John Lawton – Interviews from the archives

This year will bring a new Lucifer’s Friend album, the follow-up to 2016’s “Too Late To Hate”.

John Lawton stated a few days ago [posted to the band’s official facebook page] :
“We have a new album in the process of being mixed which we were going to call “THE LAST STAND” hoping to have it ready by the beginning of June….
It has taken a little longer due to the workload of our New York
producer Simon Hesslein.
However we have decided to rename the album “BLACK MOON”
Many fans were under the impression that the original title meant it would be the last LF album, but we are pleased to say that we are currently in the process of writing new material which we will
record over the coming months….;-)
LF rides again……

In the past I have been fortunate enough to interview John a number of times. they’re still on my Universal Wheels site, but i’ll catalogue them here…..and throw in a few clips…

from 2002, discussing the CD re-issue of the Rebel & Zar albums.

from 2003, discussing John’s solo album “Sting In The Tale”.

from 2007, discussing John’s OTR project, as well as other projects at the time.

from 2008, John & Jan Dumee discussing their album “Mamonama”.

from 2013, John discusses his recording with Diana Express.

*an interesting read on the band’s debut LP –

*in the last few years Repertoire Records has reissued the classic “Banquet” album on CD and 180g vinyl! –

*a review of Too Late To Hate [not mine] –





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