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GENESIS – BBC Broadcasts box set coming in March

Set for a March release, Genesis ‘BBC Broadcasts’ is an extensive collection of broadcast material from one of the biggest selling recording artists of all time and one of Britain’s most internationally renowned bands. Curated by founder member Tony Banks and the group’s long-time engineer and producer Nick Davis, it is available as a 53-track 5-CD set and 24-track triple LP.
These collections represent the cream of the group’s work recorded by the BBC between 1970 and 1998, and it includes contributions from all three of the group’s vocalists, Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins and Ray Wilson. With notes by author Michael Hann, and packaged with a 40–page booklet, ‘BBC Broadcasts’ contains favorites such as ‘Home By The Sea’, ‘Mama’, ‘Duchess’, ‘Carpet Crawlers’, ‘No Son Of Mine’ ‘Turn It On Again’ and many more.
With only a handful of these tracks previously officially available, Genesis ‘BBC Broadcasts’ acts as both a collector’s cornucopia and an alternative “greatest hits”. Stretching from the very beginnings of the band’s career via appearances on ‘Night Ride’ and John Peel, the set encompasses both of the group’s Knebworth performances (78 and 92) as well as their much–loved 1980 show at London’s Lyceum, and triumphant sell–out run of shows at Wembley in 1987.
Rounded out by material from the NEC in 1998 and Paris Theatre and Nightride sessions from the early 70s, as well as the much sought–after encore version of ‘Watcher Of The Skies’ at Wembley Empire Pool in 1975, Genesis ‘BBC Broadcasts’ is a veritable treasure trove.


CD1 Early BBC

01 Shepherd (Live on Night Ride, BBC Radio Two, 1970)
02 Pacidy (Live on Night Ride, BBC Radio Two, 1970)
03 Let Us Now Make Love (Live on Night Ride, BBC Radio Two, 1970)
04 The Fountain of Salmacis (Live at Paris Studios, London, 1972)
05 The Musical Box (Live at Paris Studios, London, 1972)
06 Stagnation (Live on Sounds of the 70s, BBC Radio One, 1971)
07 Harlequin (Live on BBC Radio One John Peel Session, 1972)
08 Get ‘Em Out By Friday (Live on BBC Radio One John Peel Session, 1972)
09 Harold the Barrel (Live on BBC Radio One John Peel Session, 1972)
10 Twilight Alehouse (Live on BBC Radio One John Peel Session, 1972)
11 Watcher of the Skies (Live on BBC Radio One In Concert, 1975)

Disc 2 (Knebworth 78 / Lyceum 80)
01 Squonk (Knebworth 78)
02 Burning Rope (Knebworth 78)
03 Dance on a Volcano (Knebworth 78)
04 Drum Duet (Knebworth 78)
05 Los Endos (Knebworth 78)
06 Deep in the Motherlode (Lyceum 80)
07 Dancing with the Moonlit Knight (Lyceum 80)
08 The Carpet Crawlers (Lyceum 80)
09 One for the Vine (Lyceum 80)
10 Behind the Lines (Lyceum 80)
11 Duchess (Lyceum 80)
12 Guide Vocal (Lyceum 80)
13 Turn It On Again (Lyceum 80)
14 Duke’s Travels (Lyceum 80)
15 Duke’s End (Lyceum 80)

Disc 3
01 Say It’s Alright Joe (Lyceum 80)
02 The Lady Lies (Lyceum 80)
03 Ripples (Lyceum 80)
04 In the Cage (Lyceum 80)
05 The Raven (Lyceum 80)
06 Afterglow (Lyceum 80)
07 Follow You Follow Me (Lyceum 80)
08 I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe) (Lyceum 80)
09 The Knife (Lyceum 80)
10 Mama (Wembley 87)
11 Domino (Wembley 87)

Disc 4 (Wembley 87)
01 That’s All (Wembley 87)
02 The Brazilian (Wembley 87)
03 Throwing It All Away (Wembley 87)
04 Home By the Sea (Wembley 87)
05 Second Home By the Sea (Wembley 87)
06 Invisible Touch (Wembley 87)
07 Drum Duet (Wembley 87)
08 Los Endos (Wembley 87)
09 Not About Us (Live at Birmingham N.E.C., 1998)
10 The Dividing Line (Live at Birmingham N.E.C., 1998)

Disc 5 (Knebworth 1992)

