Goddo – Favorite Canadian Albums

A few famous trios came out of Toronto in the ’70s, most notably Rush, then Triumph. But also emerging at the time in ’75 were Goddo. The band formed by former Fludd bass player Greg Godovitz, and included guitarist Gino Scarpelli and drummer – Marty Morin. The band released a single some 2 years prior to their debut album. On that first album Morin was replaced by Doug Inglis [from Ottawa band Powerhouse]. [Morin did have a songwriting credit on the first LP, and would reappear years later for reunions].

The band released 3 classic albums in successive years, followed by a double live set. It is the first album I’d pick as my favorite, recorded in late ’76 in Montreal. This album is full of energy and classic songs, an energy I don’t think later albums fully matched. Those later albums may have featured more variety or ballads, and a number of radio hits & classics, but ‘Goddo’ was straight out of the gate kick-ass hard-rock, with a good bit of humor, a bit of punk energy, and 8 songs – none of which I want to pass over upon playing. Classics include “The Bus Driver Blues”, “Let That Lizard Loose”, “Let It Slide”, the heavy ballad “I’m Losing You”, and that slower paced late-night radio favorite “Under My Hat”. Under My Hat being the single [back with non-LP track “You’ll Come Around”], and easily one of the band’s best known songs. Classic album art, as well! [C.A. Henry].

The band built up a huge following, particularly in Toronto, and would see plenty of tours for the next few years, but saw no releases outside of Canada. A few Goddo tracks still feature on classic rock radio. The band would regroup for a few albums in later years, as well as a few more ‘reunion’ live albums [*2003’s “Kings Of The Stoned Age” is worth checking out]. The band’s full catalogue was reissued on CD by Bullseye Records in 2000, while Rock Candy [UK] reissued the first 3 albums in 2019, as well.

Many years ago I saw Goddo in St Catharines [Ontario]. At the time I wrote for a local magazine, as well as my own little fan-magazine, so I was able to get in and do a pre-show interview. Pretty nerve-racking at the time, as it was a last minute idea, and I knew significantly less about the band then I do now [I think this was also my first in-person interview]. This was just around the time of [prior to] Greg Godovitz’ book “Travels With My Amp”. I need to dig that out sometime.




*Photos from Goddo LP [George Lazaridis]
KJJ, 04/20

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