FOCUS 50 TOUR, 2022

A new Focus era has arrived, bringing with it a rejuvenated passion amongst the band.  In 2019 Focus released their first studio album for 6 years: Focus 11, which came complete with brand new Roger Dean artwork. The year was then spent touring from South America to Japan and everywhere in between in support of the new album. 

With the dawn of 2020 came the 50th anniversary of the formation of Focus.  Unfortunately, celebrations had to be put on hold due to global events.  2021 brought the 50th anniversary of Moving Waves, as well as the deluxe boxset Focus50 featuring Blu-ray and CD of the Live In Rio concert as well as a studio rerecord of all the Focus numbers.   

Finally, 2022 means a return to touring in a real way, and the band are delighted to be performing again! The classics such as Hocus Pocus (which has been featured in a global ad campaign for Nike, Top Gear and feature films such as Baby Driver), Sylvia, and House Of The King will, of course, be on the bill… and of course some of the Focus numbers make an appearance! 

band photo: Johnny Price

The band, consisting of Thijs van Leer (Hammond organ, flute and vocals), Pierre van der Linden (drums), Menno Gootjes (guitar), and Udo Pannekeet (bass), are delighted to get back to their fans and return to the stage to play the music they love.  

The band has toured extensively in the UK and Europe, including some great festivals,  and already have the below dates confirmed so far for 2022, with more to be added. 


22        Colchester Arts Centre                                          

23        Cambridge Downing Place URC                          

24        London Under The Bridge                                     

25        Sudbury St George                                                 

26        Canterbury Westgate Hall                                                                                     

28        Chelmsford A-Canteen                                          

29        King’s Lynn St John’s Chapel                               

30        Bristol The Fleece                                                   

31        Northampton The Spinney                                    


01        Whitby The Pavilion                                                

02        Derby Flower Pot                                                    

03        Sheffield HRH Prog             `                                  

04        Kinross Green Hotel                                                           

28        Milton Keynes The Stables                                 

30        Northernkin Festival                                                          


03        Chislehurst Beaverwood                                        

04        Dover The Booking Hall                                         


16        Fletching Trading Boundaries                               

17        Fletching Trading Boundaries                               

18        Cambridge Rock Festival (Peterborough)          


20        Faversham “A New Day” Festival                        

21        London New Cross Inn                                          

25        Cardiff Earl Haig Club                                            

27        Sheffield Corporation                                             

29        Wokingham Festival                                                           


09        Leeds Brudenell Centre                                         

10        Glasgow The Ferry                                                 

11        Gateshead The Sage                                                         

12        Kinross The Green Hotel                                       

13        Kinross The Green Hotel                                       

21        Ely Maltings                                                             

23        Southampton 1865                                                 

24        Wolverhampton Robin 2                                                    

26        Lewes Conservative Club 

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