Dillinger – Favorite Canadian Albums

Well, instead of taking days coming up with a lengthy list of Favorite Canadian albums, I’ll just post them as I do them in a series of my own Canadian Favorites.

This Toronto based band released just 2 albums in the mid-70s. “Don’t Lie To The Band” being their 2nd. It was recorded in ’75-76, but upon hearing this, I would’ve guessed this album was from the early 70s. Signed to Canadian label ‘Daffodil’, with neither album getting released outside of Canada. Don’t Lie To The Band was produced by Francis W.H. Davies [British-born, Canadian], who produced plenty of great Canuck acts in the ’70s & ’80s like A Foot In Coldwater, Klaatu, Christmas, Leggatt…
Most of the material was written by guitarist Paul Cockburn, as well as keyboardist & Jacques Harrison [who also added Harp, Flute, Sax…] Features the 9 and a half minute prog epic “Munchkin Men”; lots of changes and instrumental breaks in this. Lots of great guitars, keyboards, as well as the use of a few wind instruments on this album.

Tracks like “Robot Race” and “Coming Home” stand out as well, the latter being a near 8 minute quieter tune with plenty of room for Paul Cockburn’s guitar solo. This album also includes covers of Spooky Tooth’s “Two Time Love” and a pretty funky organ driven version of The Beatles’ “Taxman” [chosen as a single release] – both are cool, and different. The band’s debut album [from ’74] was also pretty different, jazzier, and included a cover of Spirit’s “Nature’s Way”.

Dillinger never caught a break though, be it a single or a major tour, and after a couple of members split [heading back to Montreal], the band morphed in to The Hunt the in the late ’70s. Pretty Cool artwork on both album sleeves; re-issued on CD via Unidisc.


For more reading: http://www.canadianbands.com/Dillinger.html


KJJ, 04/20

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