JANN KLOSE – releases seventh album Surrender

Singer/songwriter Jann Klose has released his 7th album Surrender, featuring a number of singles, notably “Pilot Light”, “Flesh and Blood”, “Sugar My”, and the latest “Surrender”. Klose’s music is primarily acoustic based, appealing to fans of power-pop and yacht rock.

“There’s a cohesive idea of the record, ‘Surrender,’” Jann says.  “It’s a journey of overcoming and going through the good, the bad, the ugly, and coming out on the other side still wanting to experience new things.”

This album features a good mix of upbeat numbers, such as the title track, “Flesh and Blood”, and the more rockin’ “Even If It Takes A Lifetime”, combined with standout ballads like “All The Way Down” and “Stay The Same”. “Here In My Heart” is another feel-good pop number, featuring a live singalong throughout. Included also are 3 versions of “Love You The Most”, a duet with Alicia Madison – there’s the main version, an acoustic take, and a Spanish version. (The song, which charted in South Africa and North America, was recorded for the movie soundtrack of “Married Young” now available on Amazon Prime.  Jann and Alicia sang a Spanish version (“Te Amaré Más”), which found it’s way on radio in Brazil.)

Surrender is available at Jann’s site on CD and Vinyl!





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