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ROBERT TEPPER to release new single & album

Singer/Songwriter Robert Tepper to release new single, album on July 30th

On Saturday July 30th, Robert Tepper will be releasing a new album entitled Feels Like Monday. Tepper, 72, will be sharing this release via Facebook Live, a first for the rock musician. Kendee Hughes of Kendee Hughes Productions will be overseeing the event.

“Robert will simultaneously release the music video for the single “Feels Like Monday,” and the album of the same name.” Kendee said. “It’ll be a virtual viewing party for his fans. Robert will perform live, answer some fan questions, and tell folks about what he’s got coming up.”

Robert will be supporting his new album Feels Like Monday with singer/songwriter/guitarist Chris Cameron and a small semi-acoustic ensemble. He is performing his hits along with new music in concerts and listening rooms across the US in 2022.

For more information visit roberttepper.net

About Robert Tepper:

Robert Tepper is a singer/songwriter who lives in Los Angeles, CA. He is best known for the 1986 hit song “No Easy Way Out” as heard on the Rocky IV soundtrack, as well as the 1980 hit “Into the Night” that he penned with singer Benny Mardones. He also wrote and performed “Angel of the City” for Stallone‘s 1986 action film, Cobra, and wrote the Pat Benatar hit “Le Bel Age”, from 1986. His latest album is 2019’s Better Than The Rest.


PETER GOALBY – Solo Anthology coming in September.

A Peter Goalby solo ‘Anthology’ will be released in September on Cherry Red Records. It pulls tracks from the 2 solo albums of long lost songs released in November of last year and May of this year. As well is adds 3 previously vinyl only released recordings Peter had done in the late ’80s and issued as singles under the names ‘Soho’ and ‘Perfect Stranger’.

“I Don’t Wanna Fight” & “It’s All Over Your Face (It’s All Over)” were produced by Mickie Most and released in released on RAK Records in 1988 under the Perfect Stranger name, while “Mona Lisa Smile” (also backed with “It’s All Over Your Face (It’s All Over)”) was also produced by Most, and released on RAK in ’88. The A-side was also co-written by Robin George, who is credited with arranging them on that single single release.

The past year of putting together his past solo recordings and seeing how great the response was to his CD releases was an eye opener for Peter Goalby, who had retired from the music business 30 years ago, and has been doing interviews and seeing positive reviews to Easy With The Heartaches & I Will Come Runnin’. Me hopes, but not very likely that someone, somewhere – will dig out more recordings from Peter’s past and get them properly released [ie Fable].


1 Hold The Dream
2 Waiting For An Angel To Call
3 Easy With The Heartaches
4 It Was There All The Time
5 They’ll Never Find Us (Running For Our Lives)
6 I Will Come Runnin’
7 The Last Time
8 Dancing on Water
9 Mona Lisa Smile*
10 It’s All Over Your Face (It’s All Over)*
11 I Don’t Wanna Fight*

The CD is available for pre-order at > https://www.cherryred.co.uk/product/peter-goalby-the-solo-anthology-cd/

CLASSLESS ACT Release debut album

LA hard rockers Classless Act have released their debut album Welcome To The Show, featuring 12 tracks, and including a couple of big name guests. If you are missing the high energy ’80s hard rock/metal of bands like Motley Crue, Guns ‘n Roses, Faster Pussycat, Slaughter…. Lots of good riffs, hooks, big vocal choruses, and songs geared for a live show. Best picks include “This Is For You” (featuring Justin Hawkins of The Darkness), “Haunting Love”, “Time To Bleed”, and the album’s lone acoustic number “Circles”. The band is currently on The Stadium Tour (w/ Def Leppard, Poison… ) and I’m betting are bringing the most energy to the day. The band does have a solo show booked in Toronto on August 9 at the Horseshoe Tavern. https://www.horseshoetavern.com/event/classless-act

[From press release: ] Today Classless Act, one of the most buzzed-about up-and-coming rock bands, are releasing their much-anticipated debut album, Welcome To The Show via Better Noise Music. Having already earned more than one million streams, the new album gained early traction with three previously released singles, including the self-titled “Classless Act” that features a guest appearance by Mötley Crüe’s Vince Neil, the catchy “This Is For You” with Justin Hawkins of The Darkness, and the bombastic “Time To Bleed.” 

