W.E.T. – Retransmission

WET – Retransmission (2021, 180g, Vinyl) - Discogs

The 4th album from the band featuring the vocals of Jeff Scott Soto [Sons Of Apollo, ex Journey], along with members of Swedish bands Eclipse and Work Of Art. Eclipse is a band I only discovered last year, not very familiar with Work Of Art much, but anything with Jeff Scott Soto is always something good. This album is full of great melodic hard rock, added in a bit of pop / aor. Lots of rockers, a couple of ballads , with pretty much every track being a potential hit single (if only this was 1985 and such bands got regular radio play and record companies released those 7″ singles!). But seriously, this album is a fun listen, with no filler, and lots of energy. Fave tracks being – “Big Boys Don’t Cry” – the first song and single, with a chorus that is reminiscent of something Def Leppard might’ve done in the 80s (only better produced), “The Call Of The Wild”, “Coming Home” and “You Better Believe It” (the latter 2 sounding like they would’ve fit nicely on the last Eclipse album). Great big memorable choruses, some cool riffs, cool guitar breaks, solid production…. Digging this, along with the new Joel Hoekstra (where JSS also guests), and new live Eclipse album. *Available in CD & LP (I see I missed the LTD red vinyl)

(15) W.E.T. – “Big Boys Don’t Cry” – Official Music Video – YouTube


RELEASE DATE: January 22, 2021

Much to the delight of melodic rock fans around the globe, W.E.T. has announced the release of their fourth album, “Retransmission”. Core members Jeff Scott Soto, Erik Mårtensson, and Robert Såll deliver another astounding album that will surely be a contender for Melodic Rock Album of the Year 2021.

W.E.T truly epitomizes what melodic rock has become in the new decade. The key element at the foundation of W.E.T has always been to create a modern melodic hard rock sound that will drive the genre into the future. Combining powerhouse rhythms and top notch production, the music is equally classic and contemporary. “Retransmission” is nothing else than an absolute milestone, which is well in keeping with the tradition established by the three amazing records that have preceded this one.

Starting with a genre-defining self-titled debut, Robert Såll (the “W” from Work of Art), Erik Mårtensson (the “E” from Eclipse), and Jeff Scott Soto (the “T” from Talisman) accepted the daunting task to give that debut a follow-up, “Rise Up”. After that stellar follow-up, their third opus, “Earthrage”, cemented a legacy of music which will stand the test of time.

(15) W.E.T. – “One Final Kiss” – Official Lyric Video – YouTube

Big Boys Don’t Cry
The Moment Of Truth
The Call Of The Wild
Got To Be About Love
Beautiful Game
How Far To Babylon
Coming Home
What Are You Waiting For
You Better Believe It
How Do I Know
One Final Kiss

Jeff Scott Soto: Lead Vocals
Erik Martensson: All Rhythm Guitar, Some Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals & Keyboards
Robert Säll: Keys and guitar
Magnus Henriksson: Lead Guitar
Andreas Passmark: Bass Guitar
Robban Bäck: Drums


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2 thoughts on “W.E.T. – Retransmission”

  1. Great stuff. I like all W.E.T. albums and love Jeff on vocals in this band. Next to that, Eclipse is just as good. Even Work of Art is great, but my favorite is Talisman of the bunch. You can’t go wrong with any of the works these guys do.

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