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EWINIAR – Debut with Burning The Night

Ewiniar is a duo from Croatia consisting of Marin and Katarina Tramontana. This husband & wife metal/goth rock act deliver a strong 9 song album Burning The Night, with Marin handling the music writing & arranging, as well as playing all instruments, while Katarina penned the lyrics and delivers powerful vocals throughout this set. A great production, good songs, and solid performances throughout this album. Love the guitar sound throughout this, as well as the various keyboards, plenty of drama, and light & shade throughout this. A pretty heavy album, that is so well put together. Fave cuts include opener “Against The Stream”, “Years Of Heaven” (the first single), “Mother”, and the title track that ends the album. Highly recommended modern heavy rock!

*See the attached press release for more info.


1 – Against The Stream

2 – Under the Stars

3 – Years of Heaven

4 – Mother

5 – Midnight Sun

6 – Suspiria

7 – Until the End of Time

8 – Seekers of the Sense

9 – Burning the Night