Peter Hesslein – Night Drive

Best known as the guitarist in German band Lucifer’s Friend, Peter Hesslein has also had a long career dating back to the ’60s with such bands as The Giants, and The German Bonds, as well as spending years as part of The James Last Orchestra, and plenty of short lived projects [see Electric Food, The Fantastic Pikes, Pink Mice]. His career has touched on numerous styles and sounds, which is why perhaps one shouldn’t be expecting an album of big rock riffs [ala “Ride The Sky”] or even heavy progressive rock. Night Drive is a bit more laid back, with plenty of styles, but not much in the way of ‘hard rock’; heck – not really a rock album [see Peter’s description below]. There is lots of varied guitar performances and musical approaches and sounds via keyboards, creating a lot of atmosphere here. It’s a nice mix of 15 instrumental tracks, with a good flow to many sweet melodies on pieces like “Slow Down A Bit”, “Blinded By The Lights” and “A Beautiful Night”. There’s also a few funkier tunes in “Time For Coffee”, while the upbeat “Close To Midnight” and closing ballad “Falling Asleep” are 2 favorites here . Night Drive is a disc to put on to just chill out to, not to rock out to, and that’s fine by me. [And no, this is not elevator music, plenty of changes in pace from track to track, and great guitar playing throughout].

The guitarist / songwriter, who had shoulder surgery last year, is taking this time during the global pandemic, at home, working on future projects –
“My family and me doing well, we live outside of Hamburg in the countryside. At the moment I have no contact with other musicians. Covid 19 doesn´t make it possible. So I sit alone in the studio and do everything I can do myself.”

Regarding a follow up to Night Drive and the next Lucifer’s Friend album-
“I am nearly ready with the recordings of another “Night Drive” album…… The new LF album is complete ready, except John Lawton’s vocal tracks. He told me, he doesn´t want to go in to the studio in these times .He will wait till it’s nearly over with Covid 19. So I used the time and made my solo album. I hope all LF fans will like it. It´s different to LF. It is a bag of R´n B, HipHop, Jazz and Rock (Music to relax, ‘specially when you are driving at night).” [ed – In addition the studio John Lawton normally records closed during this past year].
On his son Simon’s involvement – “Simon did the artwork and producing . The lines on the backlines are a mix of light lines and guitar strings. … Simon is also the producer of “Black Moon, and the upcoming LF album…. After this all I’d like to do a solo album with John. But first he has to do the LF album, which is in this year the 50th anniversary album. But I think in this case, it will come out next year.”

Hesslein also adds that he has a Lucifer’s Friend live recording from Japan that he may work on. That will be further exciting news for LF fans!

For now tho’, check out Peter’s Night Drive; a nice addition to the man’s vast and varied catalogue.
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KJJ, 12/20.

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