01 No Son of Mine (Knebworth 92)
02 Driving the Last Spike (Knebworth 92)
03 Old Medley (Knebworth 92)
04 Fading Lights (Knebworth 92)
05 Hold On My Heart (Knebworth 92)
06 I Can’t Dance (Knebworth 92)


Tracklist LP Set

Side 1

01 The Musical Box (Live at Paris Studios, London, 1972)
02 Stagnation (Live on Sounds of the 70s, BBC Radio One, 1971)
03 Harlequin (Live on BBC Radio One John Peel Session, 1972)
04 Harold the Barrel (Live on BBC Radio One John Peel Session, 1972)

Side 2

01 Get ‘Em Out By Friday (Live on BBC Radio One John Peel Session, 1972)
02 Watcher of the Skies (Live on BBC Radio One In Concert, 1975)
03 Dancing with the Moonlit Knight (Live at the Lyceum Theatre, London, 1980)
04 The Carpet Crawlers (Live at the Lyceum Theatre, London, 1980)

Side 3

01 Behind the Lines (Lyceum Theatre, London, 1980)
02 Duchess (Lyceum Theatre, London, 1980)
03 Guide Vocal (Lyceum Theatre, London, 1980)
04 Duke’s Travels (Lyceum Theatre, London, 1980)
05 Duke’s End (Lyceum Theatre, London, 1980)

Side 4

01 Say It’s Alright Joe (Live at the Lyceum Theatre, London, 1980)
02 The Lady Lies (Live at the Lyceum Theatre, London, 1980)
03 I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe) [Live at the Lyceum Theatre, London, 1980]

Side 5

01 Mama (Live at Wembley Stadium, London, 1987)
02 That’s All (Live at Wembley Stadium, London, 1987)
03 Home By the Sea (Live at Wembley Stadium, London, 1987)
04 Second Home By the Sea (Live at Wembley Stadium, London, 1987)

Side 6

01 Throwing It All Away (Live at Wembley Stadium, London, 1987)
02 No Son of Mine (Live at Knebworth Festival, 1992)
03 Driving the Last Spike (Live at Knebworth Festival, 1992)

STEPPENWOLF – The Epic Years 3CD box set coming

Steppenwolf “The Epic Years 1974-1976” 3CD Box Set To Be Released January 27, 2023

STEPPENWOLF’s 3 albums following the band’s break-up and reformation in the mid 70s is a nice follow up to last years Magic Carpet Ride 8-CD box set, which covered the band’s highly successful era from 1967-71. The 3 albums included here would be the last Steppenwolf band albums, as they’d break-up again, and John Kay would form a new band into the ’80s as ‘John Kay & Steppenwolf’. This era would include a couple of different keyboard players, as well as ex-Kindred guitarist Bobby Cochran – nephew of Eddie Cochrane.

Slow Flux came out in 1974, and featured the band’s last Top 40 hit – “Straight Shootin’ Woman”, as well as the singles “Get Into The Wind” and “Smokey Factory Blues”. Slow Flux was a solid album, which included such other memorable tracks as “Gang War Blues”, “Children Of Night, and “A Fool’s Fantasy”. Following this album keyboardist Goldy McJohn was replaced with Andy Chapin.

Hour Of The Wolf was released in ’75, and featured the single “Caroline (Are You Ready For The Outlaw World)”, which was penned by Mars Bonfire (who’d previously written “Born To Be Wild”). This album didn’t fare well at the time , but I think it’s another good album with cuts like “Two For The Love Of One”, “Mr Penny Pincher”, and the lighter “Just For Tonight”. After this album Chapin left the band and went on to join Ricky Nelson’s band, where he met his end in the band’s plane crash on New Year’s Eve of 1985. This disc adds 2 bonus tracks, notably the B-side “Angeldrawers”.

Steppenwolf would record one further album – 1976’s Skullduggery. I really liked this one. It featured keyboard player Wayne Cook (ex Goodthunder). This album would something of a contractual obligation record, with there being no single from it or a promotional tour, so I can’t imagine it did very well back then. Nevertheless, it features some fine tunes, notably the title track to kick things off, written by Cochran as well as a cover of the Junior Walker hit “(I’m A) Roadrunner”, (penned by Motown’s Holland-Dozier-Holand), “Train Of Thought” (penned by American songwriter Alan O’Day), and the funky instrumental “Lip Service”. Wayne Cook would go on to work with the LA Jets, join Player, and tour with Alice Cooper (he can be found on Live At The Apollo Theatre, Glasgow 1982), among other things. Kay would record a solo album – All In Good Time, in 1978.

