TROY REDFERN – Releases 2nd single from forthcoming album

UK blues rocker Troy Redfern, hailed as “the king of slide guitar” recently released “Gasoline” — the second single from Troy Redfern’s forthcoming album The Wings Of Salvation.  As mentioned, the slide guitar summer anthem was officially released Friday August 19th. The upbeat heavy cut comes across as a cool, positive summertime rocker, with a catchy chorus, and filled with Redfern’s trademark slide work.

“With Gasoline I wanted to write a positive, uplifting, good-time rock ’n’ roll tune,” says Troy. “Right now, we’re bombarded with a lot of negative news in the media. Lyrically, I wanted to put something out there that was the opposite to that. The groove of this tune is in 7/8, which isn’t a typical rock ’n’ roll rhythm, but I really love the flow and feel of riffing in this time signature, especially playing slide using the National resonator in a low tuning. The combination sounds huge.”

photo – Adam Kennedy

The single features Dave Marks on bass guitar and Paul Stewart (The Feeling) on drums. “Gasoline” follows the excellent hard hitting anthemic “Come On” single (see below). Both tracks sound like they will be great live numbers. Redfern has amassed a large discography of recordings since 2015’s Back Door Hoodoo, including 6 albums recorded over the past couple of years of lockdown, and notably the critically acclaimed The Fire Cosmic! So, plenty of classic slide guitar driven rock to get into.

Fans can pre-save the “Gasoline” single (released Friday August 19th) from this link –

Wings Of Salvation features 10 tracks, and will be released September 23rd. Available for pre-order on CD & Vinyl (as well as digital) at –

Troy is special guest on DARE’s UK tour in October (12 shows).


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