TEN YEARS AFTER – A Space In Time: new 50th anniversary remix 

British blues rocker legends Ten Years After released A Space In Time in 1971. The album was the band’s first for new labels Chrysalis (UK, Europe) and Columbia (North America). A Space In Time saw the band aim for a wider audience, with more acoustics and less of the heavy blues sound that made them such a success in the UK, where their previous 3 albums all went top 10. But this album featured their most famous worldwide hit “I’d Love To Change The World”, and despite that the album and song were not huge hits in the UK. The band featured legendary guitarist Alvin Lee, bass player Leo Lyons, drummer Ric Lee, and keyboard player Chick Churchill. “Baby Won’t You Let Me Rock N Roll You” was released as the album’s 2nd single, the album’s heaviest cut. Despite the lighter approach A Space In Time features lots of great acoustic based tracks – “I’ve Been There Too” (where Alvin Lee put in a classic rockin’ solo to lift things up), the standout ballad “Here They Come”, and “Hard Monkeys”, a song about drug abuse (‘junkie blues’), and highlighted by Lee’s blistering solo and vocals. A must-have album from the late 60s/early 70s rock era.

A Space In Time has been remixed by it’s engineer Chris Kimsey (who’s lengthy list of credits include The Rolling Stones, Emerson Lake & Palmer, Peter Frampton, and Marillion). The remixed edition, along with the remastered original version are being released together in March on CD and vinyl. For more details check out the press release, as well as the links below…




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