An interesting, final chapter in Steppenwolf’s ’70s recordings. These albums may not have featured hits as their previous albums had, but there is certainly is plenty of fine songs that make each of these albums enjoyable. Wish there were a few more rarities or outtakes from this period to include, but oh well – a fine trio of ’70s rock albums.

*Check out the press release , track listings, and pre-order link below.



Steppenwolf was formed in 1967 in LA by John Kay (vocals, guitar, harmonica), Goldy McJohn (organ, piano) and Jerry Edmonton (drums) who were previously members of the Canadian band The Sparrows. They were joined by Michael Monarch (lead guitar) and Rushton Moreve (bass). The band signed to Dunhill / ABC Records and were propelled to success in 1968 with their classic single “Born To Be Wild” which became even wider known when the track was featured to great effect in the classic 1969 counterculture film Easy Rider.

Over the next four years the band released eight albums and enjoyed huge success. In February 1972 Steppenwolf disbanded, with John Kay recording a solo album, but by ’74 they had emerged once again and over the next three years they would record three further albums for Epic.

Following on from “Magic Carpet Ride,” Esoteric’s acclaimed boxed set of the first era of Steppenwolf’s career, “The Epic Years 1974-1976” gathers together all of these albums, along with two rare bonus tracks. The set also includes an illustrated booklet with a new essay by Steppenwolf aficionado Jim Christopulos.

Track Listing:

DISC ONE – Slow Flux
1 Gang War Blues
2 Children of Night
3 Justice Don’t Be Slow
4 Get into the Wind
5 Jeraboah
6 Straight Shootin’ Woman
7 Smokey Factory Blues
8 Morning Blue
9 A Fool’s Fantasy
10 Fishin’ in the Dark

DISC TWO – Hour Of The Wolf
1 Caroline (Are You Ready for the Outlaw World)
2 Annie, Annie Over
3 Two for the Love of One
4 Just for Tonight
5 Hard Rock Road
6 Someone Told a Lie
7 Another’s Lifetime
8 Mr. Penny Pincher Bonus tracks
9 Angeldrawers (B-side of single)
10 Caroline (Are You Ready for the Outlaw World) (Mono promotional single mix)

DISC THREE – Skullduggery
1 Skullduggery
2 (I’m a) Road Runner
3 Rock n’ Roll Song
4 Train of Thought
5 Life is a Gamble
6 Pass it On
7 Sleep
8 Lip Service

To purchase: https://www.cherryred.co.uk/product/steppenwolf-the-epic-years-1974-1976-3cd-box-set/




New KEN HENSLEY Anthology includes 4 solo albums from 1999 onward

There’s another Ken Hensley release coming which will offer 4 of his albums from 1999 to 2005. This is the period Ken decided to return to recording music and performing live, as well as moving out of the US. Past & Present (Songs In Times) – A Ken Hensley Anthology 1972-2021 follows recent CD box sets The Bronze Years : 1973-1981, and Tales of Live Fire & Other Mysteries. The 4 albums included in full are A Glimpse Of Glory (1999), Running Blind (2001), The Last Dance (2003), and Cold Autumn Sunday (2005). All these CDs are welcomed as a few of them have become pricier and/or harder to find over the years. For whatever reason there is the omission of 2004’s The Wizards Diary, Volume One – which was Ken’s retakes of a number of Uriah Heep classics that he wrote. But for those 4 CDs alone, this package will be worth it to most fans. The first and last CDs here are not necessary IMO, but presumably included to make this a career spanning anthology package. CD one titled ‘Solo‘, consists of a ‘best of’ from Hensley’s Bronze era solo albums, as well as a half dozen Heep gems from Demons And Wizards and The Magician’s Birthday (and not the predictable hits). CD six is titled ‘Collaborations‘ , and includes tracks from Faster (2011, w/ LIve Fire) right through to a pair from Ken’s last album My Book Of Answers. Absent are some of Ken’s real collaborations and guest appearances with some acts (notably the Toni Rowland album Ken produced and played on in 2007); these would’ve been nice gems to add. Also excluded not included here or elsewhere (yet) is Ken’s 1994 CD of unreleased songs & rarities From Time To Time, or any of Ken’s live collaborations with John Lawton, John Wetton or his guest appearances with Uriah Heep. But hopefully some of these will be included on something further down the line.