“Just like the song says, we gave you all our blood, our sweat, our tears, our hate, our sex, our deepest, darkest fears. This is for you!” said frontman Derek Day about the album.

Also premiering today is the new single and music video, “All That We Are,” the final installment in the four-part, interlocking video series that loosely follows the band as they set the soundtrack for the misadventures of Farley, an unlucky soul in the wrong place at the wrong time.

“All that we are – is it enough for us to survive?” asks Day. “This is a question, a concept we found ourselves asking after all we have been through over the past two years. Hell, the past seven or so years. We’ve been in a wee bit of a less-than-sunny time in our history. So what are we gonna do? Grow or go! Everyone needs to decide. We’ve got a show tonight, so I know what we’re doing!” 

Classless Act is poised to find a whole new legion of fans, first with their single “Classless Act” appearing on the soundtrack for THE RETALIATORS film, out this fall, and as they continue in their opening spot on this summer’s 36-date North American Stadium Tour, performing alongside Mötley Crüe, Def Leppard, Poison and Joan Jett. The tour kicked off June 16 in Atlanta and runs through September 9 in Las Vegas.

“They’re going to be right at home on this tour,” said Loudwire’s Toni Gonzalez. “They are straight up, fun rock ‘n’ roll, high energy, a little dirty and very reminiscent of when rock reigned supreme.”

Classless Act’s previous tour alongside Dorothy ushered in a slew of positive reviews, with Front Row Perspective writing, “Every now and again you run across a band which you can immediately categorize as ‘I saw them when’ for future conversations. Classless Act is one of those bands!” Or Official Indie who heralded, “Classless Act hit the stage at 100 miles per hour…Watching the high energy act on stage made me think of what it must have been like to have seen Guns N Roses when they first started.”

While the music tells it’s own story, so do the members of the band themselves, hailing from all over the globe, including Hawaii, Los Angeles, Argentina and Dallas. The band, featuring Derek Day (vocals), Dane Pieper (guitar), Griffin Tucker (guitar), Franco Gravante (bass), and Chuck McKissock (drums), first formed in 2018 when the five former strangers met via social media. 

1.     Classless Act (feat. Vince Neil of Mötley Crüe) 
2.     This Is For You (feat. Justin Hawkins of The Darkness)
3.     Time To Bleed
4.     On My Phone 
5.     All That We Are 
6.     Made In Hell 
7.     Storm Before The Calm 
8.     Haunting Love 
9.     Walking Contradiction 
10.  Give It To Me 
11.  Circles 
12.  Thoughts From A Dying Man

Digital, CDs, cassettes and colored vinyl copies of the album can be ordered HERE.

When they released their debut single “Give It To Me” in the summer of 2021, Classless Act were immediately praised for their ability to sound both fresh and timeless. Loudwire instantly added the song to their “Weekly Wire” Spotify playlist, identifying it as one of the top new releases of the summer. And other iconic outlets, like SPIN Magazine, were early to show support. It was a fitting public introduction to a band who embody what it means to be modern rock stars. 

Formed in 2018 and consisting of five former strangers who met via social media, Classless Act — Derek Day/vocals, Dane Pieper/guitar, Griffin Tucker/guitar, Franco Gravante/bass, and Chuck McKissock/drums — quickly formed a brotherhood bonded through a series of double-taps, DM’s, and tagged comments. Their music echoes the hallmarks of previous generations – anthemic rhythms, shreddy guitars, and soaring vocals – but punches its way into the future with clever arrangements, sharp musicianship, and proficient songwriting; and, according to one writer, “…enough energy to power a city.” 

Already making noise in the industry, the band has worked with world-class producers like Bob Rock, Michael Beinhorn and Joe Chiccarrelli, who have helped craft hits for the likes of The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Metallica, Soundgarden, and The White Stripes. The band recently landed a deal with Better Noise Music, Mediabase and Billboard’s #1 rock label for 2021, and their debut album, Welcome to the Show, will be released June 24, 2022.   Having been invited to join the line-up on The Stadium Tour, this summer’s 36-date, co-headline trek with Motley Crue and Def Leppard, Classless Act is well on its way to achieving its collective goal – being a next-generation defining act.

