A Heepster Writes a Memoir

The Misadventures Of A Boomer by [Mac Steagall]

My longtime friend and fellow Uriah Heep fan Mac Steagall from North Carolina has written a book – The Misadventures Of A Boomer. The book is a well written series of stories, essentially an autobiography in short chapters. It’s an interesting and entertaining read, detailing Mac’s life growing up in a close-knit family in a small town in North Carolina. A different time and place for me, which made it very interesting. Mac goes on to cover stories from his youth, school, college, early jobs, and career, with various tales for each period. Later in life it was Mac’s desire to attend a Heep fan convention in St Louis in 1997 {i was there], which would help him overcome his fear of flying, and he talks about further Heep fan conventions and shows he would attend overseas. Not a lot of musical content, but as a friend, fellow Heep fan, and one who likes reading about life in different eras and places [just before my time], it was a fun read.

Not too lengthy of a read, at just over 160 pages [no pics]. and or $5 on Kindle, it was well worth it.


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