Check out the full track listing and Pre-order here: https://www.cherryred.co.uk/product/ken-hensley-past-and-present-songs-in-time-1970-2021-6cd-box-set/





APRIL WINE – Myles Goodwyn retires from live performances

Canada’s APRIL WINE got together in 1968, moved to Montreal, signed to Aquarius Records, and released their first album in 1970. That album featured the hit single “Fast Train”. And from there, April Wine went on to become one of the biggest band’s in Canada. By the time the band’s 3rd album was released Myles Goodwyn was the lone original member. He sang lead, played guitar, and wrote the majority of the band’s material. Over time, he would go on to write almost all of the band’s material, add keyboards, and produce. Guitarist Brian Greenway joined in 1977, and the band took off with the hit “Roller”, from the album First Glance. April Wine split in the mid ’80s, but reformed in the early ’90s, recording more studio albums, and touring extensively. After a number of personal changes only Goodwyn and Greenway remained from the band’s classic late 70s-early 80s classic era. Now Myles Goodwyn has announced his retirement from touring with the band that he lead for 5 decades. Replacing him will be Montreal musician Marc Parent, from the Ottawa based band Eight Seconds. Goodwyn posted on Facebook on December 19 (with the above photo): “New April Wine group to hit stages everywhere in 2023. (l to r) Brian Greenway, Marc Parent, Richard Lanthier and Roy Nichol. Although I’m still in the band writing, recording the guys and producing, I am now officially retired from touring. My last stage performance after 50+ yrs. on the road, will be in Nova Scotia, March 2, 2023. It all started here and ends here for me. I will miss the shows, the fans and the other bands that have been friends for years, but health reasons have made this decision necessary. Cheers everyone and thanks for all the support over the years.”

Brian Greenway commented (further on) – “The new fellow’s name is Marc Parent from the band 8 Seconds. He plays excellent guitar and sings great! He was hand picked and is a gift as he can play and sing a lot like Myles. The song book will carry on. It’s all about the songs.”

In recent years Myles Goodwyn has recorded and released 3 solo albums – Myles Goodwyn and Friends of the Blues (2018), Friends of the Blues 2 (2019), and his most recent (2021) Long Pants. There has also been talk of a new April Wine album over the last couple of years, hopefully that will still happen. The band’s catalogue has more recently been reissued on colored vinyl via Unidisc.

*For more details on Myles’ decision to retire from touring and his choice of replacement check out this CTV interview – https://atlantic.ctvnews.ca/april-wine-s-myles-goodwyn-announces-tour-departure-1.6201900







Walter Egan releases cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams” from forthcoming album

(photo- A. Scarlatti)

Walter Egan’s upcoming album titled Pluck, will be out in late November via Red Steel Music. The first single is a cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams”. Egan’s version is a must-hear, with a different approach, giving the song a fresh new sound that didn’t want me to run and put the Mac version on afterwards! In the late 70s members of Fleetwood Mac produced and played on Egan’s first 2 solo albums. The single was produced by Walter Egan and Robert Corich, while the video was filmed & directed by Callum Fernandes – Clarke.




ALICE COOPER – Live from the Astroturf

So, this is the 2015 reunion show of the actual Alice Cooper (the band) that penned and recorded all those hits (a number of which are here), and classic albums like Love It To Death, Killer, School’s Out, Billion Dollar Babies and Muscle Of Love. The greatest American rock n’ roll band, ever! So, there was finally a reunion, minus original lead guitarist Glenn Buxton, who passed away in 1997. Filling in was Alice’s current solo band player Ryan Roxie, who does an excellent job. The sound on this release is amazing, considering it was in a shop in Dallas (Good Records), and not a theatre or something, so somewhat informal. The band was there to promote Dennis Dunaway’s book Snakes! Guillotines! Electric Chairs! and played this 8-song set. With Michael Bruce (guitarist) taking vocals on the opener “Caught In A Dream”, you can tell by the audience reaction when Alice comes out to join the band for “Be My Lover” and the rest. It’s a killer performance, being done by those that created these songs and know how they should sound. Check out Dennis’ bass on “Is It My Body”, the way it should sound. The show ends with “School’s Out” (surprise!), with harmonica added by Chuck Garric (Alice’s present bass player), but the band returned to perform “Elected” for the encore.