Website // Facebook // Instagram // Twitter // Youtube // Tiktok

TALAS – Announce new album 1985

TALAS are back with the release of their new album 1985, which will see a September 23, 2022 release via Metal Blade Records. Fans can preorder the album and check out the new single “Crystal Clear”.

Formed in the mid 70s and dissolved in 1985, TALAS may have never reached arena-headlining status but they were an integral part of the early 80s hard rock scene, and their long awaited return does not disappoint. “The time was right and we were all into it, no one needed any convincing, we were all instantly excited to do it,” explains bassist Billy Sheehan, who is rejoined by drummer Mark Miller and powerhouse vocalist.

Phil Naro, as well as new recruit Kire Najdovski on guitar. “It’s like we never stopped – everything fell together so easily. It was quite wonderful.” Now they return with 1985, 11 tracks of classic hard rock, picking up where they left off, and it is a release that will have old school fans salivating and new followers fired up with its big riffs, seductive choruses and killer soloing – basically everything that could be wanted from a TALAS record.

Asked why people should be excited for this comeback, Sheehan answers enthusiastically. “Because so many of them were there, with us, and a million other great bands that made the 80s such a special musical experience. And also there are so many who might not have been there but have fallen in love with that spirit as well. We feel a very special bond with them all.”

With all but one song – “Black And Blue” – written in 1985, the album would have been their fourth full-length had they not split, and while they have worked hard to get the best out of them they have not tampered with the tracks or given them a modern twist, letting them live in the era in which they were created. “We wanted a snapshot of our musical life from 1985,” explains Sheehan. “It’s the same spirit, mostly the same people, and it’s bringing the 80s into 2022. The 80s were an amazing time for music and bands, and we were all excited to go back to that, and I would say the record is raw, real, honest, and exhilarating.”

The album was recorded in Miller’s living room in the house he built, utilizing a mobile recording setup, and according to Sheehan the sessions were “an absolute joy.” Coordinating everything remotely during the pandemic – with Russ Mackay handling the engineering/mixing/mastering from Toronto – was the hardest aspect of recording, but they managed to pull it all together, making a record that sounds cohesive from start to finish, giving no suggestion that it was anything but a smooth process. As well as Perry’s guest appearance the band also invited Naro’s son, James, to appear on the record, who “sang some harmonies – like father, like son, he sounded really great.” There are hopes to tour the record, though sadly, after a years long battle with cancer, Naro passed in 2021, but thankfully he recorded all of his parts prior to his death, and 1985 stands as a great epitaph to a great vocalist.

1985 will be available in the following formats:
– Digital
– Digipak-CD
– 180g Black Vinyl (EU exclusive)
– Gold Vinyl (EU exclusive – limited to 300 copies)
– Clear/Pale Green Marbled Vinyl (EU exclusive – limited to 300 copies)
– White/Black Marbled Vinyl (US)




PETER GOALBY : I Will Come Runnin’ (a review)

A mere 6 months after Peter Goalby’s surprise solo debut album, decades after he retired from the business, a sequel has arrived! Easy With The Heartaches came out last November 2021, and the quality of the songs, recording, and Peter’s vocal performances were a long awaited (and overdue) treat to fans who’ve wondered where and why he disappeared years ago. Heck that album only made many wonder even more why he went away with so many great songs yet to see the light of day! Now, there is a ‘part 2’ to his long lost solo recordings – I Will Come Runnin’, featuring the same cast – Paul Hodson and Eddy Morton, as well as Robin George on 2 tracks. Safe to say if you enjoyed the first release – you will love this as well. The song quality and performances are as good as Easy With The Heartaches, being from the same period and recording sessions. The difference being that overall I think I Will Come Runnin’ is a bit more in the softer AOR realm, with a few less ‘punchy’ tracks than it’s predecessor. “Hold The Dream” may still be my favorite of either of these releases, but there’s some damn great tunes here, with early favorites being “Somebody’s Fool” and “Waiting For An Angel To Call”. The title track leads off this disc (as with the first one), and it’s a good positive lighter aor pop-rock tune, but like most, what makes Peter’s songs so good is the catchy and memorable choruses, I also think Eddy Morton’s guitar break here gives the song a nice lift.

