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NESTOR – Kids In A Ghost Town now on vinyl

The debut album from Swedish band Nestor is getting issued on vinyl for fans. The band also signed with metal label Napalm Records. Kids In A Ghost Town comes in 2 different, very limited vinyl issues – 1 magenta colored vinyl (750 copies) and 1 picture disc (250) copies. Both can be ordered at the band’s merch site, although it seems the picture disc can only be obtained as part of a bundle. – https://nestor.merchants.se

Nestor is also being added to a number of big festival shows this year, including the Tons Of Rock Festival in June, in Norway, which features 40+ bands, notably Iron Maiden, Deep Purple, Europe, The Darkness, Mastodon, Accept, Opeth…… Nestor play the 3rd day – which Deep Purple headlines. The band will also headline their own Nestor-Fest in August, in their hometown.

Press release:

NESTOR SIGN WORLDWIDE CONTRACT WITH NAPALM RECORDS Deluxe version of debut album to be released in 2022

Napalm Records is proud to welcome Swedish melodic rockers NESTOR to the family! The band has signed a worldwide record deal with the leading Austrian rock and metal record label.

Originally founded in 1989 but only releasing their first album “Kids In A Ghost Town” in 2021 it is NESTOR’s mission to restore the glory of rock!

Their acclaimed first album sent their fans on a journey back in time to the 80’s.NESTOR on signing to Napalm Records:”We’ve been looking for the right partner for quite some time and we are thrilled about the signing with Napalm as they totally get the ambition and vision of Nestor. We are super exited to continue this fantastic journey with Napalm Records on board.”

Napalm Records CEO Thomas Caser adds:

“Welcome NESTOR – a band that is unbelievable fun and with whom we have a lot of plans for the next years!”

NESTOR are five childhood friends who formed a band over three decades ago in their hometown of Falköping, Sweden.

Now the rockstar dreams of their youth have been revitalised and once again the band embraces influences from the 80s with tongues-in-cheek and a lot of heart.


Jonny Wemmenstedt (guitar)

Mattias Carlsson (drums)

Tobias Gustavsson (vocals)

Marcus Åblad (bass)

Martin Frejinger (keyboards)






VANDERLUST To release debut album

For fans of Maiden, Helloween, and Angra, among others. Italian band Vanderlust will release their debut album next month. The album features fast and metallic rockers, as well as using some acoustics on the stand out cuts “The Last Ganymedian” and “Zima Blue”. Fave rockers being “High Hopes” and “Ten Years Black”, great sounding heavy guitar, and the latter should appeal to fellow Maiden fans.

*Check out the press release below

Cosmic metallers VANDERLUST (ft. members of S91, Dreal) will be rocketing their self-titled debut album on April 15th, 2022 via Rockshots Records

Birthed to travel the cosmos, Italy’s Vanderlust is a power-heavy metal band with prog-thrash influences that tells tales of space travels, astronomy, space engineering, and sci-fi adventures.

“We tried to mix a prog-thrashy riffing in the roots of Megadeth, Vektor and Tool with epic vocal parts like Iron Maiden, Helloween, Angra, and Lione’s Rhapsody. We also put sci-fi elements in our songs, so you can hear also something from Voivod.” adds the band.

This debut recording is like a stellar system with 12 different planets. The star at the center of the system represents the heavy-power metal around all the songs revolving. Despite all the tracks being irradiated by the same light, they are all different from each other. Vanderlust has fast thrash, slow and doom, shiny and brilliant to grunge, and darker songs. Like planets, which appear like simple small bright spots, but in reality, are all big worlds, Vanderlust‘s songs are more complex than they sound at first listen. In fact, you can easily sing along to some of the choruses even if there are complex riffs in the background. Vanderlust is particularly proud of the participation of opera singer Letizia Cappellini who does vocals on select tracks and helps the band further expand the vocal register of their compositions. The band also adds the presence of synths and electronic elements to the compositions to set the sci-fi mood of the lyrics.

