UFO : Walk On Water on vinyl!

UFO’s comeback album Walk On Water from 1995 is finally getting released on vinyl. Walk On Water saw Michael Schenker return to the band, reuniting the classic line up with Phil Mogg, Paul Raymond, Andy Parker and Pete Way. This is my favorite UFO album, and arguably their best studio recording, being beefed up with re-recordings of the band’s classics “Doctor Doctor” and “Lights Out”. It featured a number of great riffs, and heavy rockers “Self-Made Man”, “Venus”, and “Pushed To The Limit” – which all featured in the band’s live show, as well (my own) favorites “Darker Days” and “Dreaming Of Summer”. Every track on this album rocks. I always put Walk On Water alongside Deep Purple’s Purpendicular (94) and Uriah Heep’s Sea of Light (95) as the best comeback albums (or just best albums!) of the ’90s.

By the time Walk On Water came out Andy Parker was not on the tour, nor the 2 follow-up albums w/ Schenker. When I saw the band in Buffalo (a show recorded and used as ‘bonus’ material on the next album) Simon Wright (ex AC/DC, Dio) was in the band), and the band was selling a version of the CD at shows with 1 less track. The album’s cover varied from country to country when it came out as well. This vinyl edition of Walk On Water features the band’s 8 new songs on the LP, and the 2 re-recordings on an accompanying 7 inch vinyl. Also being released on vinyl is the band’s live album Werewolves Of London (Live in Wolverhampton 1998). Werewolves is also being reissued on cassette & CD. *I believe this just leaves the 2 follow-ups to Walk On WaterCovenant (2000) and Sharks (2002) as the band’s only studio albums yet to be issued on vinyl LP.






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