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Album Of The Day: BADFINGER’s Wish You Were Here

The last Badfinger album released while the original band were all still alive. Wish You Were Here was the band’s 7th album, and their best, IMO. A Vast improvement to the band’s 1973 self-titled album, both in songs and production. With money from the band’s label (Warner Bros) unaccounted for (courtesy of their manager), the album was quickly pulled from the shelves and taken out of print. A shame as Wish You Were Here could’ve been huge! Sadly that missing money and the album being pulled, lead to the band’s eventual break-up and the tragic death of Pete Ham. But, it remains a classic from 1974, still sounding fresh and energetic, with favorite tracks like “Dennis”, “No One Knows”, “Just A Chance”, and “In The Meantime / Some Other Time”.

*A 2019 compilation titled So Fine (The Warner Bros Rarities) was issued on 2 LP red vinyl, which included alternate mixes of Wish You Were Here tracks on 1 LP, with (previously unreleased “Queen Of Darkness” subbed in for “King Of The Load”

WISH YOU WERE HERE – Badfinger –
Producer: Chris Thomas – Warner Bros. BS 2827
One of the most demonstrative British groups to take the country by storm, Badfinger continues its string of unique and challenging LP’s
with this dynamic collection of tunes guaranteed to bring a smile to your face and raise your spirits. Impeccable harmonies, crisp arrangements and excellent selection of material earmark this LP as a sure-fire winner. We like “Just a Chance,” “Meanwhile Back At The Ranch,” “Got To Get Out Of Here” and “Should I Smoke.”
CashBox, 10/26/74


The Dramatic Conclusion of Badfinger… And the Lost Album You’ve Never Heard



The Illustrated History of Apple Records Products & Memorabilia : ‘Inside Number Three’

New Book “Inside No 3” A History on the Products and Memorabilia From Apple Records 1968-73 by Nigel Pearce Now Available for Pre-order

Love The Beatles, Love The Music, Love The Book!

Now available for pre-order, “Inside No 3” is a history of the products and memorabilia from Apple Records from it’s public opening on 28th August 1968 until 1973 when Badfinger issued the last ever all new Apple single – Apple 49, “The Apple of My Eye.”

The book features engrossing vivid pages highlighting many products and artifacts that have not been seen for over 50 years, many never seen at all.

You will see photographs of artists, bands, records, memos, and other documents that illustrate the goings on of a truly great record company, that encompassed many ideals and plans but sadly fell to the one thing that was needed overall, and that was the split of the fab four. What was undertaken here was revolutionary in concept, fantastic, in thought, and pure gold in products.

This project will interface in social media, podcasts, youtube and other mediums to bring to you all that you require from INSIDENO3.COM

Artists specials will include everyone who recorded for Apple such as Mary Hopkin, Badfinger, Splinter, James Taylor, Hot Chocolate, Trash, Radna Krsna Temple – London, Modern Jazz Quartet, Ronnie Spector, Chris Hodge, Lon and Derek Van Eaton, and a host of others, including Bob Dylan and Eric Clapton who’s output here in many cases has somehow in times seem to have been forgotten. This will include artists who demoed and recorded at Apple under various Apple projects. All will be revealed in good time, so it will be worth your wait and devotion! You won’t be disappointed at all.  You will see photographs of articles and memorabilia that has not been generally seen for around 50 years, and that will be a huge eye opener for everyone. This will include memos, letters, press releases and other important social history artefacts as well.

The Book will come in the following formats all extolling the intimate beauty of the content:

1). The special collectors edition will be limited to only 100 units, worldwide and this is a hardback book that will be signed and numbered with repro memorabilia placed inside it.

2). A4 hardback book, signed limited to 500 units.

3). A4 hardback book, unnumbered.

4). A4 softback book, unlimited.

In whatever edition you purchase you will have a beautifully photographed and set book detailing some of the many Apple items used by The Beatles for marketing at No 3 Savile Row. You will see and feel many items that have either been forgotten or possibly have never been seen by fans before. It will adorn anyone’s Beatles collection and be a joy to own.

This will in time expand to interviews written and recorded and news items and special programmes on facts, links and parts of the lives of the fab four. It should prove to be a very interesting time indeed and we will ensure that “A Splendid Time Is Guaranteed By All”.

To purchase: www.insideandoutsideno3.com to order your copy direct from the publishers

For more information: website www.gonzomultimedia.co.uk