Peter Hesslein – Night Drive 3 out now.

Peter Hesslein’s Night Drive 3 is out! The album contains 16 new cruising tracks, 15 being instrumental, and 1 song featuring vocals from former Lucifer’s Friend singer Mike Starrs. Night Drive 3 is a fun journey of different tunes highlighting Hesslein’s guitar work, as well as song creation with varying styles and keyboards. It is upbeat, brightly produced and the best of the 3, IMO. On how the guitarist approached the new album, Hesslein states:   “My way of developing music is always the same. First I start with a chord sequence or a guitar riff and at the same time I work out the melody, the playbacks, until the song is ready. then come the subtleties and sounds that make the track attractive.”

The disc’s last song “Chapters Of My Life” is an excellent ballad, and will be the highlight for Lucifer’s Friend fans, as it features the vocals of Mike Starrs, who sang on the band’s Good Time Warrior and Sneak Me In albums. Peter Hesslein explains how the song came about: “For the conclusion of the Night Drive trilogy, I wanted to make a song with vocals that could convey lyrics. After all these years, I also wanted to take up the topic “I Did it My Way”. Since Mike is also my age, it is fitting that he wanted to write the lyrics. After all, we have known each other for a very long time.” (Starrs has recorded with Crossover in recent years who have a new CD single out. As well Starrs’ 1974 solo album Electric Garden has also just been reissued on CD through Cherry Red).

Beyond the new album Peter Hesslein still has tracks that were planned for another Lucifer’s Friend album prior to John Lawton’s passing. These tracks require a collaboration with a singer, who can add lyrics as well. Hesslein also recently posted that he was happy with being featured in a new book on German metal, stating: “The book by Frank Schäfer is called “Heavy Kraut” – How Metal Came To Germany. It contains interviews of me and other companions. A very successful work, well researched. Thanks again to Frank Schäfer.” At this time the book is only available in German language.

*For more on Night Drive 3, check out the official press release below, as well as the links.

Peter Hesslein is an original founding member of the band Lucifer’s Friend and an accomplished guitarist. His first Night Drive album was meant to be a one-off, but its success prompted a sequel in Night Drive 2 and now the further demand, from fans, has led to a Night Drive 3.

Lucifer’s Friend was originally formed in Hamburg in 1970 by guitarist Peter Hesslein, singer John Lawton, bassist Dieter Horns, keyboardist Peter Hecht and drummer Joachim Reitenbach. Lucifer’s Friend reformed in 2015 and since then has recorded new studio albums and played concerts and high-profile festivals.

The last track on Night Drive 3, “Chapters of my Life,” features a guest appearance by former Lucifer’s Friend lead singer Mike Starrs.

Peter Hesslein said of his new studio album: “So now I’d like to share with you a third Night Drive album because I had a lot of messages asking about it.  When I started the idea, I thought the first Night Drive album would be on its own, but now fans have asked for two more albums for car journeys!  I am very grateful fans like this music and they want more from me!”

Night Drive 3 is OUT NOW and available via these links:
Amazon CD:
Apple Music:
Also available directly from CherryRed:


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