Jason Kane & The Jive : Soggy Noggin

Jason Kane & The Jive is a power trio from San Antonio, Texas, consisting of Jason Kane [guitar/keyboards/vocals], Nick Jive [bass], and Jules Flores [drums]. Soggy Noggin is the band’s third independantly released album, from earlier this year. I’ll admit – I don’t check out a lot of newer bands, and mainly newer acts I check out have some connection to the ’70s [be it personnel or covers], so I stumbled upon these guys while checking out the internet for Lucifer’s Friend covers. And lo and behold Soggy Noggin came up, as the band does an awesome version of it here.

But that is just one highlight here, as this album is full of heavy blues, funk, soul, classic rock. A very live and big heavy sound on this disc, with a wide range songs. very ’70s influenced, this album’s not stuck in the past or forced, with these guys coming off as the real deal of a band carrying on the feel from the likes of Grand Funk, Rare Earth, James Gang, Trapeze …. Kane even sporting that mid ’70s Neil Peart mustache! Lots of funk and groove, and great songs such as “Smooth Operator” – with added organ, backing vocals, and saxaphone [courtesy of Steven Perez], and Kane’s vocal [reminiscent a bit between Glenn Hughes & Peter Hoorelbeke] make me think this track would’ve fit nicely on an early Rare Earth album!

Jason Kane & The Jive – Smooth Operator ( Lyric Video ) – YouTube

Twelve tracks here, including a re-record of “Bossman”, from their previous album, as well as opening heavy funk rock of “Machine Of Dreams”, “Long Time Comin” [a bit slower paced throughout, but heavy, with a bit of 70s Rush sound, IMO], and the bluesy “Rising Smoke” [the intro here reminding me of Zeppelin’s “No Quarter”]. Jason & The Jive has a pile of great clips on youtube, including a few non-album cuts, like their killer version of Rod Stewart’s “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy?”.

Jason Kane & The Jive – Chains (Music Video) – YouTube

Soggy Noggin is a great production for a 3 piece [credit to producer/mixer Spencer Ramzel], and I’d be curious how they pull off some of the stuff that has added keys or saxaphone. “Burning Ships” [again] is a cool version, with Kane doing a good take on John Lawton’s original vocal; added acoustic guitar from Jim Martinelli [Burnt Offering].

Jason Kane & The Jive – “Burning Ships” (Lucifer’s Friend Cover) –

This is a solid album, and I’m looking forward to diving in to the band’s previous 2 albums, as well as their next one [which must be in the works]. Would dig having this on vinyl [anyone?]

Visit the band on Facebook [and order their CDs there] – (1) Jason Kane & The Jive | Facebook

KJJ. 12/20

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