“The main goal was to start a metal band that could be an inspiration for young people, a band that could tell them stories from the future when mankind will have overcome its limits and the solar system will be an entire human colony. This idea came to mind to founding members Francesco and Santo when they began their search for other members that could fit. Drummer Giacomo Mezzetti joined the space odyssey right before the covid-19 outbreak. Vocalist Riccardo Morello joined the band during the first lockdown in Italy, so the first song was entirely composed online, using videocalls and file sharing.” adds the band.For their live aspect, Vanderlust is currently working hard to create a thrilling spectacle, giving all their energy to the fans and letting them join them on the space journey.

Track Listing:
1. Intro (0:58)
2. High Hopes (3:34)
3. Orphan Planet (3:41)
4. Forgotten Breed (5:13)
5. The Last Ganymedian (3:45)
6. Scavengers Of Kuiper Belt (4:02)
7. Mass Effect Destruction (2:04)
8. Requiem For An Ancient World (4:59)
9. 3 Suns (4:44)
10. Dyson’s Swarm (4:00)
11. Ringworld (3:26)
12. Ten Years Back (3:38)
13. Zima Blue (4:39)
Album Length: 48:49

Rockshots.eu | Facebook.com/vanderlustofficial | Instagram.com/vanderlustband | Spotify

Album CD pre-order – https://bit.ly/Vanderlust_CD

Digital – https://bfan.link/vanderlus

Vanderlust is recommended for fans of Iron Maiden, Angra, Tool, Helloween, and Vektor.

ALTZI – Debuts solo album, All Eyes On Me

Swedish singer Rick Altzi (aka Rickard Thornberg) has recorded with a number of bands, such as At Vance, Masterplan, Gathering of Kings, and Herman Frank. This being Altzi’s first solo project, and it’s a very good set hard-rock tunes, a bit o’ metal, a bit of AOR, with Altzi’s vocals being not too far off from fellow Masterplan alumni (and Norwegian) Jorn Lande.

Lots of AOR-type keyboard intros, followed by heavier guitar driven rockers. The first 4-5 tracks are worth checking out alone, before things lighten up a bit. But really, no real dodgy cuts here, tho’ I think most albums should end at 10 tracks (there’s 14 here, but oh well) . Favorites include “Point Of No Return”, “Run To You”, and “Tossin’ and Turnin'”. Lots of great guest guitarists doing solos , notably Joel Hoekstra (Whitesnake), Oliver Hartmann (Avantasia), and Andy LaRocque (King Diamond),

Press Release:

RICK ALTZI is an artist from Helsingborg, Sweden who started to play bass at the age of 14. He was a member in various tribute and original bands until 2004 and switched over to the microphone in 2005. His first album as vocalist saw the light of day in the year   2007 with the band AT VANCE. Since then, he has worked with a lot of outstanding musicians from bands such as Helloween, Accept, King Diamond, Pain Of Salvation, etc.. In 2020, Rick Altzi started to work on his first solo album under the moniker of ALTZI. Rick Altzi also is writing and recording with the bands Masterplan, Gathering Of Kings and Herman Frank.

In 2021, ALTZI has released a couple of successful singles and videos from the brand new album “All Eyes On Me” in advance. The full album, which will be available on CD and digitally from March 25th, 2022, now contains 10 more new songs. 

Rick Altzi recorded all vocals in Outhouse Studios on the west coast of Sweden, Drums were recorded at Parental Studios in Cologne. The album is mixed by Victor Ohlsson in his studio located in Gothenburg and produced by Rick Altzi and Ulrick Lönnqvist. Thomas ”Plec” Johansson took care of the mastering at The Panic Room.

