WINGS OF STEEL – Release debut EP.

Wings Of Steel is a new hard-rock / metal band out of California based around Swedish singer Leo Unnermark and guitarist Parker Halub, who met in 2019 while studying music in Los Angeles. The pair wrote and recorded a 5 track EP (CD). They’ve produced and released it themselves, with Mike Mayhem on drums, Damien Rainaud mixing it, and Spencer Caligiuri providing some pretty cool CD artwork.

The band delivers 5 excellent ’80s type of heavy guitar rockers, with great riffs, hooks, solos, and Unnermark’s high end vocals. These guys take on plenty of classic ’80s influences from Whitesnake and Scorpions, Maiden, and sometimes reminiscent of the likes of Skid Row, Dokken, and MSG.. There’s 4 rockers here, plus 1 acoustic ballad. The ballad is good, but for me it is the other 4 that are solid rock tunes. Lead off track “Stormchild” is a good rocker, a bit pf a euro metal feel, as does the title song, which stands out right away, a bit of power metal, great vocals, fast solos, reminds me of Germany’s Helloween,. “Rhythm Of Love” is another excellent track, this one is a bit more LA 80s, aside from the shredding solo, parts of this remind me of Great White, very cool song. Favorite track here is the last one – “Black Out The Street”; a great 80s melodic hard rocker, reminding me a bit of late 80s Whitesnake. Love the production on this EP, just a great big sound, lots of cool guitar solos, harmonies,hard hitting drums, all mixed well.

Tracklisting: Stormchild / Wings Of Steel / Rhythm Of Desire / Khamsin Riders / Black Out The Street

*You find put more about the band, listen to and order the CD at the band’s site –


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