Are You Ready: Same Title, Different Rock Classic

Well, another episode of putting together a list of those songs that share a title, but a re totally different, and great rock tunes. “Are You Ready” makes for a great opening song title, but it’s not in all these cases. If you know of one I missed, please leave it in the comments…

Grand Funk Railroad

The opening track to GFR’s classic debut album On Time in the summer of 1969. Penned by guitarist/singer Mark Farner (who wrote the entire album). A great intro song; it would also feature on the band’s Live album a couple of years later.

Pacific, Gas & Electric

Formed in LA in the late ’60s, Pacific, Gas and Electric would feature original James Gang guitarist Glenn Schwartz and original Canned Heat drummer Frank Cook, who joined so that Charlie Allen could become the band’s singer. These guys released 4 albums in the day, featuring rock, funk, blues, and even a bit of gospel, as on there track “Are You Ready”, taken from their 3rd album of the same name in 1970. It also features a cool heavy guitar solo. The song was the band’s biggest hit [top 20]. Great cover art by David Willardson.


From the Canadian band’s 3rd album Ridin’ High, released in 1977. This rocker, penned by guitarist Buddy Caine and singer Buzz Shearman is one of the best tracks on this album. The song’s story revolves around getting ready for a night out (first to a bar, then with the drink server).


A new addition to this group (and what inspired this list). The opener to the ‘new’ 2nd Phoenix album, recorded in ’77, but shelved and just released by the band’s singer/guitarist John Verity. A solid rocker, penned by bass player Jim Rodford, which seems to be about points in his life & career and being ready to have a good time, as the song mentions various dates, places, venues, etc…

Thin Lizzy

A classic Thin Lizzy rocker, that debuted on 1978’s Live & Dangerous. I’m not sure if a studio version exists, This one – penned by Phil Lynott, along with Scott Gorham, Brian Downey and Brian Robertson., sounds like it was just written for the stage, so you’ll find it on other Lizzy live albums.


From 1990’s hugely success The Razor’s Edge, the lone AC/DC studio album to feature the legendary Chris Slade on drums. This was the 3rd single from this album, a top 20 in the US, and the band’s only #1 hit in New Zealand. A typical AC/DC anthemic rocker, putting out that rockin’ party vibe.

KJ, 01/’22

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