Lots of potential here for ‘hits’ had this come out in another era – “Dancing On Water” (co-written with Robin George), “It Was There All The Time”, “Perfect Strangers” (one of the excellent ballads here), “There’s Always A Place In My Heart”…. Robin George also co-wrote the rockier “Rock N Roll Crazy” – this one is a bit different, sounding like it would’ve fit nicely on one of George’s ’80s releases, or on Heep’s Equator (ala “Party Time”) . The last track here is the last track Peter recorded – “A Little Piece Of Heaven”, and judging from the lyrics (especially the opening lines), I would think he was already planning on getting out of making music – “Saved up all my rainbows, cashed in all my yesterdays / Changing my direction, giving all my things away / It’s time to make a new start, “ It is one of the best ballads Peter ever wrote and sang, but marks the end of his musical career, so it’s a bit sad in that case. Paul Hodson does a superb job on this one as well, and Eddy Morton delivers a cool short guitar break (sounds )a bit country. This is The Big ‘hit’ off this album, IMO.

I Will Come Runnin’ likely marks the end of Peter Goalby’s ‘archived’ material that we’ll see a proper release of. I don’t believe there is that much in the way of good material / recordings left that could or would possibly be released in the future. So, enjoy this and Easy With The Heartaches as much as you can. They are both fantastic CDs of songs we are fortunate to get to have. Decades after leaving the business Peter can now add “successful solo artist” to his legacy, besides just “former lead singer of _____” .

*CD cover art designed by Mike Inns (who also did Easy With The Heartaches), and who’s done album covers and art for numerous acts, including Collins / Shaw, Asia, John Wetton, Alan Simon and Focus, among others. https://www.discogs.com/artist/2879524-Michael-Inns




NESTOR : New Single ‘Signed In Blood’

Based on true friendship, NESTOR’s new single “Signed In Blood” is about that unbreakable bond of brotherhood that you just know will last forever. Or as a line from the lyrics goes: “It’s been so many miles and days between us, yet I know there’s a reason why we can’t let go” The track is available on Spotify, as well as a brand new video.

Originally founded in 1989 but only releasing their first album “Kids In A Ghost Town” in 2021, NESTOR’s acclaimed first album sent their fans on a journey back in time to the 1980s, both in sound, spirit and in visuals with their stunning music videos, everything completely self produced. Their album is also nominated for a Swedish Grammis in the category Hard Rock/Metal and will be re-released in a deluxe edition containing brand new bonus tracks later this year by Napalm Records who recently signed the band to their label. “Signed In Blood” is the first of these new tracks to be released during a year that will be full of exciting highlights from the band, among other things supporting childhood idols KISS at their arena gig in Stockholm this summer, as well as playing their own headline show at the properly named Nestor Fest at Falköpings Folkets Park in their hometown in Sweden.






03 /’22

PETER GOALBY – Second solo album coming in May

A mere 6 months following the Peter Goalby’s debut solo release (of archived recordings), Cherry Red Records will release a follow up titled I Will Come Runnin’, also recorded during the same period.

Fans who waited 30+ years to hear something new from Peter following his departure from Uriah Heep, and a solo single, can add another album consisting of 10 songs, along with the aid of Paul Hodson, Robin George, and Eddy Morton.

Peter Goalby has been extremely surprised and happy with the response & reviews to the first album. I Will Come Runnin’ will be released May 6, 2022, and can be pre-ordered at Cherry Red Records, as well as Amazon.

*A 10-track album personally overseen (from tape transfer, mastering and artwork) by the former Uriah Heep and Trapeze vocalist .

1 I Will Come Runnin’
2 Rock ‘N’ Roll Crazy
3 A Brand New Love
4 Dancing on Water
5 Somebody’s Fool
6 It Was There All The Time
7 Waitin’ For An Angel To Call
8 There’s Always A Place In My Heart
9 Perfect Strangers
10 A Little Piece Of Heaven


KJ, 02/’22

Top 10 Canadian Albums of 1986

Well, this is getting less fun as the ’80s goes on, as there seems to have been less albums each year, so I’ve had to dig well beyond my own collection (thank you youtube), but I did make a few fine discoveries. Remember, this is My list – If anything’s missing, leave it in the comments!

White Wolf – Endangered Species

The 2nd album from Edmonton’s White Wolf. An awesome album of AOR/Hard Rock. “Time Waits For No One”, “Run For Your Life”, the single “She”, and a cool cover “Just Like An Arrow” by British band Magnum. A shame it’d be 2 decades before a 3rd album from these guys. Just a great album…and great cover!

