Corky Laing’s Mountain – The Toledo Sessions

Corky Laing’s first solo studio album since 1977’s Makin’ It On The Street, Toledo Sessions was released on CD in September of 2019, which has been followed up by a limited orange vinyl edition [along with a vinyl reissue of The Secret Sessions w/ various ’70s legends like Ian Hunter, Mick Ronson, Clapton, Dickie Betts… from ’99] . Toledo Sessions is a return to a classic blues hard rock sound, with plenty of variety, and great playing – which should appeal to Mountain fans. On it Laing teams up with Mark Mikel [ex The Pillbugs, The Sprags], and whom guested on the last Alan Parsons’ album] who handles bass, engineer, and co-produces, along with blues guitarist Chris Shutters [who released his first solo album in 2019, as well]– both share lead vocal duties.

“Beautiful Flies” kicks off this album, and it’s a great heavy blues rock tune, and there’s plenty of heavy blues riffs rock, combined with more laid back melodies, and cool tracks in “The Road Goes On”, “Knock Me Over”, “How’s The Weather” [riff reminds me of The Allman Brothers], and the outstanding “Information Overload”, and the summertime ballad “Earthquake” [great ’70s vibe here] . A solid album of 9 tunes, well written and produced.

“The excitement brought on by the new repertoire is reminiscent of the classic Mountain albums, Climbing! and Nantucket Sleighride.” [from Prudential website]

After 50 Years Drummer Corky Laing Is Still Climbing the Mountain! | Glass Onyon PR

*For ordering: Prudential Music Group

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KJJ, 04/’21

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