Album of the Day: GENESIS’ Foxtrot

Well, as Steve Hackett is going out on tour to play Foxtrot to celebrate the album’s 50th anniversary, I pulled this out. My favorite Genesis album, the band’s fourth, and 2nd to feature the classic line-up of Peter Gabriel (vocals), Steve Hackett (guitars), Tony Banks (keyboards), Mike Rutherford (bass), and Phil Collins (drums). Released in October of 1972, Foxtrot was a #1 album in Italy and Top 20 in France and the UK. It starts off with one of the most recognizable mellotron intros to the classic “Watcher Of The Skies” . The song is majestic, with changes, theatrics, and superb production; the best song of the era IMO. But, Foxtrot is full of classics like “Time Table”, the acoustic based gem “Can-Utility And The Coastliners”, the epic “Get ‘Em Out By Friday”, and the band’s 23+ minute masterpiece “Supper’s Ready”. There is so much going on on Foxtrot, it just has more to discover every time. Foxtrot would be the last of 3 album coves for the band drawn by Paul Whitehead. One of the essential progressive rock albums to have.

Why do you suppose it is that American audiences seem to immediately respond to British groups? And why do you suppose it is that Great Britain has
consistently produced some of the very best and most talented musicians ever? One of the major factors attributed to the overwhelming success of the British invasion is dedication-pure and simple dedication. Another is originality. And that brings us to the beginning: Genesis. The nucleus of Genesis was formed back in 1966, and has, over the past six years, developed into a tightly knit unit of fine musicians/songwriters we have created a particular brand of what can be called narrative rock-though neither
‘narrative’ nor ‘rock’ best describes their musical genre. For Genesis lies in an- other musical realm.

‘watcher of the skies
watcher of all
His is a world alone no world is his own He whom life can no longer surprise
raising his eyes
beholds a planet unknown.’

At their best, Genesis is capable of weaving a tapestry of sound into a blanket
of intricate song, Tony Banks (mellotron and keyboards) knows exactly when to become an entire orchestra, and when to lay back and be felt rather than heard. One of the dangers of using a mellotron is that a group can be easily compared to the Moody Blues or to Yes-but Banks, too, is a master technician, and no comparison need be drawn. He has developed his own unique style of performing, which, in conjunction with the remainder of the band, has given him his own identity. The other members of Genesis, Steve Hackett, Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel and Michael Rutherford, all contribute equally to the band’s overall sound. They play a variety of instruments and generate the necessary energy needed to comprise a total working unit. And when everyone contributes, everyone shares in the success.
Genesis has for long been a favorite British band. Their first two albums, “Trespass,” and “Nusery Crime” have already become best sellers abroad. Their third, “Foxtrot,” was a top 20 LP in England and has just been released in America on Charisma Records distributed by the Buddah Group. On December 13, Genesis will make their debut American performance at Philharmonic Hall, and those of us who truly appreciate progressive music will be there. – CashBox, 72-12-09

GENESIS – Foxtrot Charisma (Buddah) CAS 1058 – For some time a top name in England, Genesis should begin to make U.S. headway with this interesting set. Tony Banks stands out on organ, piano and mellotron, and Peter Gabriel is a fine vocalist. Highlights on side one include “Get ’em Out by Fri- day” and “Watcher of the Skies,” while side two is given the overall title of “Supper’s Ready” follows a basic story line. Strong cuts include “Lover’s Leap” and “Ikhaton and Itsacon and Their Band of Merry Men.” – Billboard, 72-12-09

Genesis To Debut At Philharmonic
NEW YORK – British rock group, Genesis, will make their first American appearance at Philharmonic Hall on Dec. 13, in a concert sponsored by radio station WNEW-FM and Charisma Records. The show, which will also feature Charisma artists String Driven Thing, is being produced by Dominic Sicilia. All tickets for the performance will be sold at $3.00, with the total receipts being donated to the cerebral palsy fund. Genesis’ latest album, “Foxtrot,” a top 20 LP in England, has just been released in America on the Charisma label, distributed by the Buddah Group. – CashBox, 72-12-02

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