BLUE COUPE – Eleven Even

blue coupe 11 even

Well, the 3rd release from classic rock trio Blue Coupe is out! It’s called “Eleven Even” – and was released on the 11th day of the 11th month – featuring 11 aussum new songs. The band consisting of Blue Oyster Cult founding members Joe & Albert Bouchard, as well as founding Alice Cooper bandmember Dennis Dunaway come up with a varied set of tunes that are imaginative, rock, and I love the production of this album, as well as the inclusion of Tish & Snooky [backing vocals] on every track. A couple of cool rockers in the tale of “Hey Sheriff” and “Tank Man” [I got read up on this one].

No huge rocker here, but that’s OK because there are plenty of unique songs, great solos, and 70s feel to keep fans happy, most notably lead Off tune “D Train”, penned by the late David Roter [see BOC’s “Joan Crawford”] and sung by Albert, it recalls the experience of taking the subway in New York, the bass drives this song, very different track, reminiscent of something from an old detective show [musically]. “Bitter Game”, one of my faves here – a ballad, with a psychedelic feel to it, and a great old school rock built up solo. Love the Dennis Dunaway tracks – the ballad “Rendezvous In Pale Moonlight”, and the classic pop-rocker “Day After Day (Running Away)” – both songs have a cool ’70s feel to them. Also diggin’ Joe’s acoustic track “Simple Answers Kill”.

Lots to get into here; but you can check out plenty of this on youtube or check the soundclips at the band’s site.

blue coupe 2019

For more info [lyrics, more pics, etc..] & to order check out >

also check this out >

KJJ, 11/19

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