monuments Uncovered. Cool take, video as well…


ARTHUR BROWN – Releases Long Long Road

Arthur Brown recently celebrated his 80th birthday with the release of his brand new album Long Long Road. The legendary British singer may be best known as some sort of one-hit wonder for his classic 1968 hit “Fire”, released as The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown. Over the decades he released many albums that may have missed the mainstream charts, but he built a loyal following of those who appreciate his often experimental directions , sounds, mystique, theatrics, and his distinctive, powerful voice. He’s been a huge influence on many, most notably Alice Cooper (who took up the make-up and theatrics) and Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson. I would think Rob Halford would’ve been a fan as well. Interestingly, Brown – who’s also big on blues here delivered a killer version of Fleetwood Mac’s “The Green Manalishi” several years ago that is well worth searching out… But anyway…. at 80, Arthur Brown can still perform, his voice is still powerful, and he (along with collaborator Rik Patten) can still create great new and interesting music.

Musically, the keyboards and other instrumentation here have that psychedelic feel, progressive, (as said) bluesy in places, and lyrically imaginative and often timely, as with the light and feel-good title track. Simply some awesome songs here, wide ranging, yet all flowing together nicely. “Once I Had Illusions” (part one & two) – 2 separate tracks, with the first version being lighter instrumentally and more haunting, the second take being more heavy blues guitar based – both outstanding! The title track (as mentioned) is easily likeable song, as is the lighter blues of “I Like Games”. There’s also the slower paced blues-psych rock of “Shining Brightness” (reminds me a bit of “Roadhouse Blues”), lead off track “Gas Tanks” which rocks hard with heavy guitar & organ, and a lighter break with a bit of piano and flute, and the Hammond driven “Going Down”.

I do not know how Arthur’s previous latter day solo albums compare (some catching up to do), but seeing as this one seems to be getting a good deal of attention, I think this one is a career high point – And at 80! The man still has it, and not just the voice, writing abilities, and the whole theatrical act, but he still seems to have the drive and passion as it shows in the new album, as well as the accompanying videos, and his forthcoming tour schedule. Great cover shot of the mask / fire helmet.

from Press Release / Bio:

Pretty much everyone into rock music knows ARTHUR BROWN. Be it via listening to or watching The Who’s rock opera “Tommy” or spending time with The Alan Parsons Project’s classic debut album “Tales of Mystery and Imagination”, most people have encountered Arthur – even if they might not have realized it.
Yet when it comes to THE CRAZY WORLD OF ARTHUR BROWN’s iconic, career-defining 1968 transatlantic hit single ‘Fire’, everybody knows that this is Arthur – the self-proclaimed God of Hellfire! 
But, we are getting ahead of ourselves, when we really ought to start with Arthur’s new full-length masterpiece “Long Long Road”.
Wild, vibrant, and crammed with rich musical textures, his new album is quintessentially ARTHUR BROWN, and can easily be construed as the apex and summary of a fascinating career that has spanned no fewer than seven decades.
Scheduled for release on Arthur’s 80th birthday on June 24, “Long Long Road” effortlessly shifts from progressive rock and soul to pristine blues rock, with the much-loved singer summoning his full vocal range with a mature mastery that comes only with the experience of a lifetime.     
Make no mistake; ARTHUR BROWN is a true rock legend – luckily, one whose star still burns very brightly, making audiences’ jaws drop whenever he takes to the stage.
Born in 1942, this outstanding vocalist and pioneering performer has recently been experiencing a renaissance. Arthur’s ground-breaking work over several decades was honored at the 2019 Prog Awards, when he received the Visionary Artist Award. In 2021, Arthur was given an HRH Legend Award that celebrates the best of British rock music. Prior to these, Classic Rock magazine bestowed a “Showman Award” on Arthur in 2005. This renewed attention by fans, media and peers in the autumn of his artistic endeavors can be recognized as a long-overdue tribute to an iconic musician, similar to that enjoyed by JOHNNY CASH late in his expansive career.
ARTHUR BROWN‘s legacy has been long appreciated by fellow musicians, writers and dedicated rock fans far beyond the vast shadow cast by his gigantic number 1 hit single ‘Fire’. The iconic track from his 1968 album “The Crazy World of Arthur Brown” still maintains its mesmerizing power with audiences and peers today. At the same time, it could be argued that the omnipresence of ‘Fire’ has partly obscured Arthur’s many outstanding accomplishments over the 54 years since its release.