Live from the Astroturf is full of energy, and the bandmembers sound like they’re having a great time, with between song banter, drum rolls, and laughs; Alice tells a few humorous tales as well. Added here is the soundcheck instrumental performance of “Desperado”. This release (on Ear Music) is a worldwide reissue of the Record Store Day album from 2018, but has been repackaged nicely, with a different cover, inserts, vinyl variants, and all CD and LPs numbered (I got the ‘glow in the dark’ green vinyl!). An amazing addition to the Alice Cooper collection! Looking forward to watching the included Blu-Ray disc of the documentary of the whole event, later. There’s also been 2 videos released from this album…




Press info: By 1974, the Alice Cooper group had risen to the upper echelon of rock stardom… and then, parted ways. In October 2015, over 40 years later, record store owner and superfan Chris Penn convinced the original line-up to reunite for a very special performance at his record store Good Records in Dallas, Texas. Alice Cooper (vocals), Michael Bruce (guitar), Dennis Dunaway (bass) and Neal Smith (drums) were joined on stage by Alice’s current guitarist Ryan Roxie (standing in for the late Glen Buxton). A packed audience, believing they had come to Good Records for Dennis Dunaway’s ‘Snakes! Guillotines! Electric Chairs!’ book signing, were surprised to bear witness to a full-blown happening. The historic reunion show including all-time classics such as “No More Mr. Nice Guy”, “I’m Eighteen” and “School’s Out” is now becoming available for the very first time worldwide. Luckily the event was documented. “Live From The Astroturf, Alice Cooper” (edited and directed by Steven Gaddis) toured the world to the acclaim of music fans and rock journalists alike. The documentary won multiple awards for it’s coverage of the historic event. Now all Alice Cooper fans and rock music lovers across the globe can enjoy this movie as it’s included as a video bonus to this live album. Pop the popcorn, blow up the balloons, dim the lights, and crank it up!

Story Behind The Album Cover: Joe Bouchard’s American Rocker by Alan Ayers

American Rocker is Joe Bouchard’s new album, and it tells a number of stories relating to Joe’s past with Blue Oyster Cult, in particular – ‘the golden age’ of the ’70s rock era (see video in links). The album’s cover features stands out with a ’70s-period portrait of Joe, created by American artist Alan Ayers, who is better known for book covers (see the link to his website below). The album’s typeface was created by artist Wallace McBride (aka Unlovely Frankenstein). who also designed those classic looking book covers that appear in the videos for American Rocker. JB: “I did the videos, but I edited a lot of his art into the videos. He also did the typeface for the album cover. He’s very creative. I love his nostalgic approach.” The latest video is for the song “Deadly Kisses”, one of my favorite tracks on the album. Check it out, and check out the links below!

Below, Alan Ayers tells us about his work on the cover for American Rocker, as well as his favorite BOC tunes, and what else he has been involved in.

How you got involved with American Rocker

I was thrilled when Joe contacted me and asked if I would do the cover art for American Rocker. I met Joe through Joan Levy Hepburn, who has been a dear friend for 30+ years. 

As an experienced illustrator, and being of the same generation as Joe, he and Joan felt I would be able to recreate the wonderful energy of ‘70s art. 

Your background, and artwork you’re also known for

I’ve been illustrating professionally since 1979. My early career was as an advertising illustrator, but I transitioned to publishing in 1987. My work now is primarily novel covers. Occasionally I will work on a non-fiction title. I recently completed the cover for Bill O’Reilly’s latest book, Killing the Legends. I’m still managing multiple deadlines and have no plans on retiring. 

​Familiar with Joe’s and BOC’s music, favorite songs

I have very fond memories of early Rock and have been a fan of BOC for many years. There are so many BOC classics, it’s hard to pick a favorite. Don’t Fear The Reaper and Burning For You are two of my absolute favorites. I am nuts for all the tracks on American Rocker, but if I had to pick a fav it would be Deadly Kisses.

How you created the American Rocker cover art

Although I was trained traditionally and created images in acrylic and oil for many years, I’ve been working digitally since 1995. I am very comfortable working with a tablet, and often forget I’m not “pushing paint around”. The American Rocker cover was “painted” digitally, combining reference photos provided by Joe. The trip back to the 1970s style was great fun! My main visual influences were the great Daniel Maffia, with a touch of Warhol’s playful style.  

