LEE AARON: new album Elevate out now

Lee Aaron, once the ‘metal queen’ restarted her career in 2016, following 12 plus years of no recording. In the 80s and early 90s she’d released 7 hard-rock albums, and had a number of hits, before venturing into other projects and musical styles. Aaron returned to rock full-time, first guesting on Sean Kelly’s ‘Metal On Ice‘ (a companion to his book of the same title) where she re-recorded “Metal Queen”, and then in 2016 with her first full album titled Fire And Gasoline, on Big Sister Records. Backed by Sean Kelley (guitar), John Cody (drums), and Dave Reimer (bass), Fire And Gasoline featured the singles “Tom Boy”, “Bad Boyfriend”, and the title track.

Aaron’s music was still rockin’, but comes across now with a more mature sound and production, with plenty of catchy tunes on subsequent albums. Whether you followed her or not in the ’80s, she has something new with an element of fun in her music these days; most welcome in such serious times.

Diamond Baby Blues followed in 2018, and featured 2 excellent singles in “Diamond Baby” and “American High”. That album also included covers of Deep Purple’s “Mistreated” and the Linda Ronstadt hit “You’re No Good” (originally written & recorded in the ’60s, and later covered by Van Halen).

2019 saw the release of Live In Germany on CD & DVD, that had been recorded on her band’s 2017 tour. And despite the pandemic, Lee Aaron has kept up recording & releasing new music at a pace that very few do these days. Radio On! came out in 2021, and featured the standout “C’mon”, as well as favorites “Vampin'”, “Radio On”, as well as the ballad “Twenty One”.

December of last year saw the release of Lee Aaron’s latest – Elevate. And there’s no shortage of good tracks, with her fourth studio album of rock songs since 2016 (not to forget her Christmas album in 2020). Lead by the first few singles “Trouble Maker” and “Rock Bottom Revolution”, Elevate includes a fine range of rock and pop-rockers with “The Devil U Know”, “Highway Romeo”, “Spitfire Woman”, and the title track closing this disc out. “Freak Show” is one song with a chorus I’m sure will sink in with many; that or the ballad “Red Dress” would make fine singles.

Lee Aaron’s return and rejuvenated recording career continues to turn out very good albums, that may be a bit distant from any ‘metal’ tag, but should still appeal to those who will dig her knack for coming up with good songs, and her vocals which remain as clear and strong as they were decades ago; kinda hard to tell that she’s aged at all. Great album cover! Available on vinyl & CD!



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