Honeymoon Suite – The Big Prize

The follow up to the band’s hugely successful debut from 1984. I actually prefer this album; better production [courtesy of Bruce Fairbairn] and songs, IMO. “Feel It Again”, Released February 4 [according to RPM], The Big Prize featured 4 hits – “What Does It Take”, “Bad Attitude” and “All Along You Knew” [featuring Ian Anderson].

Triumph – The Sport Of Kings

Hot off the excellent Live Stages double album, someone decided Triumph needed to come up with more mainstream pop rockers, more keyboards, and outside penned ballads! Not near their best, but contained the hits “Tears In The Rain” , “Somebody’s Out There”, and favorite “What Rules My Heart”.

Killer Dwarfs – Stand Tall

The Dwarfs 2nd album. Don’t think this [or the debut] made a dent on the charts, but they quickly gained a following with classic hard rockers like “Keep The Spirit Alive” , “Through Animal Eyes” and the title track. Cool guitar sound from Mike Hall [who later played in Carl Dixon’s band] and distinctive vocals from Russ Graham [who would later front Moxy for a few years].

Kick Axe – Rock The World

From Regina, Saskatchewan, this would be Kick Axe’s 3rd album in the ’80s, before a long break. A return to a more ‘metal’ approach than the one before, starting with the fast rockin’ title track (killer intro). It also included favorites “We Still Remember”, “Devachan”, as well as heavy cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “The Chain”.

Brighton Rock – Young, Wild and Free

The debut album from Niagara’s Brighton Rock, which had followed an EP the previous year. Featured the hits “Can’t Wait For The Night” and “We Came To Rock”, and featured favorites like the title track, “Assault Attack” and “Barricade”. (RIP Gerry McGhee)

Sacred Blade – Of The Sun + Moon

Prog-metal band from Vancouver. Cool stuff, featuring lots of heavy guitars, acoustic guitars, metal rockers like “Salem” and “In The Light Of The Moon”, to some progressive influences on the likes of “Legacy”, “Moon” . Main writer Jeff Ulmer would re-do a number of things on his next project Othyrworld in 2005. (RIP Jeff Ulmer)

Frank Marino – Full Circle

His first studio album since 1982’s excellent Juggernaut. Full Circle saw more use of keyboards, and more lighter tracks, but still some good rockers, and good tracks overall. Favorites include “Hang On”, “Breakin’ Away”, and “Imagine”.

Sword – Metalized

Quebec metal band’s debut album. I think I saw these guys open for Alice Cooper in the ’80s. A pretty solid heavy record, on Aquarius (recorded & mixed by former April Wine guitarist Gary Moffett). Includes the great opener “F.T.W.”, plus “Stoned Again”, “The End Of The Night”, and “Out of Control”. A shame these guys only released 2 studio albums.

Jon-Mikl Thor – Recruits Wild In The Street

A fun album of hard-rock / metal, with rockers and anthems like “Ragnarock”, “Warhammer”, “Who’s To Blame”, and “We Live To Rock” (w/ Aldo Nova contributing to vocals on this one). Produced by Peppi Marchello (The Good Rats), who also wrote album track “Heartbreak Choir”.

Other releases: Kim Mitchell Shakin’ Like A Human Being / Deaf Dealer Keeper Of The Flame / Tom Cochrane & Red Rider s/t

BIBLE BLACK: 80s Recordings featuring members of Rainbow, Manowar, Anthrax

BIBLE BLACK was a New York based band that featured former ELF / RAINBOW members Craig Gruber and Gary Driscoll, who after playing alongside Ronnie James Dio in the ’70s, formed their own band in the early ’80s. The band survived a few years, fronted by such singers as Jeff Fenholt (Joshua, Driver), Eric Adams (Manowar), and Joey Belladonna (Anthrax) and recorded a number of tracks with them. Keyboard player Mickey Lee Soule (also ex of Elf) was also in the band at one point, though there’s not a lot of keyboards here. This was a great heavy 2 guitar band, as evidenced by the songs here. Standouts include “Gone”, “Down On The World”, “Ain’t No Crime”, and “Deceiver”. Highly recommended as a great set of early ’80s American metal, and not just for the big name connections here. More in tune with the NWOBHM stuff happening at the time, along with ’70s Judas Priest and Dio than what was happening in the US at the time (IMO).

