UFO release single from Werewolves of London reissue

British rock legends UFO have released an exciting live version of “Only You Can Rock Me” from the forthcoming reissue of 1998’s live recording Werewolves of London (Live In Wolverhampton). The show saw the reunited band, following the release of the awesome Walk On Water album from ’95 – which featured the classic line-up of Phil Mogg, Paul Raymond, Michael Schenker, Andy Parker and Pete Way. Parker left following Walk On Water, and was replaced on tour by Simon Wright (AC/DC, Dio). Werewolves of London is a great recording of UFO still sounding as energetic as they had 2 decades earlier. The set list was still comprised largely of the classics that featured on their classic Strangers In The Night live album, as well as including a few (then) new outstanding tracks from Walk On Water (“A Self Made Man”, “Venus” and “Pushed To The Limit”), plus a pair gems with “Electric Phase” (from 1977’s Lights Out) and “One More For The Rodeo” (from ’78’s Obsession).

From the press release – “this fantastic concert album is being remastered and re-released on both physical and digital formats. Hear the group rip through several highlights from Walk On Water (“Pushed To The Limit,” “A Self Made Man”) as well as their best-loved works, the unstoppable juggernauts “Doctor Doctor,” “Lights Out,” “Rock Bottom” and more! By way of previewing the release, the group’s killer version of “Only You Can Rock Me” is being released as a single, which will be followed by the full album on CD and audiophile quality 180 GRAM BLACK vinyl on February 17. Additional vinyl colors – RED, YELLOW, BLUE & PURPLE – will be released a few weeks later on March 24th. Order yours now!”

You can stream the single here – Only You Can Rock Me

Werewolves of London will be available in black and various colored vinyl LPs, CD and Cassette! *see pre-order links and tracklisting below

Tracklisting (2LP):

Side A:
1. Natural Thing
2. Mother Mary
3. A Self Made Man
4. Electric Phase
5. This Kid’s

Side B:
1. Out In The Street
2. One More For The Rodeo
3. Venus
4. Pushed To The Limit

Side C:
1. Love To Love
2. Too Hot To Handle
3. Only You Can Rock Me

Side D:
1. Lights Out
2. Doctor Doctor
3. Rock Bottom

Order the CD/Cassette/Vinyl: https://cleorecs.com/store/?s=ufo+werewolves&post_type=product

Pre-order the digital here: https://orcd.co/ufo_werewolvesoflondon


And as previously mentioned, watch for an exciting reissue of Walk On Water coming in March!




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