Magnum – Favorite Tracks Since the Band’s Return

A few weeks ago longtime Magnum bass player Alan Barrow announced he was leaving the band (Barrow relocated to the US from England a few years back). Barrow had been with the band since the band reformed in the early 2000s and has consistently put out strong albums of their own brand of British rock with elements of orig, AOR, and hard-rock. This is the band’s 3rd bandmember change in the past few years. The band consists of founding members Tony Clarkin (guitar & songwriter) and (singer) Bob Catley, as well as Rick Benton (keys), Lee Morris (drums), and Dennis Ward (bass, ex Pink Cream 69). Aside from playing bass, Barrow also contributed photography to a number of Magnum album sleeves and a few covers. He was/is also present on the band’s Facebook pages and groups – answering questions, keeping fans up to date, and chipping in plenty of feedback; such input will be missed. It was “Into The Valley Of The Moonking” album that I really discovered Magnum with, as the disc arrived one day to review. Up until then I knew very little of the band – they don’t play in Canada, and their albums are rarely issued here or available in shops, so they remained “one of those mysterious old British bands I needed to check out – one day!” I loved the Moonking album, and continued to pick up new albums after that, as well as going back and picking up the older albums [still have a few omissions in the collection]. But, it is this era, post-reformation, that kept me interested in Magnum and each album has been solid and looked forward to. The band’s latest release was “Live At Symphony Hall”, earlier this year. with cover art by Rodney Matthews [who’s done many Magnum album covers over the years].
So, here is a pile of my favorite Magnum tracks from their post 2000 return era.

When We Were Younger
My favorite Magnum song. classic keyboard intro, chorus, love the lyrics, anyone can imagine this.

Live Til You Die
love the build up intro. the title and intro – to me – gives this a James Bond feel. this would’ve made a great Bond film song!

Brand New Morning

The Moonking
cool guitar intro; heavier guitar tune, great work-up to the chorus.

All The Dreamers
great intro floating in and kicking in to a classic tune.

Lost On The Road To Eternity
fantastic symphonic rocker; theatrical. Bob Catley sharing vocals with Tobias Sammet.

Twelve Men Wise And Just

Sacred Blood ‘Divine Lies’

All My Bridges

No One Knows His Name

Eyes Wide Open

A Forgotten Conversation

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