Osibisa – Celebrating 50th Anniversary with Sunshine Day

In the ’70s Osibisa were [for a while] on the same label as Uriah Heep, they even guested on the band’s 1971 title track to Look At Yourself. The band was known for their blend of rock, jazz, funk, and African music, featuring a wide set of instruments including congas, bongos, sax, flute, trumpet, as well as some excellent organ and guitar. They also had a few cool album covers courtesy of Roger Dean, early in his career. The band had a strong following throughout Europe, Canada, the UK, and Australia, and have carried on since their beginnings in 1969.

The Boyhood Sessions were recorded between 1988 and ’99, and remixed later on. The original intent for use in the 2014 film Boyhood [starring Patricia Arquette and Ethan Hawke]. Osibisa does appear on the soundtrack to the movie with a re-worked version of their classic “Sunshine Day”, a great chorus and very likeable tune, as is the single “Feel Good”. And there are 3 takes of “Sunshine Day” here – 2 remixes and a live version. There’s also a few live cuts here, such as “Superfly Man” (originally from the band’s 1973 album Super Fly T.N.T. – Motion Picture Soundtrack), “Woyaya” (the title track to the band’s 2nd album from ’71) , and “Ayiko Bia” (from the band’s 1970 debut). There is 1 new song, an instrumental – kinda jazz & funk track titled “Abele”, cool guitar in the mix, with the sax, and percussion instruments; I’m liking this one for it’s ’70s vibe.

This was issued in time for the band’s 50th Anniversary. Also can’t help but notice the resemblance of the album cover to the old Bronze Records logo!? The band recently completed a new album titled New Dawn, scheduled for release in April.

Further Reading:

Osibisa will released ‘The Boyhood Sessions’ on 2 October 2020 on Red Steel Music.  Collected together for the first time, all of these carefully curated tracks were originally considered for the soundtrack to the universally acclaimed Oscar-winning Richard Linklater film: ‘Boyhood’. The album features the single ‘Feel Good’.

It was the relentless search for music that would translate and enhance the movie’s storyline, which led Linklater’s production team to contact the band and their producer.

This proved to be an astute decision as, known for their criss-cross rhythms that explode with happiness, Osibisa’s oeuvre overflows with the joyful sunshine and innocence of childhood thus resonating perfectly with this movie’s bold and engaging narrative.

Famously included in the movie soundtrack, big hitter ‘Sunshine Day’ is now joined by rare recordings, remixes and live tracks, some of which have never been released before – including a new work in progress – and all drawn from Osibisa’s deep well of Afro-Rock recordings.  They can now finally be heard on ‘The Boyhood Sessions’ in all of their collected glory.
From very humble beginnings to playing some of the world’s most prestigious venues, Osibisa remains the remarkable soundtrack to the lives of the global army of fans who cherish their distinctive sound and immersive music.

With new songs currently being recorded, a legacy of live recordings and, as the band approaches its 50th anniversary, an in-depth career retrospective boxed set in progress, ‘The Boyhood Sessions’ heralds a new dawn in the ever-growing musical life of this unique, groundbreaking and highly influential West African, London and Caribbean band of brothers.



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Osibisa – Sunshine Day: The Boyhood Seessions (50th Anniversary Edition) – Amazon.com Music

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