BRAVE THE SEA to release third album – Lady Death

Ohio’s BRAVE THE SEA is a Celtic rock band who will be releasing their 3rd album at the end of April. Titled Lady Death, it features 11 tracks, all pretty upbeat, lots of fast paces, and hard-rockin. There’s nothing overly long here, with only 2 tracks exceeding 4 minutes, so it’s fast paced, catchy, fun, with tales from the sea, and probably pretty different to anything else you’re familiar with. Best cuts include – “Not The End”, “Day I Die”, and “Judgement Day”. There’s also a few lighter moments on this, with “Medusa” and “Where I Belong”. Check out the band’s clips, the press info below, and links. Also, check out the band’s youtube channel for some unique covers (and mandolin covers!) of songs from Dio and Diamond Head!

Lady Death can be pre-ordered (on CD, + t-shit!) – HERE

 BRAVE THE SEA who will release their third full-length album, Lady Death, on April 28th. If you could, please take a moment to check out the record. I’d appreciate any feedback on the music and consideration for review, interview or otherwise around its release.

If you’re unfamiliar, Brave The Sea formed in 2015 and to date they’ve released two full lengths, A Pirate’s Life (2017) and The Kraken (2019). Their music has been streamed millions of times and they’ve rocked the stages of Milwaukee Summerfest, Dublin Irish Festival and Kentucky Pirate Festival while touring throughout North America and Europe. Now the band returns post-pandemic with a boisterous record, Lady Death, that’s sure to have fans clinking beers and singing along.

Brave the Sea is a Columbus, OH Celtic rock band whose fun live performances and hook filled melodies have won over a legion of fans. Formed in the summer of 2015, the guys hoped to be covering everything from the traditional Celtic tunes to the modern renditions of bands such as Flogging Molly, Dropkick Murphys, and Alestorm.
 Rave reception has led to millions of streams and performances at Milwaukee Summerfest, the Dublin Irish Festival and the Kentucky Pirate Festival. 2022 saw the band intensify their touring schedule, and even perform their first dates in Europe!
 Now, the band is gearing up to release a brand new LP, Lady Death for 2023. It will see the band building on their trademark elements and incorporating ideas that they have built up during the pandemic. They’ll also be going back to Europe to play a run of club shows and festivals. Join Brave the Sea’s Celtic rock party. You won’t regret it.


On My Way
Lady Death
Not the End
Bad Luck
Going Down
Where I Belong
Day I Die
Frozen Shore
Judgement Day
Unnamed Grave


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