Phil Lanzon – 48 Seconds

Phil Lanzon’s second solo album is titled “48 Seconds”. It comes just 17 months after his first solo album – “If You Think I’m Crazy” [and what an aussum surprise that was!], 10 months since Uriah Heep’s latest – “Living The Dream”, plus Phil’s first novel. So….my first question would be is – where did Phil find time to write and record this new one!? [Heep has been on the road for quite a while]. But, as with his debut – 48 Seconds is a welcome surprise! It’s very different, and if you’re expecting something resembling a Heep album, don’t bother! Where If You Think I’m Crazy was a fantastic collection of swinging pop, rock, and prog [with some orchestra], 48 Seconds goes a step further with Phil using orchestra throughout this album, as well as bringing back singers John Mitchell and Andy Makin, producer Simon Hanhart and arranger Richard Cottle.

48 Seconds starts out with the intro titled “Azura’s Theme”. Like a dramatic movie theme, this is a fine beginning to the mix of songs and stories that follow. Much of Phil’z songs are story-based, such as the ghostly ballad “Road To London” [which Phil sings], and the epic title track, which is based on the San Fransisco earthquake of 1906 – this is a fantastic production with story, orchestra, synths, a Hammond organ break, and choir. There is so much to get in to on this album, much like it’s predecessor – that 48 Seconds will take many many listens to fully appreciate. Tracks like “You Can Make A Living” [a rocker] and “Look At The Time” [more prog-pop]- stand out right away – the latter being reminiscent of Asia to me.
Great stuff, and I look forward to the LP [any day in the post now!], as [among other reasons] it features stunning art created by Michael Cheval. As much as I look forward to the next Heep album, I am also looking forward to Phil Lanzon’s next adventure on record.

To purchase the album via download, CD, or LP go to – . There is also a very thorough bio of Phil’s career and a few other items.

Phil speaks on 48 Seconds-

A great interview at:

To check out a few samples and much more on Phil Lanzon – go to his website –

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