EVEN FLOW – Mediterraneo (Tales of Love, Hope and Joy For The Future) out now.

Italian prog-metal band Even Flow have released a new 5-track mini-album. Meditterraneo features a big range of heavy rock, prog and lighter moments from the opener “Ocean Lies” which comes charging out and features a few changes throughout. “Revelation Day” is probably the easiest likeable track here, a straightforward bright rock tune, while in contrast “Leaves” is a soft piano-based ballad, great vocal. The set comes to a great finale with the 7-and-a-half-minute title track, which is probably the heaviest cut here. Fine heavy guitar, acoustics, synths, and vocals throughout this. For fans of Dream Theater, Stratovarius, and Queensryche. CD and other merch can be ordered at the band’s website- https://www.bandevenflow.com/

*For more on Even Flow check out the bio and press info below, and the links below

Photo Credit – Claudia Chiodi

Italy’s EVEN FLOW is proud to unveil their latest offering Mediterraneo, a five-track EP that takes the sounds of progressive metal blended with power metal-esque vocals with a dash of AOR eighties influences. Lyrically, the recording speaks of love, hope, sadness, and joy for the future.

“We decided the sequence of the songs according to the musical power it gave us at the time of writing and recording.” adds the band.

The EP opens up with the powerfully composed “Ocean Lies” with it’s strong vocal harmonies, that give way to a hint of Latin influences from the way the drums mesh with the guitar solo. Following into “Ray Of Light”, this is a song that speaks of love towards a woman, characterized by a clean guitar intro, working together with a keyboard to create very beautiful melodies to then end with an Arabic influence guitar harmonization. “Leaves” solo piano and voice piece, extremely intimate with the final part of the piano demonstrating strong harmonic tensions decreased to represent a love story between two young people that did not materialize. A song that gives a calm and melancholic balance to relax the listener’s ears bringing them to heavenly visions. “Revelation Day” with lyrics that have a Catholic inspiration, is to be heard very closely in its entirety, its melodic parts are intertwined with more progressive charm. EP closer and title track, “Mediterraneo,” tells a story about a loving relationship between two men, the track has Arabic interludes, many progressive metal parts, and melodic guitar solos.

Mediterraneo features Even Flow’s new lineup with vocalist Marco Pastorino (Fallen Sanctuary, Temperance) and bassist Luca Negro (Temperance) joining the Lunesu brothers Pietro Paolo (guitar) and Giorgio (drums).

The EP was mixed and mastered by Michele Guaitoli (Visions Of Atlantis, Temperance) with artwork by Mickael Briot of Mythrid Art (Nightmare).

Over the years, since making their debut in 2008 with their EP “Dream Weaver”, Even Flow has done multiple tours across Europe and has supported bands such as Serious Black, Firewind, Eluveitie, Iron Savior, Katatonia, Orphaned Land, Katatonia, Pain Of Salvation among many more.

Even Flow‘s Mediterraneo is available on all digital platforms at the following link – https://linktr.ee/bandevenflow

Even Flow is:
Marco Pastorino: Vocals and Choirs
Pietro Paolo Lunesu: All Electric and Acoustic guitars
Giorgio Lunesu: Drums and Percussion
Luca Negro: Bass

For more info:
https://www.instagram.com/evenflowofficial https://www.youtube.com/user/ChannelEvenFlow/featured

2019 – MOTHER – EP


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