You were involved in a Rolling Stones’ cover

Yes, I did work on the Stones Bridges To Babylon insert — mostly on the interior desert scene with Gerard Howland. I did do the final adjustments on Kevin Murphy’s wonderful lion painting for the cover. 

My more recent work is on Instagram — traditional illustrations, far different from the wonderful, crazy art of the 70s!




Wallace McBride (Unlovely Frankenstein): https://unlovelyfrankenstein.com/collections/rock-and-roll


Mike Starrs – 70s solo album Electric Garden to get CD reissue w/ bonus tracks

Scottish singer Mike Starrs recorded albums with Colosseum II and Lucifer’s Friend in the late ’70s, but prior to that, he had released a number of solo singles, as well as a solo album in 1974.

First ever CD release of Mike Starrs’ only solo album

Remastered by band member Gerry Morris and approved by Mike Starrs and original producer Tony Atkins.

 Includes all four of his non-album singles as bonus tracks; a ‘catch-all’ of his 1970s solo releases.

Featuring 12 tracks Electric Garden was pure 70s pop, featuring plenty of ballads, strings, and songs that would’ve fit a number of AM radio playlists. Most of the songs were written by bass player Gerry Morris, at least half of those with Starrs. Morris had previously been a part of 60s band The Cymbaline, as well as prog band Lodestone – who’s lone 1971 album Time Flies, is also seeing a CD release next month. On Electric Garden, Starrs was also supported by the Rubettes’ John Richardson (drums) & Peter Arnesen (keyboards), as well as Mike Bailey (trumpet + string and brass arrangements), and guitarist Geoff Whitehorn! The latter would go on to Crawler, Bad Company and Procol Harum. Both Whitehorn and Gerry Morris also released his solo albums in ’74, with much of the same support crew (players, producer, engineers). All these albums were produced by Tony Atkins (Marquee Productions). Both Morris and Atkins have also been involved with this Cherry Red release of Electric Garden. I have the original LP version of Electric Garden, on the Telefunken label, and can only find another release for it on Pink Elephant (Netherlands), it is the latter that was used as the base for this CD reissue, as the 2 1974 issues had slightly different tracklistings and running orders. And though it was recorded and mixed in London Electric Garden never got a UK release in ’74! The album’s cover shot of Mike was one of (or The) first to be taken by famous ’70s photographer Barry Levine, who went on to credits with the likes of The Sweet, Kiss, The Runaways and more.

In a 2014 interview with Mike Starrs, he recalled – “In the ’70s I was living and working in London, Singing 6 nights a week in a Pub in Essex the Band was called Spinning Wheel our keyboard player for approximately 2yrs was Rick Wakeman – who as you know went on to become rather well known. A record producer heard the band and offered me a deal with The Marquee Studios which was behind the Famous Marquee Club. I recorded 1 album and a couple of singles.”

Electric Garden originally came with lengthy liner notes, and biography on Mike Starrs on the back cover, the CD reissue includes those, as well as new linernotes from Mike. Electric Garden also includes Mike Starrs’ version of “Da-Doo-Ron-Ron”, originally a hit for ’60s all-female American act The Crystals, (and was later a hit for Shaun Cassidy). It is listed as a ‘bonus’ track here, though it is the first track on my German vinyl pressing, it wasn’t included on the original Dutch LP. The Pink Elephant LP also featured one more track than the Telefunken version, including “Loving You” (Atkins/Morris) and “I’ll Take Good Care Of You” – originally written by American Jerry Ragovoy and became a hit for R & B singer Garnett Mimms in 1966. Highights on the album include the ballad “Beautiful Day” (Starrs/Morris), the upbeat “Electric Garden” (Morris), “Hold One” (penned, but apparently unused by Lodestone), as well an excellent cover of Lesley Duncan’s 1970 hit “Hold On”. The heavier rockin’ B-side “Witches Brew” (Morris) is a great addition, would’ve made a good album cut too. More recently Starrs has recorded with Crossover, and with Peter Hesslein; Gerry Morris went on to success as a songwriter and producer, working with American singer Amii Stewart (among others).


*Bonus tracks



PETER HESSLEIN to release Night Drive 3

Guitarist Peter Hesslein of legendary German band Lucifer’s Friend has finished a new collection of instrumental tracks for his Night Drive 3 album, to be released on October 14.

