CARL DIXON – New Album “Unbroken”

It has been 18 years since Carl Dixon released his 2nd album of rockers – “Into The Future” was a solid follow up to his debut “One” from ’93. Much has happened since then, including a near fatal car wreck, a string of non-hard rock albums, sporadic Coney Hatch reunion shows, and reunited Coney Hatch studio album 6 years ago! Oh, and an autobiography! Life has changed a heck of a lot, and Carl’s taken up different projects, but rest assured – for those of us that still get out to any Coney Hatch show we can, and love throwing those albums – as well as Carl’s first 2 solo albums on in the car and blasting them out – you will be thrilled to hear “Unbroken”! 11 brand new songs – no filler – just plenty of hooks, melodies, memorable choruses, and lots of guitar driven rock n roll .

Carl dixon unbroken cover

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Unbroken is a collaboration between Carl Dixon and Robert Boebel – producer. Boebel is from the German band Frontline [songwriter, guitarist, keyboards…], so no doubt plays a major part in the outcome here. Mark Santer [of Santers band] is the only player retained from the ‘One’ days here, Dylan Gowan shares drum duties, and Hutch Bauer [also of Frontline] fills bass duties.

“Can’t Love A Memory” is the lead off track on Unbroken, an easily likeable uptempo rocker. “Nothing Lasts Forever” is Carl reflecting on his ’80s Coney Hatch days, a nice tribute to the band and it’s few years on a few major tours and mtv; a pretty honest and cool rocker, i like the Coney titles dropped in as the song fades out. This album really rolls on smooth, with a variety of tunes that keep listeners coming back, nothing I want to hit the forward button on! Favorites include “Bowl Me Over”, “Every Step Of The Way”, “This Isn’t The End”, and “Drive Just Drive”. “All My Love and Hopes For You” is a personal song, and the only ballad here [and it’s not too soft]. Unbroken doesn’t fade off, as tracks like “Keep The Faith” and “Unbroken” – both cool rockers, with a message.
Anyone who’s enjoyed Carl’s previous rock albums and his work with Coney Hatch won’t want to miss this. He still has a lot to say musically and lyrically, with the performances, unmistakable vocals, and bright production here – [for me] it’s the strongest of his solo releases; I’m looking forward to many hours of this in the car CD player. Canuck rock is still alive and well!

AOR Heaven has also remastered & reissued Carl’s debut solo album “One”. It features gems like One Good Reason, Good Time To Be Bad and Little Miss Innocent, as well as 2 bonus tracks! For more info check out –

Oct. ’19

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