Track list: 1. Point Of No Return, 2. Crash and Fall, 3. Into The Fire, 4. Run to you, 5. Legacy, 6. You Don’t Believe In Love, 7. Strangers in the Real World, 8. Desire, 9. Hurting Kind, 10. Motherless Child, 11. Wind & the Rain, 12. Tossin’ and Turnin’, 13. Final Warning, 14. Where Dreams never Die 

Line-up: Rick Altzi – Lead and backing vocals, Pete Alpenborg – Guitars, Keyboards
Nalle Påhlsson – Bass guitar, Kevin Kott  – Drums
Ulrick Lönnqvist – Acoustic guitar, backing vocals
Victor Ohlsson – Additional guitars, backing vocals
Teresia Svensson – Backing vocals
Kimberly Kott – Backing vocals
Musicians on the song ”Into the Fire”
Rick Altzi – Vocals, Magnus Berglund – Guitars, Morgan Jensen Guitars, Ken Sandin – Bass guitar, Kevin Kott – Drums

Guest solo guitarists: Joel Hoekstra (Whitesnake, Cher), Matthias IA Eklund (Freak kitchen), Per Nilsson (Meshuggah), Olaf Lenk (AtVance), Oliver Hartmann (Avantasia), Morgan Jensen (Swedish Erotica), Victor Ohlsson (Gathering of Kings, Saffire), Magnus Karlsson (Freefall), Andy LaRocque (King Diamond), Magnus Berglund (Arctic Rain), Stefan Lindholm (Vindictiv), Eric Rauti (Dreamland)



KJ, 02/’22

M.ILL.ION – Back On Track, out now.

Swedish hard-rock/metal band who released 7 albums from 1992-2011, before taking a break, but returned last year with Back On Track, a 15 song CD of hard rock, melodic rock, and metal. A well produced album, with attention to detail on song intros, solos, backing vocals, and well placed keyboards. Lots of hooks, melodies, and changes from song to song. I will say that I am not a fan of long albums, 10 tracks i enough for me, but hey, fans of the given band will appreciate more.

The title track leads off this album with a brief intro leading in to the heavy crunchy riff. A fine opener and first video released from this album. Favorite tracks rocks include rockers “Narrow Mind Land”, “Get Down To Biz”, “Doctor Lööv”, and “Rising”.

*check out the press release and links below …

It’s time, not just to celebrate the 30:th anniversary of the first M.ILL.ION album, but also to get back to that pure feeling of joy of the early days! Take note, people: This is not a reunion of tired middle aged men for nostalgic reasons. This is for real and a serious attempt at creating great new rock music, to kick some classic ass on stage again and to have lots of fun doing it all!
Four original M.ILL.ION members reunited in the autumn of 2020: Hans Dalzon (Lead Vocals), CT Rohdell (Guitar) Marcus Berglund (Keyboards) and B.J Laneby (Bass Guitar). New, and very talented recruits Henrik Andersson (Lead Guitar) and Magnus Rohdell (Drums) completes this powerful six piece.
Founder & bassist B.J Laneby comments: ”It’s so much fun, creativity & energy again! It’s really like the title track says: ” BACK ON TRACK – Time to make boys out of men!” The band has spent the spring of 2021 working on the reunion album BACK ON TRACK. This 15 track production includes three brand new songs and two re-recordings/re-arrangements of tracks from the No.1 album. Adding to this: Rare recordings have been found, remixes have been done + remasterings of songs from the first three albums; ”No.1”, ”We, Ourselves & Us” and ”Electric” as well. All very highly praised albums, all getting updated sounds.
Indeed, quite a cool package of classic melodic hard rock!
The new recordings on the Back On Track album were mixed by the world famous British producer Simon Hanhart (David Bowie, Bryan Adams, Saxon, Marillion, Asia, Yngwie Malmsteen, Waysted. a.o). Mastering was handled by another world class guy: Tim Debney of Fluid Mastering, UK. (Deep Purple, Rod Stewart, Judas Priest…)
M.ILL.ION recently signed a deal with the well known German label AOR Heaven for the European release

