Avi Rosenfield: Very Heep Very Purple XIV

The latest installment of Avi Rosefield’s Very Heepy Very Purple is out. The Israeli guitarist/songwriter is on volume 14 in his series of classic rock albums, heavily influenced by Uriah Heep & Deep Purple, among other great bands. X!V features 10 new tracks, as well as an impressive list of guests from such bands as Savatage, Bonfire, and Jag Panzer.

The lead off track “I Got A Riff” has a very Deep Purple sound and feel to it, like it would’ve made a cool opener to an early Gillan era album; great vocals courtesy of Hadi Kiani (Deaton Lemay Project). The 2nd track, “Fire And Ice” is equally as good, featuring Damond Jiniya (Dead Dark Slide, Savatage), though I can’t help but notice that sounds remarkably like an Iron Maiden song. “The Mass Grave” offers up something unique, a ballad, featuring Stefano Stex Sbrignadello (Great Master) on vocals, and violin from Sanja Smileska Mihajlovski .

But without rambling on about every track, this is a solid album of music, not a bun track here, and it should suit classic hard-rock/heavy prog fans. Other highlights being “Asteroids”, which is heavy on the Hammond organ courtesy of Michael Berry, making this one reminiscent of Rainbow, and like many others here is given a classy Blackmore-sound influenced solo. As well check out the closing track “Black Rocks”, featuring Harry ‘The Tyrant’ Conlin (Titan Force, Jag Panzer), and some Heep-like harmonies. If you like that familiarity of certain bands, from a certain era – you may want to dig in to this and this whole series. *Check out the links below for more info and ordering…





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