DIO – Donington ’83

Recently picked up the Donington ’83 release on CD. It’s a reissue of the 2010 release (that couple it with the Donington ”87 show). I haven’t picked up much of the barrage of Dio re-issues and archival releases that seem to keep coming out, but Donington ’83 was a must have as that is the Dio ‘band’ for me! A couple of these tracks did appear way back on the B-side of the “Hungry For Heaven” 12″ ep. It is the original Dio band – like the original Blizzard of Ozz band that were ‘it’ for me, and like post BOZ LPs, I slowly lost interest in Dio albums beyond this era. Vivian Campbell, Jimmy Bain (RIP), Vivian Campbell, Claude Schnell, and RJ Dio himself – was THE band! Having said that, I am happy to have this, it’s a great recording featuring 4 tracks from Dio’s debut Holy Diver and filled out with excellent renditions of Rainbow Black Sabbath classics. And looking at my old Dio 12″ singles which contained live tracks, it is noteworthy that there seems to have been a few shows properly recorded from that era (I presume most of these are already out there bootlegged or otherwise), so I hope we’ll get more from the 83-86 period. Also available on vinyl this time (as is Donington ’87). Looking forward to the next Last In Line (band) album now.

One thought on “DIO – Donington ’83”

  1. I have been streaming this one since it came out a few weeks ago and man is Campbell is on fire. Dio was smart getting a hot shot on guitar just like Ozzy did a few years before …

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