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RIC PARNELL – RIP British Drummer

RIP to Ric (RJ) Parnell who may be best known for his part in the classic rock n roll ‘mockumentary’ as the drummer Mick Shrimpton (and then Ric Shrimpton following Mick’s spontaneous combustion) . The band was assembled around Hollywood actors playing the roles members of a struggling British hard-rock band touring on a comeback in the early ’80s. Parnell was select in part for his past – having been in Atomic Rooster.

Between stints in ‘Rooster Parnell had turned down an offer to join Uriah Heep in the early ’70s – “I decided I didn’t want to play that particular style of music at that time; what one would call “musical differences”…I’ve always been a tad overly picky as to what I play…big mistake!! This is why I’m still a broke muso!” He would later turn down offers from Journey and Whitesnake.

Ric played on Atomic Rooster albums – Made In England and Nice ‘N’ Greasy [aka IV}. Previous to that he played on the highly collectable one LP by Horse (1970), and following Atomic Rooster he played on albums by Italian bands Tritons (73), and Ibis (74). Following a few other projects Ric would play on a number of records by the likes of Michael Des Barres, Lisa DalBello, Toni Basil (“Mickey”), Wayne Kramer and Ravi Shankar. He also relocated to the US, and spent his later years in Montana.