TWILIGHT ROAD featuring Dario Mollo & Carl Sentance to release new album

Nazareth singer Carl Sentance and guitarist Dario Mollo have reunited by popular demand, with a brand new band Twilight Road, and new studio album Trapped.
This is the duo’s second collaboration after Dario Mollo’s Crossbones’ Rock The Cradle, released in 2016. A culmination of several months of collaboration, Trapped is an uncompromising hard rock record, and one that will delight fans of loud music across the world.

Dario Mollo is an Italian guitarist/producer with a career which started in 1981, with the heavy metal band Crossbones, followed by albums with musical giants Tony Martin  (Black Sabbath), Graham Bonnet  (Rainbow, MSG), Don Airey  (Rainbow, Ozzy, Deep Purple) and Glenn Hughes  (Deep Purple).
After participating in several local bands, Carl Sentance replaced John Deverill as a vocalist in the NWOBHM band Persian Risk, following which he received an offer to join Geezer Butler (Black Sabbath) as lead singer in his solo project from 1986 to 1988. In 2015 Carl became the new singer for the legendary rock band Nazareth after founding member Dan McCafferty had to retire due to illness. More recently Carl has recorded Nazareth’s latest studio album Surviving The Law.
Composed of eleven originals plus a rearranged version of Deep Purple’s ‘Perfect Strangers,’ Dario Mollo says: “I’m proud of every aspect of this album. We prepared fully, rehearsing the tracks live in the studio during pre-production and rearranged the song structures to perfectly fit Carl’s vocals. I’ve been lucky to find amazing local musicians, including Andy Senis on bass and Alessio Benedetto on drums. Together we’ve created a groove and a power that can only happen when you’re playing together in the same room. Working with Carl again has been an incredible; he’s a fantastic singer songwriter. I also want to give a big thank you to Eddie George, Dario Patti and Gianluca Sabbi (and his fantastic 1958 Hammond organ!) for their performances on keyboards. I’m sure that the fans will appreciate the huge efforts put in the release of this album.”
Trapped will be released on June 9th by Global Rock Records and Cherry Red Records.

Carl Sentance – vocals

Dario Mollo – Guitar

Andy Senis – Bass

Alessio Benedetto – drums

Special Guests on Keyboards:

Eddie George, Dario Patti and Gianluca Sabbi


1 Trapped
2 Dirty Rock N Roll
3 Dark Angel
4 Perfect Strangers
5 Madonna
6 Empty Mirror
7 Mafia
8 Turn It Up
9 God Is Red
10 Warning
11 Shooter’s Paradise
12 Behind The Mask


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