North Carolina’s COSMIC REAPER issue new single from forthcoming split EP w/ENDTIME

North Carolina’s stoner doom merchants COSMIC REAPER premiere their new song “Sundowner”, taken from the ‘Doom Sessions Vol.7‘ split EP with ENDTIME to be issued through Heavy Psych Sounds. The track is a slow, heavy cut, with a riff and sound that is reminiscent of early Sabbath. Check it out below!

Says COSMIC REAPER: “The song is about someone with a debilitating brain disease succumbing to paranoid hallucinations in the dark. We’re capable of creating a lot more horrors in our minds than we ever could in reality. With Sundowner, we went for something groovy, but foreboding, with an ending that descends into madness. But, more importantly, we hope this track makes you bang your head!

💀 Listen to Cosmic Reaper’s new track “Sundowner” 💀
Also check out the Endtime single “Tunnel Of Life” 

Since their ignition in 2020, the ‘Doom Sessions‘ split series have been delivering steamroller after steamroller, packing together earth-shattering collaborations between the loudest stoner and doom acts of this world. From Conan to Bongzilla, Acid Mammoth, -(16)- and Grime, each ‘Doom Sessions‘ EP presents previously unreleased tracks from both bands involved while being wrapped in a devilish artwork design by Branca Studio. ‘Doom Sessions Vol.7‘ makes no exception, and the grim and unearthly synth-laden songs of Endtime match perfectly with the evil, slow and low spacey doom of Cosmic Reaper. 

Endtime / Cosmic Reaper
“Doom Sessions Vol. 7” split EP

Out January 13th on Heavy Psych Sounds

1. Endtime – Tunnel of Life
2. Endtime – Beyond The Black Void
3. Cosmic Reaper – Sundowner
4. Cosmic Reaper – Dead and Loving It
5. Cosmic Reaper – King of Kings

ENDTIME started out in 2015 under the name Saturniids with the pure intention of creating apocalyptic and earth-shattering musical compositions. That name didn’t suit their needs or personality, so in 2019 they decided to change it to the more fitting name Endtime. They are the ambassadors for no tomorrow, fostering exploitation movies and aesthetics from the 1980s. Think Giallo, Carpenter and Cronenberg. They don’t believe in groove or swing. They turn amps up to 11, they cause ruptured eardrums and serious dysentery with their subatomic frequencies. ENDTIME are the music equivalent to a nuclear blast. Featuring former members of Obnoxius Youth, Undergång, Taiwaz and Noctum, their twisted and devastating brand of nihilistic doom tinged with a pervasive 80s horror aesthetic was described as “the music equivalent of a nuclear blast”. Their debut album ‘Impending Doom’ was released in 2021 on Heavy Psych Sounds.

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