Miss Demeanor : Same Title – Different Rock Classic

Another little list of great songs that just happen to share the same title. i could only find 4 such rock tracks [worthy] of mentioning here, 3 of which I have in my collection, and the last one I’d like to obtain. Some cool history in each of these acts and recordings. Let me know what you think, And if I happen to be missing any other songs titled “Miss Demeanor”.

The Sweet

For a stretch in the mid 70s The Sweet went from being a bubble-gum pop band, recording and having hits written by others – to putting together 4 albums of solid hard rock of their own. And don’t think there was any other band [line-up] that put out 4 better kick-ass albums from 1974 to 77. This song, written by the band, yet produced by Chinn & Chapman [who wrote the band’s earlier A-side singles] was released in 1975 as a B-side to their massive hit “Fox On The Run”. It’s a classic Sweet rock tune with a solid beat, a tale of getting even with a woman, with a classic Sweet high harmony chorus, and the first time bassist Steve Priest [RIP] took the lead vocal.


Short-lived UK based Fury actually featured 2 Canadians, singer Jeb Milne [aka Million] and guitarist – Derek O’Neil. Fury released just 1 single, and were openers on Uriah Heep’s 1977 UK tour. They morphed into Blazer Blazer, releasing 1 more single. Co-written by Million & O’Neil, this song starts off quietly, before building up to a catchy chorus, a tale of a woman leaving the guy. O’Neil’s guitar kicks in after the second chorus, as the track picks up before fading out. The B-side was pretty decent too, a slower paced pop tune titled “Stay On Your Feet”. I’d be curious how this single was received at the time. O’Neil, who early on played with and was friends with Pat Travers, later joined Ken Hensley’s Shotgun for a UK tour in 1981 before returning to Canada where he was a touring member of the band Butler [Butler featured future Kim Mitchell bass player Peter Fredette!]. Milne & O’Neil both eventually ended up in Los Angeles, doing separate gigs. O’Neil’s last band was The Heat Brothers. RIP – Derek O’Neil [2007], Jeb Milne [2013] https://blazerblazer-broadwaybrats.webs.com/fury.htm

Kim Mitchell

When Canadian singer/guitarist Kim Mitchell left progressive band Max Webster at the beginning of the ’80s, his first move was to record a mini album of 5 songs, co-produced with the legendary Jack Richardson [The Guess Who, Alice Cooper]. This song, as well as “Kids In Action” got lots of radio air-time around here, particularly Toronto’s Q107, and various other stations around Southern Ontario; it was also issued as a single. It was a solid EP of guitar rock. Co-written with lyricist Pye Dubois, this track features a classic riff to intro into a song written for a woman someone was infatuated with. No big guitar solo, more a softer spacy acoustic break in the midst of one of Kim’s best rockers.


Los Angeles based hard-rock group fronted by Jeff Scott Soto. They released 2 albums in ’90 & ’93 [+ a collection of lost tracks in ’94]. This track was from the band’s debut album, on Curb Records, produced by Spencer Proffer [who produced plenty of big ’80s hard rock albums by the likes of Quiet Riot & WASP to Eddie Money, Billy Thorpe, Streetheart…]. A pretty good ’80s hard rocker. Love the production & sound, especially the drums and the big guitar solo. Great vocal from JSS! I gotta find this album [I see the CD & LP version are pretty pricey on Discogs]. Co-written by Soto, with Aldy Damien [drums] and Steve Dougherty [guitar]. An interesting read at > https://www.discogs.com/Eyes-Eyes/master/327612

KJJ, 10/20

4 thoughts on “Miss Demeanor : Same Title – Different Rock Classic”

  1. I have to find that Eyes album. I have been collecting all of Jeff Scott Soto’s album and have yet to get an Eyes album. I can find them on ebay and such and that is probably where I will have to get it because finding it in the wild probably ain’t going to happen.

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