CZAKAN – German rockers return with ‘Unreal’

German hard-rockers CZAKAN return with their first new album in 30 years titled Unreal, due to be released April 14. The band’s 1989 debut State Of Confusion was recently reissued, an album that sold 25 thousand copies in Germany upon it’s original release.

Unreal is straight out of that class of great ’80s hard-rock & aor, think fellow German bands like Scorpions, Frontline and Bonfire, as well as the likes of Dokken and Firehouse. Guitar driven rockers, with keyboards, harmonies, cool solos, 14 tracks. First run through and I like this; like a lost favorite ’80s heavy melodic rock album, with excellent tracks like – “City Nights”, “Under The Gun”, “Living In A Nightmare”, and “Show Me All Your Love”, sounds excellent. Not a duff cut here! If this was an ;80s album, it’d be tough choosing a first single, but lead off rocker “Free Line” will is an excellent choice!

Line Up: Michael Schennach – Vocals, Oliver Güttinger – Guitar, Tom Fein –Keyboard, Randy Arcachon – Drums, Frank Schrafft – Bass


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