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A Swedish band that appears to have been ‘resurrected’ after decades, with their 2nd album. The band, originally called ‘Burn’ formed in’82 and released their debut LP in 1984. That album doesn’t bare that much to this one, aside from the vocals of Anders Magnell and bass playing of Robert Hovarth. Fire Breaks The Dawn, from ’84 only saw release in the band’s homeland, as well as Japan, and featured 2 guitarists, and a more NWOBHM influence in their sound, where as Second Act adds keyboards, and takes on a more classic ’80s hard rock / aor sound. Absent is original guitarist Magnus Olson, who also wrote almost every song on the first record, other founding guitar player Peter Horvath is also gone, as Magnelli handles guitar duties here as well. Erik Martensson [W.E.T. , Eclipse] has a hand in this [mixing]. And it definitely sits in that same class of great Swedish hard-rock as Eclipse, and reminds me of latter day Europe [with the use of some excellent keyboards]. Though not very similar to their debut from ’84, Second Act is a solid high energy rock album. Great production, with attention to detail on things like song intros, different keyboard sounds [love the use of organ in a number of tracks, giving it a bit of ’80s Deep Purple feel on occasion], guitar solos, choruses [well crafted with harmonies, tho a few being a bit syrupy in that ’80s kinda way] ….. “Sail Away” kicks off this album, a cool little intro builds up before the the band comes in with this upbeat rocker [and video single]. Favorite tracks include “Magic”, “Born For Your Love” [just a solid rock tune, with quite a guitar break], “I’m Ready”, and closing cut “Fly Like An Eagle” [no, not the Steve Miller tune!]. Ten tunes, no ballads! Lyrically, nothing too serious here, much of this coming out of that ’80s hard rock, relationships and anthems approach, which is fine by me. A very good album, well written and put together, not keen on the album cover though 😉 .

Finally, PROUD is back after 36 years, stronger than ever, with ten new powerful songs! 
PROUD were founded in Landskrona, Sweden in 1982. They started as BURN and were one of many, countless Hard Rock bands that came in the mid-80s. The group changed their name over to PROUD and made an album for EMI which was produced by Caj Högberg (“Fire Breaks the Dawn”). This album is a rare and often elusive title making it an essential purchase when stumbling upon by fans of classic rock/metal of the 1980s. “Fire Breaks the Dawn” achieved success in Japan and parts of South America both.

In 2019, two of the original band members decided to make a new start! Songwriting and recording took place and soon a new record deal was signed with AOR Heaven.
“Second Act” was recorded and engineered by Richard Larsson at Handsome Hard Studio 1 and 2, produced by PROUD, mixed and mastered by Erik Mårtensson at Mass Destruction Production and additionally mixed by Thomas “Plec” Johansson at The Panic Room.

The band is: Anders Magnell (Lead vocals, guitars, backing vocals) Roberth Horvath (Bass, backing vocals) Mats Christiansson (Drums, backing vocals)
Additional Musician: Richard Larsson (Keyboards)

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