ROBIN GEORGE – Wilderness

Robin George – Wilderness

Released early this year, Wilderness was the first album recorded as the world went in to the Co-vid pandemic, and Robin would follow it up with 3 more albums since! He’s also edited and remastered 4 other releases during this time, so the man has been very busy! (All 8 releases available at his website). But going back a bit, British guitarist / songwriter / producer Robin George spent much of his career being more known for the names he had collaborated with early in his career – David Byron, Phil Lynott, Robert Plant, Glenn Hughes, Roy Wood,….. plus he had a huge hit in the 80s with “Heartline” from his 1984 debut album Dangerous Music. He remained busy, but his next solo album wasn’t until 2001’s Rock Of Ageist. Wilderness is the follow up to 2018 album Rogue Angels, and it’s a good rock album, with lots of great guitar work & mixes, lots of blues and groove throughout this album. There’s a great feel to the songs via Robin’s playing and the drumming of the legendary Charlie Morgan [Elton John] . For me the album starts out rockin’ with “Eyeball Kid”, and just gets better, with favorite tracks like “Deadwood”, “Freedom”, the title track, and “Belief”. Love the heavy riff that intros the outstanding “Cocoon”, as well. Robin’s vocals are kinda in that Marc Bolan style, which suits his songs, and there’s plenty of smooth backing vocals which add to the overall atmosphere, especially on the acoustic based tracks “Belief”, “Bittersweet Heartbeat” and “Rainbow Ridge”. Lots of stories told throughout these songs, with Robin being a poet and storyteller. Am looking forward to hearing more of his ‘rockdown’ albums that followed this.

*Wilderness comes with a 12 page booklet of poetry and words.

*for more info & ordering check out

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KJ, 11/’21

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