Press Release:

Bible Black was an East Coast American band formed by former Elf/Rainbow musicians Gary Driscoll and Craig Gruber, along with Andrew “Duck” McDonald.
 The bands longest tenured singer was Jeff Fenholt, well known for his very brief stint with Tony Iommi/Black Sabbath and his work with the band Joshua.
 The band also featured in its ranks 2 well known vocalists:
 Lou Marullo who later became known as the one and only Eric Adams…and Joey Belladonna who of course went on to join Anthrax.
 All three vocalists recorded demos with Bible Black between the periods of 1981-1983. This cd for the first time compiles all recorded works of the band in one place.
 Sadly Gary Driscoll, Craig Gruber and Jeff Fenholt have all since passed away, making this release a fitting epitaph to their time together as Bible Black.
 Restored and remastered by Patrick Engel and licensed directly from the last surviving member Andrew “Duck” McDonald” we can now hear one of the great “lost bands” and a piece of Heavy Metal history.

Track list: 1. Gone, 2. Metal Man, 3. Back To Back, 4. Down On The World, 5. Ain’t No Crime, 6.Fighting The Wind 7. Back Door, 8. Paint It Black, 9. Fires Of Old, 10. You Got Me Where You Want Me, 11. Deceiver, 12. Midnight Dancer, 12. Gone (Jeff Fenholt vocals), 13. Metal Man (Jeff Fenholt vocals)





KJ, 02/’22

NORWAY – Rising Up From The Ashes Revisited & Band Update

Norway was (is?) a band from New Jersey. Many years back I received the band’s 2nd album – Arrival (on Frontiers). It was a good disc of AOR/Hard rock featuring excellent cuts like “Givin’ It All”, “One Night Alone”, and “Find My Way Home”.

The band featured Jim Santos (guitar, synth prog), Glenn Pierson (vocals, keyboards), Joe Slattery (bass) & Marty Brasington (drums). In 2006 the band changed singers with Pierson being replaced by Dave Baldwin (ex Voices), and issued Rising Up From The Ashes (MTM). Not sure how this album did at the time, but I was unaware of it til I stumbled on it a few months ago. The songs and performances here are still just as good than the previous 2 albums, though the production and approach comes up a bit more AOR than Arrival. Plenty of appealing radio friendly tracks like “Save Me”, this could’ve been a hit in a slightly different era, But there’s plenty of good pop/rock songs here – “Anything At All”, “The Power of Gold”, as well as ballads like “Haunted”, and “The Only One I Need”

Much of this stuff bordering on Bon Jovi and Journey. type tunes and sound not so much keyboards, but in the backing vocals. Guitarist Jim Santos notes that the album did not turn out as planned- “MTM basically released our demos;-the drums and guitars were supposed to be re-done in a proper studio — didn’t happen.”

Santos is planning to put together a ‘Best of Norway‘ for possible release later this year, and having heard one of his much improved remixes, it sounds like it will be a welcome release for those who dug those Norway albums – “There are 5 songs from Night Dreams and 5 from Arrival, and 2 from Rising Up-that Glenn will redo the lead vocals that were sung by Dave Baldwin, plus we’re thinking of 2-3 brand new tunes and a pile of ‘extra’s’ -demo’s, lost unreleased tracks, and possibly a few special collector editions. Might be two discs. We’ll see what happens.”

Although Santos insists the band never really broke up, the members have gone on to other things, but intend to get back together for the upcoming Best of“Drummer Marty Brasington had moved to Columbus Ohio shortly after Rising , which made it “difficult”. There were other individual personal matters that each of us had to handle. I moved to California for 5 years which didn’t make it any easier, lol. For my part I stay active playing everyday, recording, songwriting. I wrote lyrics for one song on the forthcoming new Frozen Rain album, and played guitar on a couple of things for Adry A (Mattsonn) and we wrote one song together. I know Marty plays with a classic rock band in Ohio. He has a small recording setup, and will be working on drums for a couple of new songs for the Best Of. Glenn also just writes and plays piano at home. Now he moved to South Carolina only 3 1/2 hours away from me, so we’re planning some catchup sessions. Bassist Joe Slattery, I think still lives in NJ, not sure what he is doing these days.”