Gypsy : Same Title – Different Rock Classic

Added a few tracks to the list.

Outsider Rock

There are plenty of classic rock songs that share titles. One of those titles is “Gypsy” – a title used by 3 of the biggest heavy bands of the 70s. Songs about Gypsies tend to make for some interesting tales, and there’s loads of songs about Gypsies [be it in title or lyrics]. These tracks each tell a different Gypsy tale. Feel free to drop your 2 cents your take on some of these tales. I kept this list short and to the heaviest songs, so yes on – I am aware there are tracks titled “Gypsy” by Canadian band Abraham’s Children, The Moody Blues, and Fleetwood Mac, but they’re all pretty poppy or soft rock, so…
Anyway, let me know your favorites of these [in chronological order], and if you actually know of one I’ve missed.  Feel free to leave comments and subscribe to my page. 

Uriah Heep

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