To understand the massive impact and influence of ARTHUR BROWN‘s wild stage persona, flamboyant theatrical performances, and charismatic multi-octave voice, one only needs to listen to these rock icons:

 “Without Arthur Brown there would be no Alice Cooper.”  ALICE COOPER

“Now there’s a man who was ahead of his time.”  ELTON JOHN

“Arthur Brown was a big influence of mine… Arthur Brown has the voice of death.”  Bruce Dickinson, IRON MAIDEN

“Arthur Brown is as much a dancer as he is a singer.”  Pete Townshend, THE WHO

I owe a lot to Arthur Brown; he gave me the confidence to come out of my shell, so to speak. In other words, let it go, banish my inhibitions, forget about formulaic deliveries, loosen up and be myself.” Ian Gillan, DEEP PURPLE
ARTHUR BROWN is widely recognized as a pioneer of shock rock and progressive rock, and a significant influence on heavy metal. His live performances include iconic classics, dance, poetry, visuals and a subliminal soundtrack of new electronic music. Whenever he plays, Arthur still brings the dramatically elegant and always extravagant style that he established as the gold standard onstage.
During his long and distinguished career, Arthur has been the lead singer of various groups, most notably THE CRAZY WORLD OF ARTHUR BROWN and KINGDOM COME, along with a cameo in the cult film “Tommy”, in which his dramatic vocals were backed by ERIC CLAPTON and THE WHO. Collaborations include the debut album of THE ALAN PARSONS PROJECT, DAVID GILMOUR, THE PRODIGY, BRUCE DICKINSON, THE STRANGLERS, KULA SHAKER, DIE KRUPPS, and many more.
With each note on “Long Long Road”, ARTHUR BROWN makes the impressive statement that he remains as authentic, challenging, creative, and compelling as he was at his career’s fiery beginning. This record is not a swansong, but the thrilling beginning of the final phase of an utterly singular career.

1. Gas Tanks
2. Coffin Confession
3. Going Down
4. Once I Had Illusions (Part 1)
5. I Like Games
6. Shining Brightness
7. The Blues and Messing Round
8. Long Long Road
9. Once I Had Illusions (Part 2) 

Arthur Brown – vocals, guitars, piano
Rik Patten – multiple instruments

Recording at Sonic Scoops Studios UK
Produced by Arthur Brown with Rik Patten
Arrangements by Arthur Brown and Rik Patten
Mix & engineering by Rik Patten
Mastering by Marc Urselli

Artwork by Laurie Avon
Photography and imagery by Harvey Waller
Layout & design by Jean Valnoir Simoulin

Pre-sale link

Available formats
“Long Long Road” is available as a box set including a 48-page hardcover 2CD artbook, a gatefold 180g orange marble vinyl-LP, a bonus 7″ vinyl single, a wall flag, 4 30×30 cm art prints, and a certificate of authenticity personally signed and hand-numbered by Arthur Brown. The 2CD artbook is also available separately and includes liner-notes by Arthur Brown, enhanced artwork and photography, and two exclusive studio recordings.  “Long Long Road” is furthermore available on black 180g vinyl LP, on transparent red 180g vinyl LP, and as a Digipak CD.


AVI ROSENFELD : Latest in Very Heepy Very Purple series out now.

Very Heepy Very Purple XIII is the latest in Avi Rosenfeld’s series of original hard rock influenced by …..Uriah Heep and Deep Purple! Rosenfeld, born in 1980, is from Netany, Israel and has 63 albums to his credit (tho he says it may be 64 by the time I publish this article!). The 2 bands that Avi sites as his favorites are obviously noticeable throughout this album – there’s harmonies, Hammond organ, various keyboards, and plenty of hooks and solos sounding like Blackmore was his major guitar influence. But there’s more than just a Heep/Purple combo thing going on here -lead off track “Icarus Dream” starts off with a symphonic rock keys and piano before the riff [band] kick in, which sounds fairly Iron Maiden, but the song quickly progresses with harmonies, lead vocals, some Hammond organ in the mix, … a good lead off track. There’s bits of blues, symphonic rock, even a bit of an Indian inspired intro on the non-lyric track “Nigun”. Fave cuts include “Silver Shines” [gotta love when the Blackmore-type solo kicks in and it all speeds up], the fast paced “Knights Of The Castle” [Rainbow?], and “Marching To Nowhere”.

Avi Rosenfeld writes all the music & lyrics here, and works with a number of players and different singers on this album, presumably through online connections. He also plays some great guitar throughout. Cool album artwork, as it seems to be with all of Avi’s releases. Very Heep Very Purple – sounds like an interesting series I’ll need to check out further. Avi notes of the album – “Heavy Metal is the cure for these crazy times that we live in. This is another chapter in the Very Heepy Very Purple saga with influences from times where music at its best and played from the heart.
From times where people actually had patience to listen and waited for the cool guitar solo, or even to the end of the song. From times where you could hold up the cover art and imagine the sounds and feelings. Times where every power chord made you move, and every note had a meaning..”

You can listen to the album and order Avi Rosenfeld’s albums at >

*Avi has also since released a new solo album titled 40 Years On The Road

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