MAGNUM – The Monster Roars Album Announcement

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The new Magnum album will be titled The Monster Roars, and will be to be released January 14 of next year. The single “I Won’t Let You Down” will be released (+video) on November 12 (less than a month away). And a tour will begin in March of 2022.

Fans of British rock band Magnum will have to wait just a little longer before they finally get their hands on the much-anticipated new studio album. Titled ‘THE MONSTER ROARS’ it will be released  January 14, 2022.

But there will be new music from the band this year: guitarist Tony Clarkin, singer Bob Catley and their comrades in arms Rick Benton (keyboards), Dennis Ward (bass) and Lee Morris (drums) have already announced a couple of singles: With the forthcoming ‘I Won’t Let You Down’ (including lyric video), out on November 12, 2021, Magnum present a typically deep melodic mid tempo song featuring a memorable chorus with stylish string accompaniment for added lustre. This will be followed five weeks later, on December 17, 2021, by a second pre-release track, ‘No Steppin’ Stones’, also including a lyric video.

‘THE MONSTER ROARS’ features twelve new songs in total, with a few little surprises thrown in! On top of the regular disc, Magnum are releasing a limited box set with three extra bonus tracks, including a new version of ‘Days Of No Trust’, the opener of the 1988 album classic ‘Wings Of Heaven’, a new remastered version of ‘Sweets For My Sweet’, the very first single of their career from 1975, and a previously unreleased track from the same era. And from March 2022, the band will finally be returning to Europe for a major tour (see below for dates).

1. The Monster Roars 3:57 / 2. Remember 5:05 / 3. All You Believe In 5:01 / 4. I Won’t Let You Down 3:57 / 5. The Present Not The Past 5:27 / 6. No Steppin’ Stones 3:57 / 7. That Freedom Word 4:52 / 8. Your Blood Is Violence 6:44 / 9. Walk The Silent Hours 4:51 / 10. The Day After The Night Before 4:23 / 11. Come Holy Men 5:01 / 12. Can’t Buy Yourself Heaven 5:00 “The Monster Roars” will be released on January 14th, 2022 through SPV/ Steamhammer in the following configurations:

=> CD DigiPak => Limited Box Set=> 2LP Gatefold, 140 g, red vinyl, printed inner sleeves=> Download / StreamingPre-Order Link: => Exclusive CD/LP Bundle with a shirt only at the Steamhammer shopPre-Order Link: 
=> 2LP Gatefold exclusive coloured edition only at the Napalm shop
Pre-Order Link:  
=> Exclusive 2LP Gatefold exclusive coloured edition only for the UK
Pre-Order Link: 

Regarding the album’s cover art and title, which generated plenty of fan discussion online, Tony Clarkin posted –

“We actually did have a conversation with Rodney regarding the cover, and an exchange of ideas. Following this we set up a photoshoot that was originally intended to become a part of his artwork. Shortly after this Rodney called me very apologetic that he didn’t think he’d have time to do the cover as he was too busy with a children’s animation project he is doing ‘Yendor’ But we loved the end result of the photoshoot so much we had decided to use it as the cover on its own instead, with no embellishment. We thought it was much more powerful that way. Plus we didn’t want to end up with some sort of poor imitation of Rodney’s work but rather go with something completely different instead. The monster is inspired by the lyrics of the title track and is a creature from a child’s nightmare. The monster was created by Kelly O’Dell, played by Martin Brennan and photographed by Rob Barrow. Rodney wants fans to know that he wishes the band all the best with ‘The Monster Roars’ and looks forward to working with them again in the future. In the meantime Magnum fans might like to know that Rodney’s 2022 calendar, featuring a couple of familiar images (Foundation box set cover and Magnum II), is now available to pre-order at:


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