Canadian rock biographer Jeffrey Morgan has a new book out titled Alice Cooper Confidential: Confessions! Secrets! Fan Mail! Morgan wrote for many years for iconic 70s & 80s rock mag Creem, being invited by the legendary Lester Bangs. Creem was the next biggest music publication after Rolling Stone. Morgan became Alice’s official biographer writing Alcohol and Razor Blades, Poison and Needles: The Glorious Wretched Excess of Alice Cooper, All-American, which came in the 1999 box set The Life and Crimes of Alice Cooper. With Alice Cooper Confidential, Jeffrey Morgan puts together a pile of Alice features, most notably being pages of fan mail (emails) from AC fans who want to contact Alice. Interesting to read, as so many fans have no problem inviting Alice over for a BBQ, a birthday party, a wedding, out for a game of golf – you name it! Or they just want to share some odd story about something to do with him, most of which will leave you shaking your head. Beware if you think you wrote to him in the past! Elsewhere this138 page coffee table read book is full of fantastic photos from every era of Alice’s career, on & off stage (cool to see the late Nash the Slash’s early photos of the AC band in Toronto), various other images! Most interesting is a previously unpublished interview from 2009. An interesting addition to any Alice fan’s collection.



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