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(3) Thunder – Last One Out Turn Off The Lights (Official Video) – YouTube


British band Thunder’s latest album will reaffirm to many just how good and how underrated this band is. The band’s first few albums all boasted multiple singles in the UK and charted high in their homeland, but that success seemed to elude them in some places, particularly North America. The band’s classic rock mix of pop, blues rock, acoustics, all lead by the guitar & songwriting talents of Luke Morley and the distinctive vocals of Danny Bowes should’ve made Thunder a household name, picking up the torch from fellow British legends like Zeppelin, Bad Company, and Whitesnake, all of which come across in the band’s latest album that features 11 tracks. Admittedly, I don’t know all of the band’s catalogue, but I’d say it’s a safe bet to put this album alongside the band’s first 3. It boasts rockers like “Going To Sin City” and the lead off track “Last One Out Turn Off The Lights”, both full of energy, and easy to get in to. Lots to dig in to here with the heavier blues rock of “Young Man”, and upbeat rock cuts “You’re Gonna Be My Girl” and “She’s A Millionairess”. Favorites also have to include “Force Of Nature”, and the ballad “I’ll Be The One”, both full of tasteful guitar, with the latter being largely piano based but leaves room for a tasteful guitar solo, before coming back down.

What a great album, and one that [if you’re not familiar with Thunder] will leave you wanting to pursue more of the band’s catalogue. [I will be]

(3) Thunder – Going To Sin City (Official Lyrics Video) – YouTube

From the press release:

British hard-rock heroes, Thunder, have announced the release of their 13th studio album ‘All The Right Noises’ on 12th March 2021.

The album is a return to the full-throttle sound of Thunder that has seen them create a hugely successful 30+ year career at the forefront of British rock, all built around the lifelong friendship of vocalist extraordinaire Danny Bowes and songwriting genius and guitarist Luke Morley.

‘All The Right Noises’ is an intense confection of illicit charms that reasserts their authority as the number one band in the land. Recorded in the months leading up to the first Covid-19 lockdown, it was originally due for release in September 2020. Strange to reflect then on how much of the new material appears to address the challenging new world we now inhabit.

On the album, Luke says “ All the songs were written and recorded pre-Covid. But it is interesting how if you look at some of the tracks through the prism of Covid they still make a lot of sense.”

‘All The Right Noise’ will be available in 1CD, 2CD, 2LP, and 4LP formats, with the 2CD and 4LP releases containing bonus tracks.

The LP versions feature a stunning pop-out of the ‘Singing Ringing Tree’ which appears of the album’s glorious artwork. The photo cover art was shot by the band’s long term collaborator Jason Joyce. The sculpture, which also appears in the video for ‘Last One Out Turn Off The Lights’, is set in Burnley, Lancashire, and resembles a tree which harnesses the energy of the wind to create a choral, discordant sound.

It is another chapter in the band’s incredibly successful history that has seen them create a succession of some of the most highly-regarded rock albums of the past 30 years.

With their most recent success, Thunder have proven themselves as vital now as when they emerged with their debut album in 1990 ‘Backstreet Symphony’, and their hit follow-up in 1992 ‘Laughing On Judgement Day’, which was only kept off the top spot by Kylie Minogue.

KJ, 03/21

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