All Night Long : Same Title – Different Rock Classic

Another song title widely used in rock n roll. I’m sure there’s more by the title of “All Night Long”, but these are 8 classics, all very different, cool tracks.  Drop me a note, let us know of any others I missed!

Blue Cheer 

Many have cited US band Blue Cheer as The first ‘heavy metal’ band, with their sound following their version of “Summertime Blues”. The band released 6 albums between 1968 and ’71, but there song with this title of “All Night Long” was only issued as a single in 1969 [along with another non-LP track “Fortune”].  It’s an uptempo  rocker featuring piano, a brief organ break, and heavy guitars; penned by keyboard player Ralph Kellogg. A lot of energy packed into 2 minutes!  It would later first be included as a bonus track to the 1994 CD reissue of New! Improved! Blue Cheer

Brownsville Station

Brownsville Station released 7 albums during the ’70s, as well as a number of singles. They may be best remembered for their hit “Smokin’ In The Boys Room” [later a hit for Motley Crue], but they did record a number of classic rock party tunes and anthems, including this one from 1973’s Yeah! album.  Featuring the classic line-up of Cub Koda, Mike Lutz, and Henry ‘H Bomb’ Weck’.  “All Night Long” was co-written by Koda & Lutz, and along with “Smokin’ ….” were the only 2 originals on the album. It was used as a B-side to the album’s 2nd single in a few countries, and would’ve made a better A-side.

Brownsville Station hailed from Ann Arbour, Michigan and were managed by Al Nalli, who also handled Blackfoot.  Lutz would go on to be a producer, notably Ted Nugent, whom he also toured with in the 90s [saw him in Fort Erie, Ontario, years ago], Weck also went on to engineer and produce albums, including co-producing a few Blackfoot albums.  In 2012 Lutz & Weck resurrected Brownsville Station with the album Still Smokin’.  Kub Coda released a number of solo albums, wrote liner notes for CD releases and a column in Goldmine, and had his own radio show before passing away in 2000.


One of the first Scorpions albums I got was Tokyo Tapes, the classic double live set from 1978.  My uncle gave me this at the time, and I was unfamiliar with their ’70s output, only familiar with their ’80s hard-rock albums.  In my opinion Tokyo Tapes capped off the band’s best era.  Interestingly, All Night Long only appears as an opener to Tokyo Tapes. It’s an kick-ass fast paced rocker, highlighted by the guitar performance & sound of Uli Roth; co-penned by Roth and singer Klaus Meine.  Maybe not in my top few Scorps favorite tracks, but definitely a killer intro and gem from a under-appreciated era for the band.  The band went on to huge success in the ’80s, but their most creative and heaviest stuff was songs like this and their ’70s releases.


From the lone Rainbow album Down To Earth, to feature the amazing vocals of Graham Bonnet! Probably my favorite Rainbow album, despite the more commercial approach on this song and album, it was still heavy, and accessible to hard rockers and even pop fans, with the hit single cover of Russ Ballard’s “Since You’ve Been Gone”.   This All Night Long, also an album opener, penned by Ritchie Blackmore & Roger Glover [who also produced the album]. Such a great song and performance, memorable chorus, and a strong album.  This 1979 line-up also included Don Airey, and Cozy Powell [RIP].  A shame Bonnet never did another, as I think this album is more consistent than the Dio era albums, and simply heavier & better than the Joe Lynn Turner albums that came after.

Joe Walsh

From the 1980 soundtrack to the movie Urban Cowboy, and a single release. Another party anthem tune, I really liked. Lyrically it’s about working hard all day and stay up partying all night [long], pretty simple, but I dig Walsh’s guitar intro and hooks throughout this, as well as his solo. A top 20 hit at the time; it also was included as part of The Eagles live set and appeared on the Eagles Live album.


Aldo Nova 

From Canadian Aldo Nova’s 2nd album Subject, released in ’83.  An decent pop rocker, great guitar sound.  A tune about wanting to be with someone for endless hours. Aldo’s first 2 albums were fantastic – great songs, production,  guitar, keyboards, vocals-  and he did most of it himself!  Aldo went on for years to write and record for other people, but returned with Aldo Nova 2.0 in 2018. 

Billy Squier

I loved my Billy Squier albums back in the 80s; I picked up each one as they came out. This was from his fourth album Signs Of Life, from ’84. A bit more pop sounding on this album, but still a number of great catchy pop-rockers, including his big hit [and disastrous video] “Rock Me Tonite”.  Squier’s All Night Long kicks off the album with a great faded in intro, great vocals, harmonies, guitar break…. It was 1 of 4 singles from the album, co-produced by Squier and Jim Steinman, recorded & mixed by Tony Platt.

*This is a great read-–our-love-for-billy-squier-goes-all-night-long/2264984/



California rockers Buckcherry released this track as the title song to their 2010 album. A  fast paced rocker about just getting out and having a good time. Lots of cool guitar playing, solid hard-rock. 

Buckcherry – All Night Long (Official Video) – YouTube

KJJ, 09/20 [updated 06/21]

5 thoughts on “All Night Long : Same Title – Different Rock Classic”

  1. I’m with you KJ. I love those 80s Squier albums. He got such a bad rap for one video. Still though the man has talent as proven. I read the I Want My MTV book and in Squier says it wasn’t all that bad after a while as he was able to retire at 32!

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    1. funny thing is that was his biggest charting single!
      I think his next LP was the weakest, and i think that had more to do with his career slumping at the time. Hear & Now is an incredible album, too bad this one didn’t come after Signs of Life.

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