LAS CRUCES – Cosmic Tears

Texas (San Antonio) doom metal band Las Cruces released their 4th album in 2022. The band formed in the mid-90s and underwent a number of changes (pretty sure no one on the band’s 1996 debut album is still here). Cosmic Tears took a number of years to get released, and features most of the same line-up as the band’s 2010 album Dusk. This one features Jason Kane on vocals (Kane of Jason Kane & The Jive), who joined the band and recorded his vocals when he was just 17. These guys have some cool album covers, with Cosmic Tears being done by Michelle Sanchez Menchaca.

Cosmic Tears is full of heavy doom metal, very much in tune with early Black Sabbath, with dark heavy slow riffs, heavy on the bass and fantastic drums. This album really is a solid set of songs front to back that any self-respecting Sabbath fan should check out, with the near 8 minute opening title track, and album favorites being the lead off single/video “Wizard From The North”, “Egypt”, and “Holy Hell”. The CD features 10 tracks, while the LP (which I have) includes just seven.

This album was finally released in June of last year, and is a tribute to longtime drummer Paul DeLeon who passed away in January of ’21 from complications of Covid. The band did play live last year to promote the album and are booked at the Maryland Doom Festival in June of this year.


Jason Kane – vocals
George Trevino – guitars
Mando Tovar – guitars
Jimmy Bell – bass
Paul DeLeon (RIP) – drums


Las Cruces | Doom Metal San Antonio, TX

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