Blackwulf – Thieves & Liars out now!

The 4th album from Oakland’s Blackwulf is now out. Thieves & Liars, featuring 9 tracks, notably the lead off cut & single “Shadow” . These guys deliver a solid massive ’70s inspired heavy album that is not short on killer doomy riffs, hooks and solos, with great vocals that are somewherez between a younger + heavier Ozzy and a young Rob Halford, at times — this, along with melodies and changes should appeal to fans of Black Sabbath and early Judas Priest fans, among others heavy ’70s . Of the 9 tracks that run together nicely, check out the title track, which oddly reminds me of Sabbath’s “Heaven And Hell”, as well as cuts like “Seems To Me”, “Failed Resistance” and “Brother” (w/ singer Alex Cunningham sounding like a younger Rob Halford at times) – all easily likable heavy doom metal rockers. Thieves & Liars is also highlighted by the 8 and a half minute epic “Psychonaut/Edge Of Light”, which featured one great heavy slower doom number that fades in to the ballad featuring acoustic guitars…which blends in to the brief atmospheric instrumental “Mysteries Of This”. One of those albums that just flows so well from track to track, with no duds, and is over before ya know it. Awesome cover art from David North.

*You can order Thieves & Liars on vinyl (colored, splatter, black), as well as CD and digital download at –

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