Night Drive 3 features 16 tracks, and will be the last in this solo trilogy.

Following the reformation of Lucifer’s Friend in 2015, a live album and 2 new studio albums, Peter released his first solo album titled Night Drive in 2020 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Lucifer’s Friend, followed by Night Drive 2 in ’21. Sadly, Lucifer’s Friend singer John Lawton passed away on June 29 of last year, putting an end to the band, with a compilation titled The Last Stand being issued later in the year.

Night Drive 3 features singer Mike Starrs (who replaced Lawton in Lucifer’s Friend in the late ’70s), who ‘guests’ on the album’s last track. Starrs has recently recorded an album with the band Crossover. I am looking forward to hearing his voice on Night Drive 3, and ‘hope’ their may be more to come.

Track Listing:

1 This Way Home
2 Sunset Drive
3 At A Crossroads
4 Driving All Night
5 Going South
6 In The Fast Lane
7 Road of Dreams
8 On The Horizon
9 A Few More Hours
10 No Backseat Driver
11 A Warm Day’s Night
12 Faster Than a Slug
13 Exit Number 9
14 Sunrise Pit Stop
15 A Gnat In My Life
16 Chapters Of My Life

To pre-order –




Newly expanded and 45th anniversary edition of the first
Golden Earring Live album. Remastered from the original IBC Studios master tapes. Featuring 5 bonus tracks, including 3 previously unreleased recordings from the concert in Brugge in March 1977, Including a 30-page booklet with a new essay, memorabilia, and photos
Founded in 1961 by George Kooymans and Rinus Gerritsen, Dutch rock band Golden Earring (or Golden Earrings, until 1969) started off as a beatband, experimented as a psychedelic quartet and finally became a heavy rock group. Their ninth album Moontan (1973) hit the international album charts and is the band’s most successful album in the United States, being the only Golden Earring album to be certified Gold by the RIAA, alongside the classic single “Radar Love”, that reached #10 on the Cash Box Top 100 and #13 in Billboard in the United States.

Live is the band’s first live (double) album released in 1977. With it’s long, spun-out versions of classic Golden Earring songs, this record is vastly different from other live registrations by the band. It’s also one of only three albums featuring guitarist Eelco Gelling as a band member, adding a new dimension to the band’s sound. Furthermore, this album emphasizes Golden Earring’s strong rhythm section on swinging songs like “Mad Love’s Comin’” and “Radar Love”. Live celebrates its 45th anniversary in 2022 and has been being remastered for the first time from the original IBC Studios master tapes. It includes three bonus tracks recorded during the concert in March 1977 in Brugge and the
double A-sided single “Radar Love/Just Like Vince Taylor” which was issued to promote the album and features edit versions of the respectable album tracks. In addition, a DVD entitled Golden Earring Live features four tracks filmed at the IJsselhallen in Zwolle on 28th August 1977, which were broadcasted on Dutch television four weeks later. This footage has been restored and remastered from the original 16 mm film reels. The 2LP edition of Live (remastered & expanded) has been released by Music On Vinyl on 10th June 2022.
This 2CD+DVD edition of Live is the second volume in a special series of
remastered & expanded albums by Golden Earring, overseen by Red Bullet catalogue and band archivist Woute Bessels.

2CD: Original album version remastered plus bonus tracks

Candy’s Going Bad 5.06
She Flies On Strange Wings 8.09
Mad Love’s Comin’ 9.49
Eight Miles High 10.06
Vanilla Queen 11.42
To The Hilt 6.40
Fightin’ Windmills 8.50
Con Man 9.20

CD 2

Radar Love 11.16 / Just Like Vince Taylor 6.24
BONUS TRACKS: Fightin’ Windmills (Brugge 1977) 7.50 / Eight Miles High (Brugge 1977) 9.13 / I Need Love (Brugge 1977) 6.45 / Radar Love (single version) 4.46 / Just Like Vince Taylor (single version) 4.00

DVD: Golden Earring Live

Mad Love’s Comin’ / Leather / Radar Love / Just Like Vince Taylor

Live (remastered & expanded) was released by Red Bullet Productions on 29th July 2022 and is available through all renowned worldwide music dealers and online shops

Order info- https://shop.rockart.nl/product/golden-earring-live/