Track list: 1. Back On Track, 2. Rising, 3. Circle Of Trust, 4. 90-60-90, 5. Sign Of Victory, 6. Judgement Day, 7.
Eye Of The Storm, 8. Narrow Mind Land, 9. Lovely Eyes, 10. Burn In Hell, 11. Doctor Lööv, 12. Mother Earth, 13.
Get Down To Biz, 14. Tear Down The Walls, 15. Candyman
So, ladies & gentlemen, rockers & rollers: Get Ready! M.ILL.ION is BACK ON TRACK! http://www.millionsweden.com // http://www.facebook/Millionbackontrack

Proud – Second Act

PROUD - SecondAct_3000px.jpg

A Swedish band that appears to have been ‘resurrected’ after decades, with their 2nd album. The band, originally called ‘Burn’ formed in’82 and released their debut LP in 1984. That album doesn’t bare that much to this one, aside from the vocals of Anders Magnell and bass playing of Robert Hovarth. Fire Breaks The Dawn, from ’84 only saw release in the band’s homeland, as well as Japan, and featured 2 guitarists, and a more NWOBHM influence in their sound, where as Second Act adds keyboards, and takes on a more classic ’80s hard rock / aor sound. Absent is original guitarist Magnus Olson, who also wrote almost every song on the first record, other founding guitar player Peter Horvath is also gone, as Magnelli handles guitar duties here as well. Erik Martensson [W.E.T. , Eclipse] has a hand in this [mixing]. And it definitely sits in that same class of great Swedish hard-rock as Eclipse, and reminds me of latter day Europe [with the use of some excellent keyboards]. Though not very similar to their debut from ’84, Second Act is a solid high energy rock album. Great production, with attention to detail on things like song intros, different keyboard sounds [love the use of organ in a number of tracks, giving it a bit of ’80s Deep Purple feel on occasion], guitar solos, choruses [well crafted with harmonies, tho a few being a bit syrupy in that ’80s kinda way] ….. “Sail Away” kicks off this album, a cool little intro builds up before the the band comes in with this upbeat rocker [and video single]. Favorite tracks include “Magic”, “Born For Your Love” [just a solid rock tune, with quite a guitar break], “I’m Ready”, and closing cut “Fly Like An Eagle” [no, not the Steve Miller tune!]. Ten tunes, no ballads! Lyrically, nothing too serious here, much of this coming out of that ’80s hard rock, relationships and anthems approach, which is fine by me. A very good album, well written and put together, not keen on the album cover though 😉 .

Finally, PROUD is back after 36 years, stronger than ever, with ten new powerful songs! 
PROUD were founded in Landskrona, Sweden in 1982. They started as BURN and were one of many, countless Hard Rock bands that came in the mid-80s. The group changed their name over to PROUD and made an album for EMI which was produced by Caj Högberg (“Fire Breaks the Dawn”). This album is a rare and often elusive title making it an essential purchase when stumbling upon by fans of classic rock/metal of the 1980s. “Fire Breaks the Dawn” achieved success in Japan and parts of South America both.

In 2019, two of the original band members decided to make a new start! Songwriting and recording took place and soon a new record deal was signed with AOR Heaven.
“Second Act” was recorded and engineered by Richard Larsson at Handsome Hard Studio 1 and 2, produced by PROUD, mixed and mastered by Erik Mårtensson at Mass Destruction Production and additionally mixed by Thomas “Plec” Johansson at The Panic Room.

The band is: Anders Magnell (Lead vocals, guitars, backing vocals) Roberth Horvath (Bass, backing vocals) Mats Christiansson (Drums, backing vocals)
Additional Musician: Richard Larsson (Keyboards)

PROUD – Second Act (aorheaven.com)

PROUD Landskrona (Fanpage) | Facebook

Proud berättar om sin comeback och om det kommande albumet | (denmelodiosabloggen.com)