Top 10 Canadian Albums Of 1983

I don’t know , but there didn’t seem to be a lot of released in 1983. A little scarce. A few decent albums, and sophomore releases. A good list, but not a great one, with none of these releases being their band’s biggest albums or mega successful, thus making it difficult to really place these in order [all pretty close for me] 1984 would be a busier year, I think.

Aldo Nova – Subject

The follow-up to Aldo Nova’s hugely successful debut album. Though not nearly as big, it did contain a lot of great songs like the hit “Monkey On Your Back”, “Hold Back The Night”, “All Night Long”, and a strange cover choice being Coney Hatch’s “Hey Operator.” Released in October.

Coney Hatch – Outa Hand

The band’s 2nd album, produced by Max Norman, and released in the summer. A bit lighter on the production], but still full of good guitar rock songs like the single “First Time For Everything”, as well as favorites “Don’t Say Make Me”, “Some Like It Hot”, “Shake It”, as well as the band’s lone ballad “To Feel The Feeling Again.”

Headpins – Line Of Fire

Saw Headpins open for Loverboy in 1983 at the CNE. The album came out that month as Darby Mills would announce that the band had a new album out the next day – then they only played one song from it! My favorite of the band’s 3 albums with “Feel It (Feel My Body)”, “Just One More Time”, “Celebration”, and “Don’t Stand In The Line Of Fire.”

Loverboy – Keep It Up

[see above] Saw these guys at the CNE in ’83. Their 3rd album, released in June and still good, the band’s 2nd to reach Billboard’s Top 10. [next albums would dip IMO with a number of outside written tracks]. Featured hits “Hot Girls In Love”, “Strike Zone”, and “Queen Of The Broken Hearts”.

Saga – Head Or Tails

The follow up to the highly successful World’s Apart. I played the heck out of this album at the time, a bit more pop-ish, but plenty of excellent songs like “The Flyer”, “Scratching The Surface”, “Social Orphan”, and “Cat Walk”. Released in September.

Helix – No Rest For The Wicked

After 2 independent albums Helix, from Kitchener signed to Capitol and released this in March. The album saw 3 singles — Eddie Schwartz “Does A Fool Ever Learn”, “Heavy Metal Love”, and “Don’t Get Even Get Mad” [by Lisa Del Bello & Tim Thorney] , as well as favorites “Dirty Dog” and the title track. The album made Billboard’s Top 200, and would be the start of a great run of successful albums, hits, and videos.

Red Rider – Neruda

Released in January, the band’s 3rd album featured the classic hits “Power” and “Human Race”, as well as favorites “Napoleon Sheds His Skin” and “Crack The Sky [Breakaway].” The track “Can’t Turn Back” would be used in an episode of Miami Vice.

Orphan – Lonely At Night

Winnipeg’s Orphan debuted in August, featuring singer / songwriter / bassist Chris Burke-Gaffney [ex of The Pumps] . The band’s first of 2 albums featured the singles “Saved By The Bell” and “Miracle”, and most notably the favorite title track, as well as decent pop-rockers in “Hello” and “What Kind Of Love Is This”.

Anvil – Forged In Fire

Anvil’s 3rd album and 2nd to be produced by Chris Tsangerides, released in April. Great title track to kick off the album, as well as favorites “Free As The Wind”, and the single “Make It Up To You”.

Killer Dwarfs – Killer Dwarfs

From Oshawa, Ontario, the Killer Dwarfs debuted in ’83, with bandmembers adopting the name ‘Dwarf’. Not sure how well this did, but it did get a Juno nomination, It included a number of good metallic rockers like “Are You Ready”, “Heavy Mental Breakdown”, and “Prisoner”. A pretty cool debut, but through record company changes it would take 3 years til the next one.

Other releases : Exciter Heavy Metal Maniac, Bryan Adams Cuts Like A Knife, Prototype Prototype.


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      1. Love the first one as well but the second one with the whole concept deal was pretty ballsy and Monkey On Your Back is a phenomenal track.

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